What You Should Know About Sash Windows


Whether you’re buying new windows for your house, or just replacing old ones, there are a few things you should know about sash windows. For one, they come in various styles and sizes. You should also consider the maintenance needs of these windows. Before you choose double glazed sash windows in Glasgow, here are some things to consider:

Double-Hung Sash Windows

Whether you’re a professional contractor or just looking to upgrade your home, there are many benefits to installing double-hung sash windows. These windows can improve ventilation, offer convenience, and help increase the value of your home. They’re also great for small children and pets.

A double-hung sash window is a classic design. These windows come in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. They’re also easy to install and maintain. The key is to make sure they’re properly secured.

One of the most important benefits of double-hung windows is their ability to vent hot air out of your home. The sash at the top of the window opens and closes independently, so you can let in cool air while keeping warm air out.

Fitch VS Brighton Sash Fasteners

Whether you are looking for a new sash fastener, or you want to improve the security of your windows, there are many types available. These range from non-locking, to locking. The type you choose depends on the type of sash windows you have.

Non-locking sash fasteners use a semi-circular arm to pull two sashes together. These fasteners are ideal for windows that have been properly weighted. These fasteners create a tight seal between windows.

The Fitch sash window lock is the most secure fastener available. It is made from solid brass and is available in a variety of finishes. It also comes with a key. It has a half circle catch that is hard to open from the exterior side of the window.

Brighton sash fasteners are also available. They are ideal for modern homes. They are also available in special finishes. These fasteners use a screw mechanism, which makes them tolerant of slight differences in the height of meeting rails.

Maintenance Requirements

Whether you own a period property or a new build, you will need to maintain your sash windows. There are some simple steps to follow, which can help you avoid costly repairs. A maintenance checklist can also help identify any potential problems.

The other major maintenance measure is to keep your window dry. Wood windows are very durable, but they will absorb moisture from the environment. This is especially true in coastal areas. The moisture will swell and may cause the window to jam in the frame. You may be able to prevent this problem by maintaining a tight seal.