8 Amazing Places to Go in the Bahamas

Amazing Places Go Bahamas

Are you considering a trip to the Bahamas? If so, you won’t want to miss out on some of the amazing places to go in bahamas.

If you’ve never visited the Bahamas before, choosing attractions and activities can be overwhelming. Let us inspire and guide you by sharing some of the most amazing places to go in the Bahamas!

1. Cable Beach

One of the first things you’ll want to do upon arriving in the Bahamas is find a beautiful beach to relax on. Cable Beach could be the ideal option. It features a unique blend of solitary shores and popular tourist spots.

2. Port Lucaya Marketplace

Before you leave the Bahamas, you’ll want to ensure you bring home a few conversation-worthy souvenirs. One of the most affordable and safest markets for travelers is the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Not only can you find handmade goods and budget-priced gifts here, but you can also stop for a snack. What treasures will you bring home with you?

3. John Watling’s Distillery

The Bahamas are known for having a laid-back lifestyle and frame of mind. You can cater to your island thirst by visiting John Watling’s Distillery and enjoying one of their educational tours. Sipping some rum is recommended.

4. Aquaventure Water Park

Travelers visiting the Bahamas with their family members (particularly young children or teenagers) might not have the most fun at a distillery. But Aquaventure Water Park could save the day.

This sun-drenched water park is perfect for families, kids, and teens. There are enough slides, attractions, and dining options to keep the whole family happy all day long. And you could save by choosing a special offer!

5. Pig Beach

There are plenty of creatures you might expect to see swimming around in the blue waters surrounding the Bahamas. But there’s a good chance that you’re not expecting to see a pig.

Pig Beach gets its name from the crowd of darling pigs and piglets that visit its shores. Visitors and locals alike have taken to swimming and sunbathing with these non-native porkers, and you can too!

6. Café Matisse

There’s nothing quite like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of a jam-packed vacation. Too often, we tire ourselves out while on vacation, necessitating another vacation when we get home.

Before you find your head spinning with local landmarks and fun attractions, take a moment to enjoy some peace at Café Matisse. This high-class cafe serves lunch and dinner in several decadent dining areas.

You can enjoy freshly caught and expertly prepared seafood, mouthwatering Italian dishes, and slow-cooked lamb entrees. Not to mention, of course, a glass (or bottle) of some of the finest wines in the Bahamas.

7. Clifton Heritage National Park

Hoping to enjoy a more natural or historical side of the Bahamas? If so, you won’t want to skip Clifton Heritage National Park. This massive preserve is home to a blend of historical artifacts and natural wonders.

You can choose between a Heritage Tour and a Snorkeling Tour, or you can play it by ear. Still, you’ll be sure to enjoy your stroll around this lush park, and you may even spy a few tropical birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

8. Blue Holes National Park

Adventurers with a taste for the exotic might find themselves feeling a little bored while visiting Clifton Heritage National Park. Are you yearning to see a slightly more remote glimpse of Bahama’s natural wonders? Visit Blue Holes.

Blue Holes National Park is located on Andros, the largest and least developed island in the Bahamas. You’ll need to hire a boat to reach the park. Once you arrive, you’ll understand where the park name originates. 8 Amazing Places to Go in the Bahamas.

Choosing Places To Go in the Bahamas

When choosing places to go in the Bahamas, it’s almost always a good idea to pick attractions and sights close to your hotel or accommodation. It’s also a good idea to budget your trip before booking. 8 Amazing Places to Go in the Bahamas.

Before you confirm that flight and start perusing local restaurants, you’ll want to review some helpful vacation rental tips to keep your trip affordable, safe, and a ton of fun.

Where To Stay in the Bahamas

Choosing where to stay in the Bahamas can be challenging, as there are hundreds of budget-priced hotels and hostels and dozens of five-star resorts and luxury accommodations. You could even rent a private island!

To pick the best possible lodging option for you and your party, you’ll need to consider your:

  • Budgetary Restrictions
  • Personal Preferences
  • High-Priority Amenities

For example, if you’ve set yourself a $600 budget for your entire stay in the Bahamas, you’ll likely want to select an affordable room with basic amenities. A hotel, hostel, or bed and breakfast might work for you.

Travelers on a tight budget might want to consider the Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina. They often have special offers, helping save you money. Additionally, this hotel looks and feels like an opulent, tropical resort.

However, if you’re ready and willing to spend upwards of $1,000 for accommodation during your vacation, you might be able to indulge your more luxurious preferences and whims.

In this case, The Royal at Atlantis could be a dream come true. This Marriott hotel has a four-star price but a five-star selection of amenities, rooms, attractions, and dining options. What’s not to love?

Things To Do in the Bahamas

There are about a hundred or so things you could do while visiting the Bahamas. That said, most folks visit because they’re attracted to the:

  • Gorgeous white-sand beaches
  • The diverse selection of boat tours
  • Abundant snorkeling and diving opportunities
  • Exquisite tropical and international cuisines
  • Breathtakingly beautiful island tours
  • Palatial luxury resorts and villas
  • Unique history and culture of the Bahamas

Consequently, the best things for you to do while visiting depend on your interests, party size, and budget. If you’re a solo traveler with plenty of cash to spend, you might want to enjoy each of the above attractions.

However, if you’re arriving with a group of people and keeping an eye on your budget, you might want to select three or four activities and focus on those. After all, the Bahamas may be beautiful, but they’re seldom cheap.


Visit These Amazing Bahamas Destinations Soon

There are dozens of places to go in the Bahamas, but we picked out the top eight to help you curate the perfect tropical vacation. No matter what kind of tropical experience floats your boat, you’re bound to have fun!

But before you book your tickets and head out, you’ll want to consider lodging options, attractions, and prices. If you enjoyed this travel article, be sure to check out our related travel news today!