Best Time to Visit Fiji- Explore All Details Before Travelling

best time to visit fiji
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Are you planning to visit Fiji with your friends and family? But visiting a new place like Fiji without knowledge is not good. Especially when you need to know what location and which time is best for you. But you can save yourself from this disastrous situation. For that, you need to choose the best time to visit Fiji with your friends and families. You can select the short-shoulder season, the wet season, or even the high season for your holidays. All these seasons have something special to serve in front of the visitors. 

So, choose your own best time and make your trip memorable for you. But try to select the time and season according to your schedule for a better experience. You can even choose a high season if you are okay with crowds and high ticket prices. If you are not into crowded places and want to spend less money on your trip, then you can choose the short-shoulder season as well.

Best Time to Visit Fiji

Fiji has different seasons and times for particular types of visitors, and you can choose whichever suits you the most. If you need to learn about the best time for you and want to know which season defines you best. Then you can select any one of these below-mentioned times and seasons along with reasons to visit.

From November to April

In Fiji, the wet season is always counted as the least attractive season among others. The time from November to April is made for typhoons. So if you are planning to visit someplace where you can enjoy a festival like Holi, then this is the best time to visit Fiji. The temperature is lower in coastal areas than in deserted places, and the moisture in the air is at a moderate level.

Moreover, you can expect some thunderstorms as well. However, it is fine for villagers and nearby regions where people live. So, you can visit there without any worries. And one of the best parts about this time is that the accommodation and the ticket price are much lower than in the other seasons.

Reasons to visit

  • Your Paradise Festival
  • Holi

From May to June

If you prefer a time when you want to avoid getting stuck in a crowd, then this is the best time for that. Generally, this is a ‘short shoulder’ time, meaning you will see less mass than in other seasons. So, you can expect great things in your favor, such as low-rate hotel rooms.

beachside place at fiji
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Moreover, the weather here is good to visit because, most of the time, the atmosphere is clear and fresh. Also, the temperature is not so high, especially for visitors who want to spend some time on the beach.

Reasons to visit

  • Beach
  • Events related to Fiji’s culture

From July to September

This time is the best time to visit Fiji because visitors from around the world come to experience the beautiful weather at the beachside. The temperature is suitable to see the clear sky and beautiful islands. It is also ideal for hot weather-loving people who like sunbathing. You will also experience crowds from different regions or countries such as America and England. 

In short, this is the peak time for Fijians to make a lot of money through visitors. They provide many services and let you indulge in some fun activities like ‘Ocean Swim Fiji’ as well. You can enjoy these activities with your friends and family without any problem.

Reasons to visit

  • Fiji Jazz and Blues Festival
  • Bula Festival
  • Ocean Swim Fiji
  • Fire Walking Festival


If you want to avoid getting caught in the high season crowds, you can visit Fiji in October. This month is best for visitors who prefer fewer crowds and a more peaceful atmosphere. However, you may experience a peak in temperature, but not that much you turn into a toast. Also, you will get some fantastic offers for families in airfare and hotel charges. So, you can also prefer this time for a better and more peaceful holiday.

best time to visit fiji
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Reasons to visit

  • Diwali
  • The Rising of the Balolo
  • Fiji Day


If you are facing trouble in deciding which is the best time to visit Fiji, especially with friends and family, then follow the above-mentioned month-wise option. It also includes a brief knowledge of a particular season. For example, wet season, high season, short shoulder season, and so on. All these seasons are essential to consider before visiting Fiji. It is to give you the idea of a high to a low number of visitors coming to travel along with their family. So, you can pick one of them and make your journey fruitful.