5 Best Outfits for Women Over 40

outfits for women over 40
Image Credit: Cyndi Spivey

Getting lost in fashion with time is one of the everyday things for women who are over 40. However, you still want to taste the new dresses that can change your look in a few minutes. Even though you don’t look like your old self, you can still show your charm through trending outfits. If we look around, we will learn about new outfits we have never heard of. There is no doubt that all these available options are the best outfits for women over 40 years old. 

But a sudden question comes to make an unlikely scenario, do these outfits look good on me? If a question like this stops you from trying some new outfits, then you can read complete information about that. After that, you can decide and choose accordingly.

Outfits for Women Over 40 That Suit the Best

An outfit that can reflect your personality more than your words is special for every woman over 40 years old. You do even search around for the best one, but you find nothing which can catch your interest. Then try these below-mentioned outfit trends that can change your look again like a 20-year-old girl.

Chambray Shirt Dress and Wedges

When you get older, your style and dress sense become more tasteless, which can ruin your day when you go out. So save yourself from this situation by trying Chambray Shirt Dress and Wedges. This dress combination with accessories is quite trending among older women, especially those who prefer comfort. But the thing which makes it an exceptional outfit is that it hides your imperfect body shape. 

If you are into loose-fitting dresses, then this outfit is an absolute option for you. To make it a stunning outfit, you can include a belt and heels in your combination. But remember that this outfit is mainly designed for summer purposes. So choose a summer collection with vibrant color wedges. That way, you look more beautiful than ever before.

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chambray shirt dress
Image Credit: A Southern Drawl

Moreover, Chambray is a outfit that comes in different color patterns for different skin colors. So, select a color according to your choice, but better consider your skin color. It is because the opposite color pattern matches well with skin color.

Ruffled Shirt 

Did you know that a Ruffled Shirt Dress is counted as one of the best outfits for women over 40? The ruffled shirt works well with denim or mom jeans or even with skirts to make you look more shiny and confident. But remember that you need to make a pairable combination with a ruffled shirt because it is limited to certain combinations. For example, select heels or shoes to match the combination. Try to make it unique and a single dress code outfit. If possible, don’t mess with your choice when it comes to fashion. It will ruin the first impression of your outfit.

outfits for women over 40
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Casual Spring Dress

Spring does not only come with its own seasonal outfits but also covers summer and winter fashion trends too. And it is one of the best seasons for women over 40 years old, which lets them shine again like a diamond.

A casual Spring Dress is a mixture of three different seasons, summer, spring, and winter. It means you can put on this outfit with other casual dress combinations as well. Through that, they can live their boring life as a top-class fashion icons. To make this dream come true, you need to put on a sleeve tee which should be reasonable in length and heavyweight. But remember that this sleeve tee must be worn under a sleeveless dress so that you can feel confident and comfortable.

casual spring dress
Image Credit: Doused in Pink

Apart from that, you can add light-color jackets such as suede moto jackets. It is an optional choice, so it does need to be in your outfit. But if you want to add more charm, then add a jacket too.

Leather Jacket Outfit

As we all know, a leather jacket is one of the most considerate options for women who like to hear wow in their life. That is all because monochromatic color with a shiny touch and bold look make a leather jacket stand apart from other outfits.

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A leather jacket has many factors to consider, but one of the most important ones is it works well as layering for any outfit. So, you don’t need to think twice when you want to add some extra touch to your outfit.

outfits for women over 40
Image Credit: So Heather

Moreover, you can pair it with denim jeans and a white shirt to give you a mature plus girly look. Also, you can add heels or sneakers of your choice for a more classy plus modern look. But remember that the leather jacket looks much better if you layer it during the spring season’s fashion trends. That way, your leather jacket outfits for women over 40 years old make a good impression in the crowd.

Striped Sweaters And Ankle Length Trousers

Go for Striped Sweaters with Ankle Length Trousers if your body suits you. This outfit combination is one of the best outfit fashion trends for women over 40 years old. That is because of its tight or standard fitting with comfort-focused design. Also, you can wear them at any stage of your life, even in your 50s, 60s, and so on. It makes them quite demanding among mature women.

Striped Sweaters And Ankle Length Trousers
Image Credit: Not Dressed As Lamb

The striped sweaters and ankle-length trousers help you to leave behind your over-the-size clothing sense. And change your outfit sense like a 20-year-old girl. This is good, especially if you are over 40 years old. But now, you can live your new life with this fantastic outfit combination which has a perfect fitting for your perfect body.


Changing an old and boring life into a new and exciting one is not easy, but not impossible either. This point is quite valid for women who are looking for some change in life. The change also includes your dressing sense too. It is crucial, especially for those old age women who want to walk beside their husbands and children. And want to match their rhythm by following new fashion trends. However, it is only possible if you try the above-mentioned options, which are special outfits for women over 40 years old. All these outfit options will give you an aesthetic look even when you choose them for casual purposes.