8 Important Things Not to Do After Cervical Cerclage

things not to do after cervical cerclage
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Can your Cervix open anytime and let you have a premature birth? What is the way to prevent yourself from this situation? Why does the Cervical Cerclage need to do? What are the important things not to do after Cervical Cerclage? If a set of doubtful questions like these make a place in your mind, let yourself free from these burdens through our blog.

We will look at the important terms such as cervical Cerclage and its importance, benefits, and pieces of stuff which can affect your Cervix. All these terms are necessary to learn especially if you are suffering from a weakened (incompetent cervix)

Cervical Cerclage: What is This Medical Process?

A medical process which is used during pregnancy to remain your Cervix packed to not let you from having a premature birth. Cervical Cerclage is a medical method for a pregnant woman in a state of weakened Cervix. During this problem, you need to go to the doctor who is taking care of your progress in pregnancy. They will recommend you to let them place stitches on the areas of the Cervix where they find weakened. With the help of this process, your Cervix remains intact until you are ready to give birth.

Moreover, Cervical Cerclage is a crucial medical process to let your fetus be where it should be, not let it slip or slide from its original place. And this process is complete with knowing your Cervix’s actual condition. But how can you confirm that your Cervix is in the right condition? You can confirm this through knowing the actual location and structure of it. Such as, the Cervix is located in the slightly below position or near the uterus. Also, its structure looks more like a pocketbook or wallet. So, you can confirm your Cervix’s condition through these activities.

What Are the Things Not to Do After Cervical Cerclage?

After having a treatment of Incompetent Cervix (weakened), you need to avoid some critical things to do for a better recovery. Cervical Cerclage is a process requiring patience, so you cannot start work immediately after this process. You need to wait for a respective period of time. For a trouble free delivery, you can ask your doctor for how much work you can do and what is the right time to do it. 

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a woman in labor pain
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To understand this better, let’s look at what are the main things not to do after Cervical Cerclage are –

  • Restrict yourself from sexual intercourse. If you indulge in sexual activity, you might face a severe problem in your vagina, such as bleeding or pain. It is better to avoid such activities for a few months, at least until you fully recover from your procedure. 
  • Do not use equipment, especially sex-related tools, to insert inside your vagina. This is one of the essential things not to do after cervical Cerclage because it can irritate the inner and outer parts of your vagina. Also, it can be a main reason to open the stitches again after the procedure.  
  • Do not force yourself to do unhealthy activities. If you really want to help your family members in their daily activities then you can do healthy activities. For instance, you can help your children in their studies. It does not affect your body and helps to maintain coordination between brain and body. 
  • Avoid exercises that require stretching particular body parts such as legs, thighs etc. These kinds of exercises can ruin your cervical cerclage process. Also, it can create an irritation and pain near the cervix region because of the sutures. During pregnancy, stretching exercises can stretch the muscles which can affect the inner part of the vagina. And create an opening for the Cervix, which can lead to premature birth. 
  • Try to avoid doing heavy work and do light work that does not require much effort, such as reading a book. Doing heavy work can create pressure on your belly, which is not good for your fetus. So, it’s better to rest as much as possible to recover from the cervical cerclage process. 
  • Do not force yourself to go to work immediately after the process; take at least 14 days before you go to work. It can create an immediate pain, itching or even bleeding in the vagina. This is not good for you and your fetus too because it can cause preterm labor. So, taking a leave from your office for at least one month is better. 
  • Not do any kind of work which can open the cervical sutures again. This is necessary because it can create an opening for an “Incompetent Cervix,” which is not good especially after getting a treatment. 
  • Try to pay attention to the doctor’s instructions which are provided to you for your better health. It is a must to follow because it helps you recover much faster than expected. Also, it guarantees your safety and healthy delivery as well. 
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things not to do after cervical cerclage
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If you try these things not to do after cervical Cerclage, then you can save yourself from weakened. Also, from other serious problems such as premature birth. So, if you really want to do something even after your treatment, then you can ask your doctor for better advice. They will guide you and also tell you what is best for you in this situation.

Why Do You Need to Do Cervical Cerclage?

Cervical Cerclage is a crucial process to let you not do premature birth because of your loose Cervix. But first confirm the reasons to perform this medical treatment with your doctor. The reasons that they tell you for doing Cervical Cerclage are –

  • One of the most crucial reasons is Incompetent Cervix (weakened). This kind of problem can occur because of surgeries previously done by surgeons in cervical tissue.
  • A kind of internal or physical injury occurred due to some abnormal work.
  • From 4 to 6 months of your pregnancy, you do face the problem of previous miscarriages which can lead to an Incompetent Cervix.
  • Not discussing about the previous miscarriages or other kinds of pregnancy related problems.
  • Not getting any result from other medical treatment.
  • When you find your case almost critical during 12-14 months of pregnancy.

What Are the Benefits of Cervical Cerclage?

There are so many benefits of Cervical Cerclage which you can consider before having a procedure. Some of them are –

the anatomy of a pregnant woman
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  • It prevents you from critical situation such as preterm labor.
  • It helps you to protect from a weakened Cervix.
  • It helps you to let your fetus at its original place.


Due to weakened (incompetent Cervix), many pregnant women face a serious problem. They don’t even know what to do in this situation and accidentally do something which can lead to the treatment procedure “Cervical Cerclage.” Now, a question arises in your mind: what are the main things not to do after cervical Cerclage, or how can you prevent yourself from weakened (incompetent Cervix)? 

So, we have collected words to describe cervical Cerclage and other things related to this medical procedure. Hope our blog will help you from suffering from an incompetent Cervix and prevent premature birth.