Anna Delvey Boyfriend, Frauds, Income & Her Life

Anna Delvey Boyfriend

Well known con artist and fraudster Anna Sorokin, popularly known as Anna Delvey had cheated and obtained money from many rich-class people. She loves a luxurious lifestyle and fraud is the main cause for her income of millions. She pretended to be a wealthy German heiress and made her way to a lavish life. We will discuss Anna Delvey Boyfriend, frauds, income, her personal life and how she went from rags to riches.

Who is Anna Delvey?

32-year-old Anna Delvey is a Russian with full name Anna Vadimovna Sorokina and Anna Sorokin. She is famous as Anna Delvey, it is her nickname which was used by her in frauds and thefts. She was born on 23rd of January in 1991 and brought up in Domodedovo, Moscow (Russia). Her father was a truck driver and had a small heating and cooling business. Her mother is a housewife. Anna Delvey pretended to be a wealthy heiress but she was born in a poor family, maybe that was the reason for her desire to become rich and have all the luxury in her life that she could never afford. She was always interested in business and money making and it led to her being the owner of millions. She not only obtained money from big people but also cheated her own friends. We will talk about Anna Delvey Boyfriend and how she made all that money in the next section.

Anna Delvey Boyfriend


‘Only Money Matters’ is the motto of Anna Delvey as she has done everything to get money. Not only frauds but also made money out of her prison sentence in which she had to serve for 12 years. Later she got bailed after serving for just two years. When many complaints were made against her and an investigation happened, she had to present herself in front of a jury at the court. She started showing tantrums to wear her branded outfits instead of prisoner dress which she hated. Anna wanted to live that lavish lifestyle like high class people and this became her passion to earn the money as much as possible.

Anna had defrauded her own friends and people who trusted her with their money. She wore branded outfits and showed up at high class events to get noticed by those people in order to lure them and then obtain their assets.

She would invite these people for a night at restaurants or clubs and then pretend to forget her wallet at home to make them pay for her meals, dresses or anything she would buy. Considering the fact that she was a German rich heiress, this led them to believe that they should make good relations with her.

Net worth

Based on her income source, she is estimated to be earning around $60 Million USD. She made these millions from frauds, scams, cheating friends and acquaintances. Even though she had paid all her debt to the banks and people she scammed, Anna still got enough money to live off and fulfil her desire to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Nowadays, she is selling NFTS and her paintings which she painted during her sentence. She named her Art exhibition shows ‘Free Anna Delvey’ and ‘Allegedly’.

Public is already curious about her and now this is helping her make enough money. She is followed by over 1 Million followers on Instagram where she promotes her art, NFTs and promotes the brands she had signed a deal with.

She has invested in Real estate and has many assets.

Is Anna Delvey Boyfriend the same in both reality and fiction?

This question has been asked by the audience after watching the netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’ which is based on the real life of Anna Delvey. In the fictional show, her boyfriend is Chase Sikorski but he was not a real person in her life. In reality, Anna Delvey boyfriend is Hunter Lee Soik as mentioned by her in exchange for $10,000. She posted on her Instagram story update about revealing her real boyfriend if the media outlets pay her $10k or more. As we all know how she is a money minded person, Anna is trying to make money after bail from her life.

Anna Delvey Boyfriend

Inventing Anna

Anna Delvey is considered to be a fraudster who had stolen money from many high status people. There’s even a series on her frauds and personal life. Inventing Anna was released while she was still serving the sentence in prison. She was paid to sell her story for this series. The director approached her to ask permission from her regarding use of her story and make it a fictional show. Anna Delvey allowed it in exchange for money and she was glad that she would have her own show as it eventually helped her gain fame and name. Inventing Anna is a series on how she started to do frauds and scam by hiding her identity and pretending to be a rich heiress. She would go to lavish places and find rich people to make contacts, they would gain their trust and obtain discreet details regarding their business, bank, family and money. Next she would make plans to loot them and go somewhere else to hide herself. She cheated a lot of people for money and property. In reality, her family belonged to the lower class and her father was a truck driver with a heating and cooling business.

Even after the revelation of her crimes, she is getting a show inspired from her life, selling art, making money and investing. Anna Delvey is still winning in her life. She has a history of defrauding people but still it doesn’t affect her life and money is still coming her way.