Mischief Dining Bar And Other Popular Restaurants Owned By Celebrities

mischief dining bar

Almost every celebrity in the entertainment industry owns many businesses, especially in the food and hotel industry which help them in earning major passive income. The best thing is that the customers of such restaurants really appreciate their delicious food, appealing ambiance, comforting services, and royal treatments, and also makes them connect better with the place as they already know about the owner’s background. From Sunil Shetty’s Mischief dining bar to Asha Bhosle’s Asha, there are many celebrity restaurants that are very popular around the world. So, to know about them specifically, read the complete article guiding you about the best eating places. 

Popular Restaurants Owned By Celebrities

Below is a long list of some of the best restaurants which are well-known for their hospitality and food services so have a look at them one by one and select your next dining spot effortlessly. 

1. Pali Thai

Celebrity Owner: Jacqueline Fernandez

Pali Thai

Jacqueline is not a newcomer to the hotel industry as she owns Pali Thai, a successful restaurant which is located in the premium location of Mumbai. For opening and becoming the co-owner of this place, she partnered with Mishali Singhani who is not just her close friend but also the owner of Pali Village Cafe. Not only this but she also has another restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka which is famous with the name “Kaema Sutra”. Jacqueline had started this venture before Pali Thai and for this, she collaborated positively with Dharshan Munidasa who is an experienced celebrity chef. 

2. Someplace Else

Celebrity Owner: Bobby Deol

Someplace Else

After giving a mind-blowing performance in the movie “Animal”, Bobby Deol is also all set to step into the Tollywood industry through the production titled “Kanguva”. But apart from his career growth in acting he also climbed a ladder of success in the hospitality business by owning his very personal restaurant named “Someplace Else”. This restaurant is located in the central spot of Andheri, Mumbai, and attracts thousands of foodies daily there. 

3. Bastian

Celebrity Owner: Shilpa Shetty Kundra


Shilpa Shetty is not just an influencing fitness freak but also a healthy food lover who owns a fifty percent stake in the chain restaurant named Bastin. This place is located in the elite location of Mumbai where most of the celebrities often visit to bless their taste buds. Some of the signature dishes of Bastin include Vegan Bagels, cheesecakes, butter-poached lobster, mud crabs, and so on which are uniquely delicious. Not only this but she also started another outlet of Bastin recently which is situated on the topmost floor of the Kohinoor Tower in Mumbai. 

4. Mischief Dining Bar

Celebrity Owner: Sunil Shetty

Mischief Dining Bar

Mischief Dining Bar is one of the most successful ventures of the veteran Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty. This place has a backstory as it was previously owned by his father as a Udipi restaurant which Sunil turned into a bar. However, in the year 2010, Suniel changed it into a restaurant again and named it “Little Italy”. Not only this but he also owns one more club named H2O which has a water adventure park connected with it. Both of his restaurants have amazing decor, spacious sittings, delicious food, supreme services, and other features that make this spot worth spending time with your friends and family. 

5. Torii

Celebrity owner: Guari Khan


Gauri Khan is one of the newcomers who stepped into the hotel industry. To launch her first restaurant, she partnered with Abhayraj Kohli and Tanaaz Bhatia. Tori is an Asian restaurant whose decor is personally designed by Gauri Khan. The opening of this place was also very great and the hosting party was attended by celebs like Karan Johar, Neelam Kothari, Maheep Kapoor, Seema Sajdeh, and so on. This place has one of the most positive, chilling, and aesthetic vibes which is incorporated with finger-licking food items. 

6. Dragonfly Experience

Celebrity owner: Badshah

Dragonfly Experience

Badshah who is a popular and successful Indian rapper as well as songwriter is also not less than anyone else when it comes to running a restaurant of his own. He and Priyank Sukhija who is an experienced and professional restaurateur collaborated together to start an amazing bar and lounge in Delhi. This venture was named Dragonfly Experience which reflects Badhsha’s mood, aura, energy, and vibe very appropriately. Soon, this place received great financial success and appreciation from consumers which also motivated the owners to increase an outlet by setting up the same chain in Mumbai as well. 

