A healthy mind is a joy forever

healthy mind joy forever

When lockdown becomes a daily struggle

No doubt, many of us have cried out for ’help’ in these Covid-19  times. Working at home with the kids around, all alone without friends or despairing over the possible loss of income. Perhaps you have found relief with mental exercises, daily workout routines, healthy food suggestions and recipes. Just what one needs in times like these! But sometimes – when the positive vibes have left you or when maintaining a healthy brain becomes increasingly important – another aid to ease your brain and offer to soothe is needed. And then …. hemp oil could step in! Read about how healthy mind is joy forever.

Hemp and its Comeback

Hemp oil is made from the hemp plant. Although being used in China and Europe, hemp went completely out of fashion some decades ago and it was made illegal in many parts of the world. Especially, because of its supposedly mind-altering effect like its cousin marijuana. In the past decade, however, the plant – Cannabis sativa –has become increasingly popular as an alternative raw material to plastic, cotton, fossil fuels and other materials that damage Mother Earth.

Multifunctional & Biological

Hemp can be used as food, as building material, in cosmetics and clothing. As to sustainability, it also has many advantages, such as:

●        It needs little water and no pesticides to grow abundantly like a weed.

●        It takes up relatively little space and it is biodegradable.

●        Hemp crops give back to the soil by returning nutrients and removing carbon dioxide.

Hemp oil and its mental health benefits

In the past decades, an entirely new wellness supplement based on hemp has started to conquer the world: Hemp Oil. According to information on Cibdol.com, this product is considered to boost many areas of well-being by just a few drops of its oily substance. The active components in hemp oil have proven to give positive effects on the balancing of our systems. This means that we are better capable of dealing with the challenges of modern life – such as COVID-19.

Less pain, No worries

No doubt hemp oil is here to stay, because of its amazing effects on mental health. First of all, research shows that hemp oil can relieve depression and anxiety. It even helps to fight social anxiety and public speaking anxiety. However, CBD oil gets the most attention thanks to its ability to reduce pain. And for those of us who have trouble in getting to sleep … hemp oil might just be your answer to a good night’s rest! Caused by hemp’s ability to reduce the anxiety and worries that keep you awake.

Cibdol ‘gold standard’ hemp oils

Cibdol is the major – Switzerland-based – provider of hemp oil in Europe. The 100% natural Cibdol oils are made from the best parts of European hemp. The hemp oils are offered in a wide choice of concentrations. Enabling some people to enjoy the milder impact of a low concentration formula, whereas others may benefit from maximum strength oils. Whatever wellness needs you have, Cibdol and hemp oil helps you to feel at your best!