What’s the Best Time to go to San Antonio?

Best Time to go to San Antonio

San Antonio is a city in Texas with a significant colonial era and Spanish history, which goes back to the late 17th century when it was founded as a Spanish outpost city. Today San Antonio is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, museums, nature reserves and basketball enthusiasts. Read this article to know about the best time to go to San Antonio.

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Best things to do in San Antonio, TX

The Alamo

Also called Misión San Antonio de Valero – it is a Roman Catholic Spanish mission operated in the 18th century and was also the site of the Battle of Alamo. The best place for history-buffs to visit today, the Alamo is a museum showcasing the rich historical artifacts, texts, and architecture that defined Texas then.

SeaWorld San Antonio

The largest SeaWorld park of the three – spans a mammoth 250 acres and houses water theme park rides, marine animal rescue and observation areas, and education hubs. SeaWorld San Antonio’s highlight is the Dolphin, Beluga Whale and Sea Lion shows, water skiing live entertainment, and various roller coaster rides in the park.

Historic Market Square

Want to shop a whole lot of traditional or hallmark Mexican goodies? Market Rescue is to your rescue – you can visit multiple shops to buy Mexican attires, spices, exotic vegetables or fruits, and artifacts. Market Square also hosts many Mexican restaurants and street food joints – it is the annual Cinco De Mayo site in the city.

Where should you eat in San Antonio?

Now, just like most other places across the U.S., San Antonio is a foodie’s paradise too. Here are some of the places you need to check out.

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

You’ll be amazed by the beautiful decor, ambient setting and phenomenal food at this Brazilian food outlet – it is described as one of the best places to eat in Texas. What should you try here? Some of the most popular dishes are grilled beef & pork, the classic Latino salad, and red wine – you should also order a dessert.

The Guenther House

Head over to this outlet addressed at 205 E Guenther Street – you’ll love the specialty Tex-Mex cuisine and classic American dishes. Guenther House features a lively decor; order the best dishes here for the best experience – Tex-Mex grilled chicken, baked potatoes and waffles for dessert.

Where should you stay in San Antonio?

Hotel Contessa

Hotel Contessa is a humongous 4-star hotel in the city centre and close to the Alamo Mission. The hotel features premium comfort suites with all the necessary amenities. Other features of the hotel include a swimming pool area, spa, and a fitness area. The per-day rates range between $100-$200.

Hotel Indigo

Located opposite the Riverwalk in San Antonio – you get beautiful views of the river in comfort suites equipped with a terrace. Hotel Indigo also has a swimming pool, in-house dining area plus bar, and proximity to the airport. The per-day rates range between $100-$200.

What else can you do in San Antonio, Texas?

  • San Antonio Riverwalk – enjoy the food at several eateries located here with beautiful river views.
  • Six Flags Fiesta – a famous amusement park, featuring many rides.
  • Tower of the Americas – the scenic views of San Antonio are incredible from here.
  • San Antonio Museum of Art – Interested in art and history? You know where to go next.
  • San Fernando Cathedral – A historic church blessing you with peaceful vibes.


The historic city – San Antonio should be on top of your travel list this year – it has everything to offer, historic district, amusement park, nature reserves, cultural Mexican and Spanish shopping areas, museums, and excellent places for a feast.

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