7. Neuma

Celebrity owner: Karan Johar


In the year 2022, Karan Johar also joined the team of hospitality businesses as he opened his own restaurant with the name Neuma. This aesthetic place is situated in Colaba and has already become the heart of many South Mumbai food lovers. Neuma’s interior is done by Ashiesh Shah who has made the place look more classy and connectable. In this restaurant, you can have special and innovative European dishes that are not just delicious but also come in a very appealing plating. 

8. Cafe Basilico

Celebrity owner: Ayesha Takia

Cafe Basilico

Ayesha Takia who has left her acting career so far also owns multiple restaurants in Mumbai with her husband, Farhan Azmi. Cafe Basilico is one of the most notable among all of her restaurants as it serves mind-blowing European cuisine with a supreme level of hygiene, taste, and hospitality. This place has been running successfully for a few years now and giving great collections to the couple. Apart from this, the other hotels are Koyla and Madras Diaries which also share similar qualities to Cafe Basilico. 

9. Asha’s

Celebrity owner: Asha Bhosle

Image credits: Manchester Evening News

Asha Bhosle, the melodious singer of all time also owns a restaurant named Asha’s which serves lip-smacking Indian spiced cuisines and flavorful cocktails. This place was first inaugurated in the year 2002 and since then its outlet started opening in elite locations in Dubai, UK, and so on. The reason behind starting this venture was Asha’s personal hobby to cook and eat finger-licking food items which are made with India’s traditional recipes and stay rich in the strong aromas. 

10. Sona

Celebrity owner: Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra also started Sona which is her very first and own restaurant venture in New York City. Just like the name, the entire place looks shiny, royal, and pure as gold. The restaurant reflects the decor and art of Indian culture and has delicious Indian street food items to serve to its customers. For this aesthetic yet unique hotel, Priyanka collaborated with David Rabin, who is already a popular owner of multiple restaurants. She shared that this restaurant has the best combinations and twists of spices with which she grew up. 


Above we shared a brief guide dedicated to Mischief Dining Bar and other popular restaurants owned by celebrities which might have helped you in deciding your next munching stop. All of these hotels serve the best food, hospitality, variety in menu, ambiance, hygiene, and so on which make eating there more satisfactory and pleasurable. Celebrity restaurants have great prominence because of their owners and hence, turned out to be great businesses. I hope the page helped you and for more details or queries, connect with us through the comment box mentioned below. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is the Mischief Dining Bar still open?

Ans. Mischief Dining Bar which is owned by the Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty used to be a Udipi restaurant which he changed into a bar and then in a restaurant again with the name “Little Italy”. So, logically Mischief Dining Bar has closed, and in place of that “Little Italy” has opened. 

Q2. Which are the best restaurants for Bollywood celebrities?

Ans. “Sona by Priyanka Chopra”, “Asha’s by Asha Bhosle”, “Neuma by Karan Johar”, “Pali Thai by Jacqueline Fernandez”, “Mischief Dining Bar by Sunil Shetty”, “Someplace Else by Bobby Deol”, “Dragonfly Experience by Badshah”, “Torii by Gauri Khan”, and so on are a few best popular restaurants owned by celebrities. 

Q3. Where are the different outlets of Dragonfly Experience by Badshah?

Ans. Dragonfly Experience by Badshah has one of the most elite locations, aesthetic decor, delicious food, and awesome hospitality and it has two outlets that are situated in Delhi and Mumbai. 

Q4. Who owns the restaurant Someplace Else?

Ans. Bobby Deol who is one of the most successful Bollywood actors and going to debut in Tollywood as well is the true owner of the lavish and top-rated hotel named “Someplace Else” which is located in Andheri, Mumbai only. 

Q5. How many restaurants does Ayesha Takia own?

Ans. Cafe Basilico, Koyla, and Madras Diaries are some of the most popular and successful hotel businesses of the former Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia, However, she shares the ownership of these restaurants with her husband Farhan Azmi.