5 Interesting Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

outdoor activities for preschoolers
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When your kids are in preschool, they get excited by learning about new things. They try many things at their school and share their experience with their parents. And you, as a parent, also do all the things never to let their excitement slide a bit. However, you find that they want more new things to try. So, as a parent, you can try these exceptional and exciting outdoor activities for preschoolers to make their smiles bright again. All these outdoor activities are not only designed for fun purposes but also knowledge purposes. So, teach your kids about new things through these beneficial outdoor activities. 

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers That Can Make Them Smart

Create a Dam

Have you ever shown dams to your kids? Did they start to ask you about how the dam is flowing? So, to make your answer simple, show them what a dam is and how it is created through a fun activity.

The activity is called ”Create a Dam,” which is a part of STEM activity. STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And ”create a dam” comes under the category of science activity. This activity helps to learn about dams and the fun behind making them.

create a dam
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You should have all the equipment and materials required during this activity. Generally, we include the materials that help make a beaver dam. Through materials such as tin foil, you can create a river. And ask children to make a dam to stop the flow of water. You can tell them to use obstacle-type materials such as rocks and sticks. These kinds of material help to change the flow or stop the flow of water. After using the obstacle-type material, you need to check the dam’s current state. For that, you can pour water and check the actual condition of the dam.

Chlorophyll Painting

If you are looking for enjoyable outdoor activities for preschoolers, then chlorophyll painting is a perfect fit for your kids. Through this activity, they will learn many things about chlorophyll. For example, they will know that chlorophyll is the reason behind the green colour of leaves. But it is not necessary for them to produce only green colour. They can have different colours too, but it depends on the type of plant, flowers and leaves. Apart from that, they also make food by the process of photosynthesis. So, all in all, chlorophyll is quite useful for plants. 

outdoor activities for preschoolers
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Through this activity, we will learn how the pigments present in leaves help to produce colour. We start by collecting flowers and leaves. After that, we will take a sheet of paper (plain sheet) and then rub the leaves and flowers. Through that, we will observe that the chlorophyll starts to leave colour on the sheet and make a shape of a particular object. 

Plant a Seed

In a fast-growing world where most things are dependent on technology, we are losing one of the crucial factors of life, which is plants. As a human, we cannot live without air, water and food. However, the atmospheric condition needs to be better to give us purified air in the form of oxygen. So, we need to protect plants and trees, and for that, we need to teach kids about how to plant a seed.

plant a seed
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We cannot live without oxygen which comes directly from them. So, we will start teaching them about plants and seeds. You can begin with digging, collecting or gathering up soil for seeds. After that, we will put this soil into the pots. If you are not comfortable with pots, then you can use the ground as a base. Now, we will set a plant or seed into that pot and cover it with soil. Then, pour water through a plant water sprayer. This way, your kids will learn about the process of planting, digging, covering, watering and caring.

Letters Rock!

Do you know that letters rock is one of the most used outdoor activities for preschoolers? That is simply because of the knowledge of understanding getting about a particular letter. Not only that, but kids also learn about the shape or structure of that specific letter. For example, if they try to make a B, then they will use a particular object to make the same alphabet. So, for that ”particular object”, we use rock.

outdoor activities for preschoolers
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Generally, select a letter and then start writing on the surface through chalk or something like that. Then ask kids to find or search rocks for writing the same letter by arranging them in the same manner. You can give them the option to write over or on the other side of the written alphabet. This way, they will learn about how to recognise a specific letter through its shape or structure.

ABC Sidewalk Chalk Game

Another game to learn about letters is ABC Sidewalk Chalk Game. This game is mainly designed to test the knowledge of a specific alphabet. And it is incomplete without an understanding of the symbols of the alphabet.

To do this fun activity, you have to use sidewalk chalk to draw a letter game and include all the letters inside them. Please remember that the letters or alphabets should not be arranged in their respective orders, such as A, B, C, D, and so on. Try to place them in an irrespective manner. After arranging them, start shouting out letters randomly and also ask kids to jump on that letter after hearing out the alphabet.

ABC Sidewalk Chalk Game
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Through this activity, children will learn about their reaction time and recognition speed. Also, discover about the sound of a particular alphabet by hearing them.


Indoor and outdoor activities have their own advantages, and we must pay attention to them. Indoor activities usually improve mental abilities. But outdoor activities help to improve physical skills along with cognitive abilities. So, if you want to enhance your mind and body powers, try the above-mentioned outdoor activities for preschoolers. All these activities will directly help your kids to learn about new things in an exciting way. Moreover, they will get a chance to learn about the importance of these activities, such as planting a seed.