10 Exciting Things to do in Catalina Island

Things to do in Catalina Island
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Islands are the place that everyone wants to visit. But we all are looking for those islands where everyone gets to indulge in lots of activity. The name is Catalina Island. This place will pave your heart with the things to do in Catalina Island.

So visit the complete blog and make your next trip to fly to enjoy yourself with family and friends. 

10 Exciting Things to do in Catalina Island

In this list, you will find the places and make them more exciting for your vacation. This island will blow your mind with its diverse activity available. So, check on the list now for making your next getaway now. 

1. Descanso Beach Club: Get Relaxing Atmosphere

One of the most tranquil spots on Santa Catalina Island is the Descanso Beach Club.

The Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island is a private beach and cove that offers a wide variety of romantic and tranquil activities.

While the city’s famed nightlife gets all the attention, basking in the California sun in a paradise with all the amenities isn’t half bad, either.

Outdoor activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and the world-famous Zip Line Tour at Descanso Beach Club are some of the most exciting things to do there.

The Pavilion Hotel is a blend of modern luxury and quaint island style, perfect for those staying at the Descanso Beach Club.

Almost all rooms feature a balcony, where you can bask in the sun’s rays or gaze at the starry sky anytime.

The Descanso Beach Club, is one of the best places to include in things to do in Catalina Island. It is a beautiful choice for those seeking a lifetime vacation.

2. Catalina Island Golf Carts: Enjoy Aerial view

If you’re at a loss for what to do today for entertainment, I promise you’ll enjoy this.

The availability of Golf Carts that seat four makes exploring the island a little more appealing.

If you want to spend the weekend killing time or discovering your favourite part of the island, you absolutely must do this, even if it means splurging on a cart that seats six.

Since there is so much to see on Catalina Island, it may be worth considering renting a Golf Cart rather than relying on other modes of transportation.

3. Catalina Island Casino: Gaming Mode On 

Even after three generations, the Catalina Island Casino looks as good as ever.

Catalina Island Casino, which first welcomed visitors in 1929, is a significant landmark and a must-see for any vacationer.

The Catalina Island Casino not only provides a warm welcome in the form of social events, but it is also one of the most romantic things to do on the island if you happen to be there with your significant other.

There’s no better place to get some cuddle time than at the movies, but if sightseeing is more your speed, you can always schedule a “Behind the Scenes” tour.

The Catalina Island Casino features high ceilings and tiled murals that create an artistic atmosphere.

Owned by the Wrigleys, the stunning ocean vista from the Casino is hard to beat on a bright, sunny day.

4. Parasail Catalina: Experience the Adventure

Things to do in Catalina Island
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The Catalina Island Parasailing Adventure is one of the best activities on the island and costs between $25 and $80.

There’s nothing quite like the rush of flying over the California grassland at 600–800 feet in altitude, but there’s also a lot to see when you look down at Santa Catalina Island from above.

The uniqueness of that experience stands on its own for visitors looking for things to do in Catalina Island.

5. Bison Expedition: Breathtaking View

In general, a trip to California, especially Santa Catalina Island, does not leave you wanting things to see and do.

Yes, going out to the beach and bars will always be on the agenda, but when was the last time you went on a Bison Expedition?

Even though it’s a well-known destination, it’s often the best option. It would be best if you know your needs on the island.

Explore the island’s natural wildlife and breath-taking scenery behind a convertible Hummer.

Catalina Island’s drier, windier terrain is a great place to practise exploring California’s natural beauty.

As impressive as it is to get up close and personal with the Bison and other wildlife of the dry lands, the descent back into Avalon is one of the most breath-taking sights in all of California.

6. Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden: Honourable History

Next things to do in Catalina Island is located in Avalon Canyon, the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden, that was created as part of a trail honouring William Wrigley Jr.

Many rare and endangered plant species call this 38-acre expanse of lush meadows home.

One of the most successful men in history, William Wrigley Jr., is commemorated by a tower that houses the actual Wrigley Memorial.

7. Catalina Island Helicopter Tour: Fly High Now

Things to do in Catalina Island
Image Credit: IEX Helicopter

The scenery of Santa Catalina Island, however, always impresses me.

Take a helicopter ride around Catalina Island and let the breath-taking scenery of California wash over you.

Channel Island is home to dolphins and whales, and you can see them up close as you soar over the island’s rugged landscape and learn about its fascinating past.

If you’re looking for things to do on Catalina Island or trying to find a variety of attractions to include in your itinerary, the Helicopter Tour should be near the top of your list.

8. Mt Ada: Book to Enjoy the Stay

Mount Ada, once the residence of William Wrigley Jr., is another well-known landmark & major point in your bucket list of things to do in Catalina Island.

It has been transformed into a six-room bed and breakfast catering to affluent tourists.

If you want to stay at Mt. Ada during the busy summer and spring seasons, you should look for a reservation well before your desired arrival date.

The ex-mansion at Mt. Ada is quite the spectacle, and it is possible to see it even if you are not staying there.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the Inn welcomes island visitors to a special brunch or lunch dining experience open to the general public.

9. Luau Larry’s: Time To Get the Drinks

Things to do in Catalina Island
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After all, a tiki bar is an essential feature of any island off the California coast.

Luau Larry’s will bring you back to earth with good food and great drinks after experiencing all the island’s magnificent attractions.

You’ll be able to satisfy your cravings for home-cooked meals by ordering from a menu full of standard bar fare.

If you go to Luau Larry’s, you must try the “Wiki Wacker,” a rum-based drink that is a house specialty.

The best part of things to do in Catalina Island is that after engaging in naughty Wiki Wackers behaviour, you’ll be rewarded with a palm frond, letting your fellow beachgoers know that you’ve been having fun.

10. The Avalon Ball: A Stunning Ballroom Experience

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles hosts the dazzling Avalon Ball once a year.

When it was still strong, the Avalon Ball at the Catalina Island Casino Ballroom could fit 3,000 dancers to the floor and feature performances by legendary musicians.

The ritual is still performed regularly, albeit under a more subdued lighting scheme.

This recreation of 1920s activities is a must-see for anyone travelling to Santa Catalina Island in search of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The total area is around 10,000 square feet, so ramp it up if you want to make it through the event without passing out!

Let’s Wrap Now…

Things to do in Catalina Island are much more than the ones mentioned in the list. So here you will get the best of the reasons to visit the place once in your lifetime.