How to Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Remover in 7 Natural Ways

how to take off makeup without makeup remover
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When you come back from the party, you feel exhausted. But it would be best if you cleaned your makeup first; otherwise, your makeup will ruin your bedsheet. You go to the washroom and start cleaning your makeup but eventually find that the makeup you applied is not getting removed from your face. Now, the first question that comes to your mind is how to take off makeup without makeup remover. It is because the makeup remover creates some skin-related problem. So, using a natural and healthy way can protect your skin from serious issues.

To remove stubborn makeup from your face, we have collected the seven best options. All of them are an excellent choice to remove makeup without leaving any signs of side effects. So, you can have your healthy skin back on your side with the help of these natural makeup removers.

How to Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Physical problems from specific products cause serious problems. And makeup is one of them the most irritating because the chemicals used in the products are primarily permanent. These permanent chemicals help last the makeup long but also create a problem. It takes time to remove from your skin, or sometimes you need to remove it forcefully. That way, your face can become dry, itchy, and rashy too. So, to protect your beautiful skin from these kinds of situations. We are providing you with the seven best options to make your life easy.

Aloe Vera

A natural option to remove makeup with no side effects is Aloe Vera. It has properties to deal with skin problems and helps remove impurities from your body. Apart from that, it neutralizes the effects of makeup after applying it. So, these kinds of properties make Aloe Vera a valuable option for your stubborn makeup.

aloe vera
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You need to go to a market to buy some Aloe Vera leaves, especially if you don’t have them. Then, cut it into pieces and directly rub that jelly-like water from the cut parts. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can remove the outer leaves part, take out the internal part (jelly-like portion), and collect it in a container. Now, apply that directly on makeup areas and massage it softly. After that, cleanse off with water and see the best result with your own eyes.

Coconut Oil

If you eagerly want to learn how to take off makeup without makeup remover, then you should stop here. It is because coconut oil has all the solutions for your makeup-stubborn face. One of the most considerate things about coconut oil is that it does not require hard pressure or force to remove the makeup. So, you can remove your makeup with this non-toxic option in a gentle way.

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how to take off makeup without makeup remover
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Coconut oil can remove entire face makeup, but the best place where it stands tall is your beautiful eyes. If you are struggling to remove eye makeup, then coconut oil is the best choice for you. To use that for removing purposes, you have to take out oil in a bowl according to your needs and then apply it directly on the makeup part. Now, use your fingers for a gentle massage. After that, cleanse off your face.

Lip Balm

Generally, we use lip balm to heal chapped lips because it can protect your lips from further damage. Undoubtedly, we can use it in many other ways, but one of the most remarkable ways to use it is to remove lipstick. Lip Balm works well against any lipstick shade, mainly dark shades. Dark shades of lipstick look kind of a headache for many females.

lip balm
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To protect your attractive lips from such headaches, you need to apply lip balm directly. After applying, you have to gently rub with the help of tissue. This way, you can clean your light-shade lipstick in just one go. But try to repeat this process more than once if you want to remove dark shades.


Do you want to know how to take off makeup without makeup remover? Then you should get excited after knowing that your all-time moisturizer can help you with that. It has properties to deal with severe skin problems so that you can expect a positive result. It is also one of the best alternatives to oil to remove makeup.

how to take off makeup without makeup remover
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To get the best result in just a minimum of time, you must take some drops of moisturizer and apply it directly. But remember that it can work best for face makeup, so try to ignore it if you are planning to use it for eye or lip makeup.


Milk is another option for removing makeup, especially face makeup. It is full of protein and fats, which help to boost your body mass in an adequate amount. Apart from that, it also helps to clean endodermal and epidermal cells. It means your skin will automatically start glowing if you consume a glass of milk daily. Also, it helps to remove dead cells from your skin and regenerate new cells. But the most crucial and least noticeable benefit of milk is it can clean your stubborn face makeup in just a few minutes. 

To remove face makeup, you have to take an adequate amount of milk in a container. Then add almond oil to the milk for a smooth procedure. After adding almond oil, and mixing it well, use cotton balls to apply directly on the skin. This will help to remove makeup particles from your skin.

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Moreover, milk works as an eye makeup remover, which also improves the side touch of your beautiful eyes. So, you cannot ignore the “must need” appeal of this fantastic removal. For that, you have to use a cotton ball to apply milk over your eyes. Now, you need to wait for a few minutes and then wash off your face with water.

Baking Soda and Honey

Have you ever noticed that Baking Soda and Honey have the properties of removing makeup? Both of them work well as a remover if you make a paste by mixing them well in a bowl. After mixing, you need to apply it over your face as a face mask. Now, please wait for a few minutes until it ideally consumes all the makeup particles. Then cleanse off your face with running water.

how to take off makeup without makeup remover
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Through that process, you will feel your skin fresh and pure than before. Thanks to baking soda for working as a cleanser and honey for working as a humectant. This particular property is one of the main reasons for including them in the list. So, don’t miss the chance to clean your makeup with baking soda and honey.


If you still did not get the expected result from the above-mentioned options, then try the last option on our list is cucumber juice. It will surely let you know how to take off makeup without makeup remover. That is because of the inflammatory properties present inside the cucumber. Use this property for your benefit and get the result of makeup-free skin.

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Take one or two cucumbers, according to your needs, and cut them into pieces. After that, make a paste by using a blender, and the paste should look easily applicable on the skin. Not too tight or not too watery, perfectly balanced of both. Now, add a substance that works as a lubricant for your skin, for example, olive oil. And mix them well until it is thoroughly mixed. Your makeup remover is ready to give you back your beautiful skin.


Thinking about a way to learn how to take off makeup without makeup remover to get a better result. It is the most challenging part, especially if makeup doesn’t want to leave your face quickly. But you don’t have much time and also don’t want to use makeup remover. Then the best way for you to use the above-mentioned options. All of them help to remove makeup by moisturizing the skin cells. Also, trap dirt particles to clean epidermal cells. But there are solutions like milk, which helps to regenerate dead cells too. So, using these options will help you not only in one way but also in other ways too.