4 Best Sweetgreen Salad Recipes That You Should Check At Once

best sweetgreen salad recipes
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Having a healthy lunch at your office time and feeling fresh and light is what every person wants. However, sometimes they don’t find a good and healthy recipe that can make their day happy. This can risk their health. So, if you are in a complicated situation like this and want a healthy and tasty lunch full of green vegetables. Then try these below-mentioned Sweetgreen salad recipes that can change your unhealthy life into a healthy one. Also, enhance the amount of iron and energy for better performance at work.

4 Best Sweetgreen Salad Recipes

Guacamole Greens

Do you know what Guacamole Greens salad is? It is one of the Sweetgreen salad recipes that can be made with different kinds of vegetables. Such as tomatoes, cabbage, avocado, onions, tortilla, lime juice, romaine (especially chopped ones), and jalapeno vinaigrette. Also, you need to add a non-vegetable item such as chicken (roasted) to maintain the fibers and non-fibers. 

Adding chicken is essential to enhance the amount of protein and fat in your salad to maintain the essential elements from vegetables. If you don’t have chicken, you can add an alternative, such as tofu. It is good to fulfill your protein and iron requirements and also good to enhance energy. The ten grams of tofu is enough to make your Guacamole Greens.

One of the best parts about tofu which makes it more relevant than chicken is it can absorb the taste of different vegetables. Also, it does not take as much time as a roasted chicken takes. So, if you don’t have much time, give it a try to Sweetgreen salad, then try Guacamole Greens with tofu. 

guacamole greens salad
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Now, add soy (especially protein based) because it can copy any type of non-vegetable protein with the right amount. Remember that soy should be added with the correct cooking process. It helps to maintain the texture for a long time.

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Kale Caesar Salad

The next recipe is Kale Caesar Salad which is famous for its unique flavor. It does remove the base flavor of the salad and maintains the texture with cashew. Generally, cashew is used to make the base of the product, which helps to create a special taste.

Kale Caesar Salad follows the same process as Guacamole Greens, but the ingredients are different. Instead of tofu (roasted), you need to use chicken to copy the flavor from the vegetables used in the salad. To maintain the vegetables in the salad, you can have tomatoes, Parmesan, lettuce, and kale. 

top sweetgreen salad recipes
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Now, the process of making Kale Caesar Salad is to use romaine lettuce and kale as a base and do a proper seasoning with Parmesan and cherry tomatoes. Through one of these Sweetgreen salad recipes, you can have a lightweight, healthy lunch.

Super Green Goddess

Another one on our list of Sweetgreen salad recipes is Super Green Goddess. This recipe takes passion and time to give you the perfect texture and flavor. It would be best if you started with soaked cashew because it absorbs the taste and texture in an equal amount. Cashews in no soaked form can destry the essential flavor and disturb the texture. So, use the soaked cashews for this recipe.

Now, you have to gather some important cooking equipment such as an oven, blender, sheet pan, and bowl. All these pieces of equipment are essential to process the recipe, so grab them before you start working on it. After that, begin the base process and then do salad dressing for the finishing touch.

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Super Green Goddess
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The finishing touch requires blending, so do that for a better topping and let it rest until it dissolves the flavor. Now, use your oven to roast the vegetables at a low temperature until they turn slightly brown. Then mix it together and wait for almost 5 minutes. Your special Super Green Goddess salad is ready to eat.

Brussels and Chicken Salad

The final one, which is quite unique and different from the recipes as mentioned earlier, is Brussels and Chicken Salad. This amazing salad recipe is full of walnuts, mesclun, sweet potato (roasted), romaine, chicken (roasted), apples, cranberry maple, and Brussels sprouts (roasted). All these ingredients are essential to make the perfect salad for lunch.

However, people like to add tofu instead of chicken, so you can add tofu, too, if you are not into chicken. Note that the tofu must be in blackened form, not the usual form. It maintains the flavor accurately without compromising the texture.

easy sweetgreen salad recipes that you should try
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To make a tasty salad, add avocado oil, soy sauce, liquid smoke, maple syrup, pepper, salt, and garlic. All these extra taste enhancers are important to make your salad tasty. Not only that, but it also helps to copy the exact flavor and touch of the non-vegetable ingredients.


All these above-mentioned Sweetgreen salad recipes are full of different kinds of vegetables to boost stamina and enhance the elemental needs of your body. You can even have them at dinner time or at breakfast time. These healthy plus lightweight recipes do not cause any trouble. Instead, it improves bowel movement and blood circulation, which is quite important, especially on busy days like this. Apart from that, it also reduces digestive system-related problems, which is quite normal these days.

So, not only in one way but in many ways, you can improve your lifestyle through these four green vegetables-based healthy lunches.