Ups and downs in Sergio Romero’s career Sergio Romero’s career


Sergio Romero is a goalkeeper who reached the World Cup final with Argentina and won the Europa League for Manchester United. However, he leaves a certain feeling of understatement. Already today football match live of his new team Venice you can watch on the sports statistics website. It seems that in Italy, the experienced goalkeeper has found his second youth.

Being young, Romero moved to Europe and first competed in Eredivisie. After spending 4 seasons at AZ and winning the league title, he went on to be promoted to Sampdoria. Sergio played a similar period in the Italian team. However, he went on loan to Monaco for a year.

It was in Italy that he had his first problems with getting game time. After his contract with Sampdoria, he moved to Manchester United. As a result, Romero quite predictably lost the competition to David De Gea and became a reserve keeper. However, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho regularly provided him with practice in cup tournaments. 

With the arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a mentor, the Argentine practically did not get a chance to play even against the background of De Gea’s regression. As a result, only in 2021 the keeper left the camp of the Red devils as a free agent. It’s not difficult to watch a football match with his participation in live mode. Romero signed a contract with Venice and quickly managed to become the main goalkeeper of the team. In Italy, they are counting on him  in the context of the fact that the team has to fight to stay in the elite.

Strong points of the Argentine goalkeeper

Romero has earned the respect and recognition of fans from all over the world for a reason. At one time at AZ he set a record of not conceding a goal for  957 minutes. On score777 live you can now follow his progress in the new team. He may well achieve success since the Argentine goalkeeper’s strong points are believed to be as follows:

  1. Excellent reaction. Often he can stop the most difficult strikes.
  2. Ability to save penalties. According to this indicator, the Argentine is among the best players of his generation. Statistics show that he saves 31% of the strikes from the point. You just need to recall that it was Romero who won the penalty shootout for Argentina in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup.
  3. Skillful position selection. This allows you to reduce the angle of strike for the attacker.

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