Interesting Thanksgiving Movies for Kids & Adults both


There are many interesting Thanksgiving Movies for Kids and adults to enjoy watching while entering the world of these movies and exploring it.

As we all know, movies and TV series are one of sources of information and entertainment.

Why should you watch Thanksgiving movies?

We get to know about other cultures and people by watching movies. Kids are always curious about everything and want to know more and more. Parents can make them watch these movies and satisfy their curiosity.

Thanksgiving Movies for Kids, as well as adults, are not only based on comedy but also deep understanding of life. It’s just that both perceive things in their own way. While kids look for the fun side, adults look for lessons. Let’s read further to know about all the movies.

Thanksgiving Movies for Kids & Adults

Here are all Thanksgiving Movies for Kids and adults, they will get entertained and informed about new aspects of life. These movies are real-time as well as animated with a variety of genres.

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This movie is based on the novel of same title by Roald Dahl. Fiction, comedy and fantasy are its genres. The story follows as we get introduced to a young boy named Charlie Bucket and his family. They are poor and can only afford to eat boiled cabbage everyday. One day, an announcement was made for the chance to find a golden ticket in the chocolate manufactured by Willy Wonka and visit his Chocolate factory. Only five tickets were randomly packed among the number of chocolates. Charlie gets lucky along with four other kids and exciting things happen when they enter the factory.

Thanksgiving Movies for Kids
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2. Chicken Run

This Stop motion animation movie begins when we see Yorkshire Chicken Farm. All chickens will witness their end in the Turkey season. A prowess rooster comes into the scene to save his fellows by teaching them how to fly and planning everything to escape the farm and eventually their deaths. This movie is full of chaos and an interesting plot with many lessons.

3. Free Birds

This is a 3-D animated movie based on a turkey feast that happens during Thanksgiving. One turkey gets a chance to visit back in time to save all turkeys. It is his mission to save his ancestors from getting served on the plate on the night of Thanksgiving.

All turkeys try to save themselves from becoming the feast. This is full of adventure and comedy.

4. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This movie originated from the popular comic strip ‘Peanuts’. This is a 2-D animated movie from the 70s. The story begins when some friends of Charlie invite themselves to his house when he has to go to meet his grandmother and he only knows to make cereal and toast which isn’t enough for his friends. So his pet dog Snoopy decides to take the lead in cooking the meal for his friends in his own way.

5. Garfield’s Thanksgiving

This animated movie is based on Comic strip ‘Garfield’. On Thanksgiving, the diet instructor invites the owner of Garfield to his house, and Garfield has been put on a diet for his obesity. Garfield had an appointment with his veterinarian, but he tried to eat a delicious meal on the day of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Movies for Kids

6. Bridge to Terabithia

Two kids build a magical forest with their painting and imagination which is their escape from the sad life. Jesse Arons, who is good at painting, lives with his family in poor conditions. One day he befriends a new girl at his school named Leslie Burke. Later, both start to spend time in the forest and play there. But a tragedy happens.

7.The Turkey Bowl

On the day of Thanksgiving, some high school kids went to play a football game against the rival team. This is  a movie based on the comic genre. Main lead is a 30-year-old man who waited over 9 years to play in the turkey bowl but many unexpected things happen during the match during the turkey season.

8. Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

The Emmerson family visits the old, isolated town to meet aunt Cly. But the kids soon get bored without the internet connection and go to the old town. So they start to search for the Howling Hoodoo monster which threatens the whole town to confirm if it’s existence is fake or true.

9. Ratatouille

Remy, a rat, desires to become a chef. He is talented but being an animal restricts him from fulfilling his dream. Later he helps a boy named Linguini in cooking by hiding himself and instructing him on cooking Ratatouille. But later events take a turn and unexpected things happen in the process with danger to their secret revelation. This is a 3-D animated movie by Pixar.

Thanksgiving Movies for Kids

10. A Family Thanksgiving

Claudia, who is always busy at work, neglects her family. She ignores everyone from her parents to siblings. She is a selfish and ego filled character. One day, a magician appears out of nowhere and teaches her a lesson on Thanksgiving by using his magical powers. This movie is full of fun, chaos and lessons.

While Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays of the winter season, people love to spend their time doing something fun and memorable. This is the best time to spend time with your loved ones. Watching movies, eating delicious hot food and playing together is the best way to celebrate your Thanksgiving Day.