4 Amazing Alternatives to Eyeliner to Make You Beautiful

4 amazing alternatives to eyeliner to make you beautiful.
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Eyeliner always gives an awesome look to any combination you want to make. You can have a party look, a professional look, or even a casual look with that, But sometimes we feel like we need to take one up in our daily boring look. So, we try or apply many ways to change our makeup style and then find ourselves in a drastic situation. To take out from you in this situation, we have collected 4 amazing alternatives to eyeliner to quickly change your look into an awesome one. So make your precious eyes special again with our provided options.

4 Amazing Alternatives to Eyeliner

Having a good alternative is a goal of every woman, but what if you have 4 different plus unique alternatives to try at home? In the below-mentioned section, we have included all the possible options to make your eyes beautiful again. All you have to do is, look into all the available options and make the next move by trying them at home.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic Paints are one of the best alternatives to eyeliner, especially when you want something which does not affect your look. It always makes your look more attractive than eyeliner, and the best part about that is it does not cause any skin problems after applying. This paint has special properties, such as being non-toxic, to balance out the need for liquid eyeliner. However, you have to use water with acrylic paints; without that, it does not apply well.

benefits of acrylic paints
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With acrylic paints, you can have any kind of design for your eyes. Apart from that, it gives shades of different colors as well for a unique look.

For a better touch, you can apply it directly by using small brushes. It helps to cover the liquid on a brush in just one dip.


Have you ever tried Mascara which is always available in your makeup kit? Mascara is one of the amazing alternatives to eyeliner, especially for those who prefer to double up their look. It works best if you want to highlight your eyelashes and give them a more dense look. But it is not the limit of Mascara; you can take the help of an “Angled brush” to cover up the liquid from “Mascara wand.” After that, apply it directly on the eyelashes, and for an attractive look, you can even give it a unique design.

5 alternatives to eyeliner to change your look
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If you have no idea which design best suits your eyes, then try to give it a smokey touch. Just use your Mascara over it and let it take the shape of a scruffy look. This way, you can have something different and a new touch for your boring-looking eyes.

Colored Pencils

You had never expected that colored pencils would be included in this list. After all, we are talking about eyeliners, then how colored pencils work as alternatives. To clear your doubts, you can have it in a liquid form.

advantages of black eyeliner
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Let it dip into a warm liquid for around ten minutes and check in between the time. Sometimes it turns into a liquid form quickly after checking the pigments‘ texture on tissue paper or something like. Apply directly on the skin but ensure that the liquid form of colored pencils moves smoothly on the skin. It is the ultimate method to get a better look in a minute. 

Lip Liner

Have you ever imagined that lip liners can work as one of the alternatives to eyeliner? A lip liner is a good option to make you look more appealing and attractive. If you are struggling to have a good look for your eyes, then look at all the available color options you have right now.

Moreover, you can have a better look with an option such as dark cherry and rosy vibrant color that comes from lip liner. This option is one of the best options with lip liner to change your boring eyes into an explosive look.

If you are worried about thick lines, then you don’t need to worry about that because lip liner is made up of similar material as eyeliners made. Also, it helps to save your time if you are in a hurry because it applies quickly.

4 best alternatives to eyeliner to give you surprising look
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For an awesome look, you can pair it with the same color of lipstick, which goes well with your outfit.


Life is incomplete without having beautiful eyes, and it becomes special when we use makeup. Generally, women like to apply the best option, like eyeliner, to show how beautiful their eyes are. However, it is not what we expect. So, to make it exactly what you want from your makeup. Then try above mentioned alternatives to eyeliner that improve your routine and look into a special one. Also, make your outfit express more presence with these options. 

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