6 Best Trader Joe’s Appetizers That You Should Eat

best trader joe's appetizers
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Are you trying to find the best Trader Joe’s appetizers? Trader Joe’s is a famous brand, so most items have already become prominent among different age groups. However, some of them are known for their unique design, delicious taste, and excellent health benefits. So, we will look into them individually and get an idea of how they become among people. 

We will cover the best product for you and your family members. You can try any one of them or all of them. All you have to do is, choose the one according to your taste buds. But all the below mentioned are good enough to make your day.

6 Best Trader Joe’s Appetizers For Everyone

When you look around, you find out that so many options are available in the appetizers. But which one is best for everyone? This is difficult to find if you don’t have any idea about the famous brand Trader Joe. Trader Joe’s is popular for its unique and guest-special appetizers. So, we have collected six appetizers from its collection and presented them to you in the below-mentioned section.

Parmesan Pastry Pups

Parmesan Pastry Pups are special for beef lovers, especially for those who like to spend their vacation with a delicious appetizer. It has everything to make you hungry, even if you don’t feel like eating. This product comes with a mixture of puff pastry and savory beef, and using Parmesan for garnishing makes it a complete taste package.

Parmesan pastry pups
Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

Hold the Corn

As the name depicts, you must hold this delicious corn before someone eats it. This appetizer is made to fill your hunger in no time. For that, Trader Joe’s uses unique ingredients such as chestnuts, sweet corn, wood ear mushrooms, water and green onions. These ingredients are used to make a healthy, simple appetizer for everyone. So, you don’t need to think about the other homemade appetizers when you have this fantastic appetizer.

best trader joe's appetizers for your loved ones
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Mini Vegetable Samosas

Have you ever heard that Samosas are counted as appetizers? Samosas come with a combination of carrots, onions, peas, spices (Indian), potatoes, and lentils. So, you can experience the taste of different vegetables with Indian spices. Moreover, it is a perfect gift for vegetable lovers who like samosas with varying kinds of sauces.

tasty mini vegetable samosas for your visitors
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Mini Vegetable Samosas are made of phyllo-type dough, which helps make it soft and foldable to any shape. The primary and popular shape is the triangular shape, which they like to give their samosas. But you can use other conditions as well, for example, rectangular, square, circular and so on. Also, it offers a crunchy feel from the outside and softness from the inside to balance out the texture. This is why it is counted as one of the best Trader Joe’s appetizers for special guests. 

Spicy Shrimp Appetizer Duo

A special kind of appetizer that is made in two different styles, texture and taste. Everything is different about this duo except some ingredients. The ingredients used to make Kung Pao Shrimp Spring Rolls are different from Lemongrass Shrimp Wontons.

best trader joe's appetizers to make your little ones happy
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Generally, both appetizers have a different appeals. For example, Kung Pao Shrimp Spring Rolls focus more on maintaining the flakiness. And Lemongrass Shrimp Wontons focus more on flavour. All in all, both these versions of Spicy Shrimp Appetizer Duo are perfect for everyone, especially flaky lovers.

Scallops Wrapped in Uncured Bacon

Do you want to try bacon with scallops? Scallops Wrapped in Uncured Bacon is a unique type of bacon that comes with scallops. You can serve this appetizer in front of your guests and get praised by them. They would undoubtedly like uncured bacon with a cube of brown sugar which can enhance the taste of the scallops.

delicious Scallops Wrapped in Uncured Bacon for your guests
Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

To make the best combination, you can use fish and brown sugar. But remember, the fish must be in cooked form, not in boiled or roasted form. And the sugar must be in caramel form to absorb the flavour.

Crispy Vegetable Pouches

A tasty pouch-shaped appetizer that is full of vegetables for your visitors. You can include any vegetable to maintain the taste. But if you want to impress your visitors, then choose cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, jicama, onions, taro, and carrots. As an enhancer, you can use soy sauce, red chilli, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. It helps to maintain the base volume of flavours in the appetizer.

best trader joe's appetizers for kids
Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

If you are more into flavour and flaky texture, then crispy vegetable pouches are the best Trader Joe’s appetizers for you to have with family members. You can eat this popular appetizer with your friends as well. But remember that the volume of vegetables is higher than other ingredients. So, you can expect a healthy appetizer during your daytime.


Finding a bucket of examples of the best Trader Joe’s appetizers in a bunch of options is difficult. It is seen mainly if you are focusing more on healthy, flaky, crunchy, tasty, plus attractive textures. All of these features in one appetizer are possible, for example, Crispy Vegetable Pouches. These pouches have everything which you need to include in your guest’s plate. Like this one, you can try five other options to serve in front of your guest as an additional option. That will help them to go with the taste they like to have on special occasions.