Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 | Is the sequel possible?

tell me your secrets season 2

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is expected to happen but there is no official announcement or news about when it will happen. The first season of Tell Me Your Secrets was liked by people due to its plot and characters. This series has a lot of plot twists and mystery behind each character which creates suspense and excitement in the mind of the audience. Read further to know everything related to this series.

About the Series

Tell Me Your Secrets is a Thriller suspense drama which involves around three who have a troubling past and a lot of mystery. Emma once witnessed a murder and looked in the eyes of the killer, John is a serial rapist who is desperate to get redemption from his sins and Mary is a mother who lost her daughter and is still grieving and trying everything to find her missing daughter. Even though we get introduced to these characters and get to know about their past, there are still a lot of plot twists going on which confuse and excite the audience at the same time. We can’t understand who is the real victim or perpetrator.

Season 1 of Tell Me Your Secrets ended with a cliffhanger and many puzzles unresolved. It has a total of 10 episodes: Once I Had a Love, Burn Me When I’m Gone, Someone Worse Than Me, I Don’t Know You, I Got Here By Myself, I’m a Good Person, Now You See Me, Be Mine, Gotcha and The Dead Come Back. Last episode ‘The Dead Come Back’ left us all with some questions as some characters turn out to be villains and mystery left with the ending. Now with the suspense, it is hard to predict who is the real antagonist of the series. This is the reason for the hype about its sequel. One thing that we know is, Theresa Barlow disappeared at the last moment and there has been news about  teenage girls getting kidnapped by someone. Who is the kidnapper and what is his real intention? Everything will be cleared in the next instalment. Do not try to find spoilers and ruin your excitement.

tell me your secrets season 2

Characters of tell me your secrets

If you are watching Tell me your secrets series for the first time, you should get familiar with its characters :

Emma Hall, Mary Barlow, John Tyler, Peter Guillory, Rose Lord, Jay Abellard, Jake Barlow, Kit Parker, Theresa Barlow, Tom Johnston, Diana Lord, Bodie Lord, Jess Cairns, Saul Barlow and Adam.

About all these characters, one thing that you should know is to never trust anyone and this mind boggling series has plot twists. No one can verify between villain and protagonist.

Emma Hall has been the ex-girlfriend of a serial killer and she even went to jail in order to save him. She witnessed a murder and assault and that experience left her with mental trauma, sometimes leading her to hallucinate things. Meanwhile, Mary Harlow is trying everything to find her missing daughter and there is no clue about her. It means either she was killed or kidnapped by someone. John Tyler who committed a rape is looking for ways to get rid of his sins. All these characters are interconnected to each other. That is why fans are dedicated towards the next season of this series.

Possibility of Season 2

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is still in discussion. There are many predictions about its release. Since there is no revelation from the cast of Tell Me Your Secrets on their social media handles, we cannot say that the sequel of the series is confirmed. This series is streamed on Amazon Prime Video which is responsible for its sequel release and news but there is no announcement from Amazon so we should wait a little more. Speculations about its sudden release to surprise the fans and keeping everything secret to avoid details leak and piracy which has been circulating on the internet.

tell me your secrets season 2

If these are true then we can expect all cast members to join in the sequel. Same cast member in the Season 2 means that the story will continue from where it was left with a cliffhanger. But if the cast members change, it is likely to be a new season with a new storyline. The genre of  Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is Thriller and Suspense. This genre is known to create a kind of fear and thrill in the mind of the audience and they feel like finding more and more about it. No wonder people are waiting for its sequel already as everything is left with a cliffhanger. Now they want all the answers. You will find several plot twists in next season.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 is soon to be released on online streaming platforms, so wait for it and rewatch the first season in detail before watching the sequel. This way, you won’t miss out on any suspense. While the plot is mind boggling, you need to be patient and alert to interpret the story and scenes. Makers of this show want you to put your mind here and get ready to get surprised with all plot twists.