What Are Vape Mods? Your Guide to Upgrading Your Vape

what are vape mods

Did you know that 20% of Americans between 18 and 29 years of age use vaping products? Vaping has rapidly become a worldwide trend!

But are you one of those who recently turned to vape smoking and are now considering upgrades to the next viable vape or mod on the market?

The majority of people begin vaping with a regular vape pen. They’re quick and straightforward to use, and they’re a perfect way to get started with vaping. However, they are not short-lived, and you will more than likely want to upgrade to vape mods.

What are vape mods? If you’re curious about the different ways to upgrade your vape, here is a helpful guide to get you started.

What Are Vape Mods?

Mods change the way you vape. A knowledgeable vaper will refer to their whole setup as a ‘vape mod.’ However, understanding how mods function and using them to their full extent does necessitate some learning.

One of the most remarkable features of vape mods is that they don’t need electrical current to vaporize, enabling the battery to fire the coil at the desired temperature every time. You can make big clouds of smoke as well as a range of flavors this way!

5 Vaping Upgrades You Need to Make

Buying the best vape mods on their own means that you can fully configure your vape. You can select the attachments that come with your mod instead of a full kit. The first and most important mod is:

1. The Box Mod

The box mod is the first mod you need. It is going to serve as the foundation for anything else you do. Hundreds of new box mods have been released, but they are all quite similar. Box mods now have a functionality that allows you to change the temperature using a small LED screen.

Also, box mods normally allow you to choose from a wide range of high-caliber batteries to prolong your vaping experience by hours.

2. The Sub-Ohm Tank

The sub-ohm mod has a major effect on the volume of the smoke clouds you generate and the vapor’s taste. A sub-ohm tank makes your coils heat faster, which in turn burns up your e-liquids more quickly and efficiently.

Sub-ohm tanks also have bigger liquid capacities; they regulate the airflow and allow you a greater chance to influence your unit’s pull.

3. Atomizers Unit

The atomizer you get should be matched with your sub-ohm tank. The atomizer is going to change the way you structure your coils.

The right atomizer will let you start vaping in a new way and open up new possibilities for creative builds.

4. The Coils

The sort of coils you use will affect almost everything about your vape. It can be from the consistency of the taste to the amount of smoke produced. Choosing the best coils is of vital importance.

5. Made to Order Vape Juice

Using your own personalized vape juice is the final component of the ultimate vape. Sure, there are tons of flavors to choose from, but there are better ways to mix them to create something exceptional for you.

Creating personalized vape juice also helps you to adjust the way your fluid flows into your vape device.

Take the Plunge!

Now you know what are vape mods, you can enter the community of experienced vapers around the globe.

Start with a new box mod and customize your new unit with a decent sub-ohm tank and atomizers to give you the advantage.

That, in a nutshell, is what you need to know about your next vape upgrade!

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