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Best Food Processor in India

Find out in our guide some helpful information to quickly identify the best food processor in India. In the meantime, you may be interested in the two most valid in our opinion for quality/price: Kenwood KMM770 is made of die-cast metal, has 1,200 watts of power, and allows you to work even 3 kg of dough; Bosch MCM4200 is cheaper and includes a vast range of useful accessories.

How to choose the best food processor in India

Being able to prepare increasingly tasty dishes and delicacies. This is what you will guarantee by purchasing a food processor, an appliance that makes versatility its strong point. Depending on the models and accessories present, this appliance can perform dozens of functions.

It, therefore, becomes essential to have an overview of the typical functions of this type of product. Proposed by the best brands of appliances with different configurations, prices, and materials. In our guide, we point out which aspects to take into consideration. And then we propose the ranking with the reviews of the five best food processors in our opinion.

Best food processor in IndiaBuying Guide

Versatile and multifaceted

As mentioned, the real added value of an appliance of this type is represented. By the range of accessories included in the package. What unites the various models on the market is the machine body while the substantial.

A food processor worthy of the name, for example, cannot miss the food processor. Blender and juicer are two other essential elements, even if a centrifuge could replace the latter. Then you can’t do without a set of hooks and whisks for kneading and whipping.

Depending on the amount of food you want to prepare and therefore the size of your family, opt for containers of adequate size and, in general, better if made of glass, although those made of plastic allow you to contain costs. As for the main body in which the motor is placed, choosing a stainless steel model is preferable.

Power and control: Best Food Processor in India

The food processor motor is entrusted with numerous tasks. Especially if the appliance is equipped with many accessories and, consequently, can perform numerous functions. The best models on sale, therefore, have power. That can even reach 1500 watts, which is necessary, especially when mixing or kneading.

There are also exceptions: models that use a few watts but which have mechanics and technological development such as performing their task in the best possible way. The downside is an exceptionally high average cost.

But strength is not everything, so our advice is to focus on an appliance equipped with a selector that allows you to change the speed according to the operation and the food to be processed. This option has practically become a standard, especially for models that have huge containers.

Attention to safety

By comparing the prices of the different robot models on the market, you can see how different sizes characterize them. Then, when you have to decide which one is right for you, consider the frequency of use, the number of people you usually prepare for. Eat and the size of your kitchen workbench.

With the various accessories connected, this type of appliance can also require a lot of space, especially if you plan to keep it always in sight.

A final aspect is related to safety during use to not run the risk of running into unfortunate accidents. In particular, every food processor worthy of the name should have the interlock function that prevents the engine from starting if the various parts are not assembled perfectly.

The Best food processor in India of 2021

The food processor is the best friend you can have in preparing many recipes, both for aspiring chefs and for those who have to prepare the meal to put on the table every day. But, of course, choosing the suitable model among many is not easy: thanks to our advice for buying and comparing the many online offers, we are sure that you will find the one with the best quality/price ratio.

Recommended products

1. Bosch MCM4200


Among the best multifunction robots sold online. We could not fail to indicate this Bosch model, really complete and powerful enough. The 800-watt motor, despite being less powerful than the previous ones, still manages to chop and shred everything. Thanks to the high quality and sharp stainless steel blades.

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The food processor comes with a wide range of small accessories. Which will end up taking up some space in the kitchen. Among the most important, a 1.25-liter plastic cup, perfect for centrifuges and smoothies, a 500 g plastic bowl with a splashproof lid, ideal for doughs, and a disc for fries.

The drawer with a safety lock in which to store the sharpest blades in handy: childproof! Among the minor defects found. The presence of two holes on the handle allows water to enter during washing. Available at low prices if you think about the quality of Bosch products. However, the food processor reviewed here has many advantages that outweigh the defects found in quantity and quality.


  • Adjustable power: The not exceptional power (800 watts) is compensated by the excellent sharpness of the blades, which cut excellently, and by the possibility of adjusting it to your liking according to work in progress.
  • Sure: It pays excellent attention to safety and is suitable for those with small children at home. There is also a drawer with a safety lock in which to store the most dangerous blades.
  • Accessories: It has a good number of accessories, and some are particularly successful. You will use the juicer, blender, and mixer frequently, orienting yourself towards a healthier diet.


  • Bulky: The accessories are many and often have essential dimensions and capacities, perhaps excessive for most families. Storing and washing them will take some effort.
  • Noisy: A little louder than desirable, but nothing terrible.

2. Moulinex Masterchef: Best Food Processor in India

Equipped with a power of 1000 watts, this model is among the best-selling Moulinex food processors for the excellent ratio between the number of functions available and the relatively low price. Despite the small size that does not create a large footprint in crowded local kitchens, this is a multifunctional model with a more than respectable 3-liter capacity.

Thanks to the numerous accessories, including the metal knife, the kneading blade, the metal whisk, and the blender, it allows you to automatically carry out a large number of otherwise tiring and demanding operations and save a lot of time during the preparation of dishes, mainly if intended for many people.

It also works as a juicer and juicer and is perfect for those looking for a tool. That performs many functions well without taking up much space. Too bad for the relatively sparse instructions, which force you to proceed by trial and error.

Our guide to choosing the best food processor devotes ample space to analyzing each product suggested to users. Here is a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the food processor just reviewed. The result of our experience and the opinions of many buyers.


Value for money: It is useless to ignore it: one of the biggest obstacles to buying is often the not always affordable price. Fortunately, MoulinexMasterchef manages to offer good performance at a much more competitive price.

Save space: Despite the many functions it can perform, the structure and its accessories take up very little space. Perfect for those with a minor or crowded kitchen!

