Are Soft Tops Recommended During Spring Months?


    While soft tops, summer and Jeeps belong together, you might wonder if you can rush things along and break out the soft top for spring. Part of this depends upon where you reside and where you intend to drive.

    One important consideration is that the soft top you snap onto your Jeep is waterproof, since you will probably encounter rain. Most will be, but it still pays to make sure. With a soft top you can expect a cooler ride, so having a good heater is necessary.

    The optimal CJ5 soft top and doors should be durable enough to hold up during spring driving. A replacement top from Bestop will use the Jeep’s original factory soft top frame and come with canvas and windows. For the windows, you can choose either clear or privacy tinted window versions. You should have a wide selection of colors to get the look you want.

    Soft Top Protection

    Since spring still throws some tricky weather at you, you will want to place a high value on durability. A complete soft top will include the canvas and windows (with or without the tint), and it will also include the folding frame and all of the hardware for installation. For best results, look for a top that meets your needs in these critical areas:

    • Manufactured by top brands such as Bestop or Rampage
    • Solid fitment for your make make and model Jeep
    • Fits into your budget
    • Has the door options that you want
    • Has the color scheme that looks good on your Jeep

    If your spring excursions take you off the pavement, make sure you have added protection with an aftermarket CJ7 windshield frame. This is a smart way to reinforce your Wrangler and get it ready for the warmer months. With durable materials such as aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, diamond plate and vinyl made by brands such as Crown, Drake Offroad and Fairchild Automotive you can feel confident on any ride.

    Also make sure to replace your cracked or chipped windshield as soon as possible. Even reducing your safety margins a little while in the backcountry could have negative consequences.

    Quick & Easy Removal

    When you get the right equipment, it is easy to gain the versatility you crave with your Jeep. Being able to switch out tops or replace damaged parts quickly adds a lot to your lifestyle and makes sure your vehicle is ready when you need it to be. The best CJ7 parts improve the performance of your Wrangler in so many areas: comfort, appearance, offroading, safety and fuel economy.

    Whether you are looking for the best in suspension gear or lift kits or want the ultimate in recovery gear such as state-of-the-art winches, you can find it online. After all, your Jeep is a work in progress and there are always ways to make a good thing better with quality parts.

    When inspiration strikes, it is important to shop at a place that will give you solid deals and make your money go further. Get ready for spring and upgrade your ride.