5 Best Healthy Alternative to Ketchup

healthy alternative to ketchup
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Today’s youngsters, elders, or even senior citizens like to have tomato ketchup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. However, it can be a primary reason for multiple types of health-related problems such as obesity, acidity, and heart disease. So, if you don’t want to leave ketchup aside and don’t want to sacrifice your health. Then try below mentioned five best healthy alternative to ketchup to make your life healthy and maintain your ketchup taste as well.

5 Healthy Alternative to Ketchup to Make Your Day

Barbecue Sauce

It is considered one of the best healthy alternative to ketchup, especially when you are in the mood for a barbecue. You will find the exact texture and flavor match in the Barbecue Sauce. That is because of the combinations they used to make this sauce. If we look at the variety, there are so many options available. But the best one is tomato sauce and ketchup. And there is no doubt why it is possible to have a combination of tomato sauce and ketchup. It is due to give us the actual color and pure taste of tomatoes.

The combination we use for making the product’s base is other ingredients. Such as vinegar, spices, brown sugar, tomato paste, and liquid smoke. All of these ingredients are important to get an experience of different tastes like sugary, sour, and spices in one plate.

barbecue sauce
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If you are planning to arrange a barbecue party and want something new as a condiment, then try this barbecue sauce. It works best with potato chips or salad too. For more options, you can use it with french fries as well to get the salty, tangy, and smoky touch in your flavors. 

For usage purposes

  • Use as barbecue sauce
  • Use to marinate meat
  • Use as topping and dipping sauce


Having boiled or plain-baked meals on a daily basis can change your taste. However, you can change it into a spicy plus sugary flavor through Sriracha. It is made up of peppers and tomatoes to balance your meals. Sriracha is a perfect option for Chinese foods; it can change the old base taste into a new modern taste. In short, this condiment can be a base ingredient for your salty or tasteless foods.

The main ingredients used in Sriracha are chili peppers, garlic, and sugar. Sugar is used to balance out the spiciness of peppers, and garlic is used to enhance the flavor of chilies. So you can have a perfect condiment for every dish you want to add.

The amount of Sriracha depends on your taste. But if you want to use it as a ketchup option, half of it is enough for that. Particularly for non-vegetables such as chicken which already have flavor-enhancing properties which can strengthen sriracha flavor. So, use it according to your needs.

healthy alternative to ketchup to make your day
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For usage purposes

  • Use for omelets
  • Use for boiled or roasted seafood
  • Use for pad thai

Tomato Jam

A condiment from the South can be the next healthy alternative to ketchup because of its timeless flavor that never gets old with time. Particularly the sweet flavor, which strikes your mouth much harder than the ketchup flavor. Also, it melts faster than ketchup and gives you the actual taste inside it.

The ingredients used to make tomato jam is tomatoes (chopped), sugar, pectin (as an option), and spices. After gathering all the ingredients, you can begin with tomatoes which should be chopped form then boiled down until it looks jam-like. Then, add spices, pectin, and sugar to the grinder and let that grind. It gives a sauce-like texture, but when you mix it with those jam-like tomatoes. Then it will completely change into tomato jam. 

Moreover, the jam also gives a combination of different flavors, such as sour and sweet, to balance out the flavors of the respective main dish. But ketchup also has the same taste, then how can it be a different one? If you look closely at the ingredients, then you will find that both of them have similar elements. However, the way of making both condiments is different, which gives different flavors from each other. For instance, ketchup has more spiciness and a less sugary taste than tomato jam. 

tomato jam
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For usage purposes

  • Toast and Sandwiches
  • Brie Cheese
  • Crackers
  • Mezzo
  • Cured Meat
  • Grilled Lambs
  • Salmon 


Mustard is unexpecting one on our list, but in reality, it gives the same taste vibe as ketchup. And you can even try it with ketchup as well to mix the opposite flavor in one plate. The ketchup has a combination of sweet and spicy, while mustard has a tangy and bitter taste. If you combine them, then you will experience a powerhouse of flavor.

However, if you want an option to change your ketchup life, then mustard is the best one for you. It will enhance the sour taste with a bit of bitterness. But it can be possible only if you use classic American mustard instead of other mustards.

Apart from that, mustard is counted as one of the most popular healthy condiments. It is because of the necessary elements present in the mustard to improve your metabolic system. Also, it has nutrients to provide you with energy and protect you from dangerous diseases like cancer.

healthy alternative to ketchup
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For usage purposes

  • Salad
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sandwiches


Do you know that Salsa is generally known as a dance form? This word, however, is also used to give names of foods as well. For example, Salsa is used as a healthy alternative to ketchup. If you like ketchup but want to change it with something similar, then Salsa is the best option for you. Salsa is a combination of herbs, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and chili peppers. And the best part about this is it can become the ingredients for the kind of foods which are cooked, chunky, and even spicy.

Moreover, the flavors of Salsa, such as pungent, spicy, and salty, strike hard on your taste buds. This is good for distinguishing different flavors only in one bite. For a better and exceptional taste, you can add vegetables. Generally, choose those kinds of vegetables which have vitamins, calories, and antioxidant properties. It can prevent you from gut-related problems and blood circulation and even boost your immune system.

salsa sauce
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For usage purposes

  • Tortilla Chips
  • Salad
  • Chicken


Eating unhealthy condiments such as tomato ketchup can ruin your health. If in case, you already have some disease because of ketchup; then you want to try a healthy one. Then make your move forward with our above-mentioned healthy alternative to ketchup. All of them are generally made for people who give priority to their health. Also, you can consider these options for a better and more natural taste of the ingredients.