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Best time to visit Morocco

Known for its unique culture, people, exotic food and music, Morocco is the hub of diversity and exotic beaches. This is a must-visit place in every explorer’s bucket list. But you should know which is the best time to visit this place and experience its beautiful climate. Let’s discuss the best time to visit Morocco, all the attractive places, things, people, culture, language and explore this part of the world.

About Morocco

Situated in Northern Africa and sharing borders with the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a diverse cultural hub for African and Arabian people. Rabat is its capital city. Morocco is famous for its unique weather, diversity, language, music, art, craft, culture, heritage and history. People from all over the world want to visit this place to experience its attractions and live there even just for a few days. Morocco’s name originated from ‘Marrakesh’ which was a historical capital of the Almoravid Dynasty and Almohad Caliphate. Let’s discuss when you should visit this place.

What is the best time to visit Morocco?

Now that you know about the value of this place and culture, we will move forward to know the main details about Morocco that every traveller should keep in mind such as weather, time, specific event, season and festival. The Best time to visit Morocco is not only about days and months. You need to know what happens in each season of Morocco.

Best time to visit Morocco

1. Low Season

January and February are months of low season in Morocco. Chances of rainfall are high with around 14 degree of temperature. The travellers have the advantage of exploring the dual season of Morocco during this period as you ride camels in sands on the first day and do skiing on the next.

2. High Season

The high season of Morocco is the time when the temperature is high and it serves as the best period when you can explore the coastline and mountain range of Morocco. The Sun is at its peak during June and July months to step into the hot sand of beaches.

3. Shoulder Season

The shoulder season around the months March to May and September to November is the best time to visit Morocco and explore its heavenly atmosphere, culture and significance. This is a time when the climate feels dry and pleasant.

4. Spring

March to May months serves as the spring season with temperature range between 23 and 10 degree celsius. Spring is the season of festivals in Morocco with least rainfall time and sun shining for 9-19 hours in a day. Culture and people celebrate various festivals in this season which includes: Almond Blossom Festival, Marathon Des Sables, Dades Valley, Fex Festival, etc.

5. Summer

From June to August, you get to experience the hot weather of the Sahara Desert. Moroccan cities situated near the Atlantic coast and Northern coast. The temperature this season ranges from 36 to 18 degree celsius. Rain is least likely to happen at this time. There are many summer festivals and events happening at this time such as: Essaouira Gnaoua, World Music Festival, Marrakesh Art Festival, Ramadan, Night market and exhibitions.

6. Fall

The temperature of this dry and pleasant season ranges from 27 to 17 degrees celsius. Days are short, the sun is warm and a great time to begin hiking. Fall is the time for many festivals, such as 3-Day Imilchil Marriage Festival, Erfoud Date Festival and Eid al-Adha.

7. Winter

Travellers should visit the southern side of Morocco during November to February months of winter season. This side of Morocco has mild days and chilly evenings. Northern parts are grey and wet. If you are visiting Atlas Mountain Range during this time, just don’t, as it is not accessible due to the cold temperature, which ranges from 22 to 9-degree celsius. November observes the Saffron Harvest Festival. Last week of December is full of Christmas and new year happiness. Marrakech Biennale, which is a contemporary artistic cultural festival, is celebrated in February. Moussem, which is the largest local festival of Morocco, also happens in February.

Best time to visit Morocco

Now that you can plan your travel time according to the details given in this section. Let’s read further to know about other important things about Morocco.

Cheap Way to Travel Morocco

Everyone loves to travel but not all of us are travelling to our favourite places and the reason is Money. We need to save a lot of money to travel abroad. This is why we need to know when you should visit a certain place to spend less money. In the case of Morocco, November is the cheapest time as it is less busy and less crowded due to tourists’ preference of high and low season to visit this place. You will find cheap flights and hotels at this specific time.

When to avoid visiting Morocco

Sandstorm which happens during the spring season is the worst time to visit Morocco. You will experience dry weather with hot temperatures. These sandstorms come from Sahara and Torrential rains of the North.

Now that you know everything related to its weather and time, plan your Morocco trip accordingly. Whenever you are planning to travel to this destination, think about how you would wear, eat and enjoy accordingly.