Important Difference Between Blazer and Suit Jacket

difference between blazer and suit jacket
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If you open your wardrobe and take out a pair of suits and blazers, you will only see a difference when they look the same. However, you want to know the difference between them for specific reasons. For example, you want to go to a friend’s wedding and wear a classy suit jacket. But you need to learn how to differentiate between them. So, to give you several differences for making your tangled life easy. We have prepared pointers to tell you the important difference between blazer and suit jacket. Apart from that, we also included a particular corner to explain their basic definitions. 

Blazer Jacket: What is This?

Blazer is a unique jacket that gives almost the same vibe as a suit; however, it has many differences too. This jacket helps to maintain your casual look with its formal touch. One of the best parts about Blazers is that they never let your style ruin your personality. So, you can also depend more on that if you like to see an elevated outfit combination. Another thing about a blazer is it can be followed with any kind of outfit at any time. This unique feature makes it a more classical yet fashionable option in your collection. And such uniqueness tells us about the difference between blazer and suit jacket.

Suit Jacket: What is This?

Suit is a timeless outfit option for men to get a pure and evergreen personality look. It gives you a unique look with similar kinds of trousers. The significant difference between blazer and suit jacket is you cannot wear a suit with any trousers. A particular type of trouser is made for the suit to carry on the same touch of design, style and unique level.

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Moreover, a formal touch is the central concept behind making a suit jacket. That is because it gives a unique look even in a crowd. So, it’s also a good option for your formal dress theme-based parties.

What is the Crucial Difference Between Blazer and Suit Jacket?

Blazer jackets and suit jackets have many dissimilarities, which can make them somehow unique from each other. We will consider looking at each of them individually and get a chance to learn more about the differences between them.

  • If we talk about suit jackets, we will find that they look more formal than blazers. A suit jacket can follow with a traditional type of pants, but this case is different with blazers; it can follow both formal and non-formal types of pants.
  • Suits are made of heavier fabrics compared to blazers, which is unsuitable for people who prefer comfort over tight or loose-fitting clothes. But it makes them easy to put on in the winter season. This is only because of the fabrics they add to the suits, such as cotton, seersucker, worsted wool and linen. However, the Blazers never let you feel sweaty in hot weather. All thanks to the fabrics used in blazers, such as serge, flannel, cashmere and fresco.
  • Suits are less flexible than blazers, making them suitable for particular footwear. So, if you prefer flexibility, then go with Blazers. It can carry out your flexibility even with sports shoes.
  • Blazers and Suits come with a wide range of patterns and colors, but the blazers have slightly more patterns and color variations than suits. This is because of the limited scope of color options used in suit jackets. If you look closely, you will find that the suit comes mainly in solid color. That makes it a unique outfit for a special occasion. Compared to blazers, which you can wear even during office hours which do not seem special. But the best part about blazers is – they can be found in rare color patterns too. 
  • Blazers and suit jackets usually come with single-breasted as base clothing. However, blazers also come with unique (double-breasted) clothing. The blazer jackets have two buttons for single-breasted and six buttons for double-breasted, whereas suits have three buttons for single-breasted.
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difference between blazer and suit jacket
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  • One of the most significant differences between blazers and suit jackets is styling. You cannot wear suits with any clothes because it is made to follow the same material concept from top to bottom. For example, you can wear it with trousers and vests. However, the case is different in blazers; it comes in kind of outfits that can follow the fragrance of other flowers. It means you can wear it with denim, pants, khakis, cargo and even with chinos. So, the option is vast in styling when it comes to blazers compared to suits.


Blazers and suit jackets are made to give a distinct look on a special occasion. But the difference between blazer and suit jacket makes them unique in their own way. For example, you can wear any blazer when you go to a pub, but you cannot wear a suit on this occasion. So, to understand the differences like this, we have a number of pointers that you cannot ignore. Especially when you are in a doom situation of distinguishing them from each other.