Equipped: The accessories available are so many and allow you to automatically perform a whole series of operations that previously required a lot of time and effort.


  • Fragile: Some parts of the robot (made of plastic) seem a little too thin and therefore fragile. Handle them with care so as not to risk breaking them.

3. Best food processor in India: Philips HR7761 / 00 Viva Collection 

Best Food Processor in India

Just off the podium for the Best food processor in India of the year. This model from Philips still has everything you could want from a mid-range model and could not be missing in our little guide. That will help you choose a good robot to cook many different dishes with less effort.

Built to be easy to assemble and disassemble and equipped with various accessories, all easily dishwasher safe. It has an excellent and stable base on which to mount. As needed, a 2.1-liter container, a food processor, or a blender. The five metal discs available allow you to slice and chop with different degrees of thickness. And are also effective on rigid and compact foods. Thanks to the emulsifying disc, you can also prepare excellent mayonnaise in no time.

The strength of this tool is the PowerChop technology: thanks to the particular shape of the blades, the container, and the cutting angle, mincing is even more effective. However, it is a less versatile product than previous models. Let’s continue our review again by examining the main strengths and weaknesses found during our experience.


  • Mincing: The strength of Philips Viva Collection is undoubtedly its ability to chop, thanks to the innovative PowerChop technology and the quality and quantity of stainless steel blades and discs.
  • Practical and economical: The food processor is probably the cheapest of those suggested. As well as one of the most practical.
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  • Little equipped: Compared to previous models, the Philips food processor is less versatile and feels a lot – for juice enthusiasts – the lack of a juicer.

4. Imetec Cooking Machine CUKO 

Suppose you are browsing this ranking for suggestions on the best food processor that cooks. You have done well to go all the way. So we have decided to conclude our ranking with this model, more expensive than the others. But capable of cooking independently, thanks to three programs dedicated to cooking risotto, pasta, and velouté.

This food processor takes care of all stages of preparation: mixes, minces, sautées, boils, cooks, etc. This is why it can prepare many dishes in total autonomy. Whether they are appetizers, first courses, main courses, and desserts. At the time of purchase, a booklet with 100 recipes is provided. But nothing prevents you from experimenting and creating as many!

Thanks to this tool, you can prepare whole meals for four people with minimal effort, always obtaining high-quality dishes. Just be careful not to wet the base too much.

Highly recommended for those who want a food processor capable of cooking. And are willing to pay a slightly more salty price! We complete the review with a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the Imetec food processor, a truly precious resource in the kitchen.


  • Cooks: It is the only product in our ranking that also takes care of cooking dishes and does it well, with excellent results and high-speed processing and cooking.
  • Takes you by the hand: All programs and various functions are very intuitive and easy to master. In addition, at the time of purchase, you will also receive a recipe book with 100 recipes ready to be put into practice!


  • Closing gasket: More than one user has had problems with this part, which tends to come off after some use.
  • Complicated to wash: The Imetec food processor is more complicated than the others to wash due to the presence of the coils necessary to provide the heat for cooking.

5. Best food processor in India: Kenwood KMM770

Best Food Processor in India

One of the best choices for buying a good food processor is the Kenwood Chef line, which presents a series of models with increasingly impressive features. But which Kenwood food processor to buy among these? Our choice fell on the KMM770 model, which, in our opinion, has the right balance between professionalism, versatility, and price.

Made with a die-cast metal structure and silver finish, it is equipped with three motor outputs that allow the use. Even simultaneously, of many different accessories, suitable for different dishes and processes. The 1200 watt motor is powerful enough to allow the processing of large quantities of dough (some users have reported having successfully kneaded a kilo and a half of bread and pizza). However, the tool works well even with small quantities.

The bowl is made of stainless steel and can be washed without problems in the dishwasher and the splash guard (unfortunately made of plastic). All these qualities and more have earned this model our title of best food processor of 2021. Let’s now analyze the pros and cons of the product in detail before suggesting a link where to buy so much wonder at a great price and in total safety.


  • Used materials: All the most essential parts of the robot are made of die-cast metal with silver finishes, and the accessories are in stainless steel.
  • Power: At this price range, it is difficult to find other food processors that can boast a 1200 watt motor, which is essential for some preparations, where “the going gets tough.”
  • Multipurpose: With Kenwood, we can knead, mince, mince, centrifuge, blend, cut, and do many other activities in the best way.
  • Capacious: Even 3 kg of dough can be worked at once!


  • Plastic: Unfortunately (but at this price, it is a miracle that there are so few), some parts are made of plastic. In particular, the splash guard and the knob to adjust the speed.

How to use a food processor

The first food processors were born in the 1960s, and their functions were not significantly different from those of a blender. However, over time, this appliance has been enriched with many accessories. This varies from model to model, which makes it able to help us prepare practically all the dishes we would like … or almost.

What are a food processor and some tips for choosing

A single machine body capable of performing multiple functions is the idea behind the birth of the food processor. Even if, in reality, it depends on the accessories that can be mounted. The advantage in buying this appliance is in terms of space and, above all, economic. Because buying every single component would involve a decidedly substantial expense.

When you read the characteristics of every single model, focus on the number of accessories included: the chopper, for example, is a beneficial element that you will need to grind practically any ingredient, from meat to vegetables; just as beneficial is the blender. Check that the centrifuge or at least the juicer is present. This appliance is a valuable aid when you want to prepare sweets or doughs of any kind, impossible to do without whips and hooks for kneading and whipping.

We must also think about the capacity of the appliance container and, more generally. But, on the other hand, stainless steel could guarantee solidity and durability both to the body and to whips and hooks, elements that work under stress.