Top online casinos with slots that accept pay by phone deposits


The rating of online casinos that accept phone payments takes into account a lot of parameters. Experts also suggest taking a look at the reasons why the club does not pay money. It will help you find the best site with video slots.

Why a casino operator fails to pay out winnings

Gambling clubs from top online casinos that accept pay by phone deposits try to attract new players and force registered users to deposit more money. While deposit problems are rare, withdrawals of winnings are often delayed or not paid out at all. The following text discusses the reasons why a gambling site refuses to make payouts and whether it is legitimate.

Fraud by the casino

While the user loses money on the platform, he accrues various bonuses and increases his status in the loyalty program. The situation changes when a player decides to withdraw winnings that exceed the number of deposits made. The casino runs a lengthy verification process, meticulously checking passport and bank card details. Identification can take weeks.

Other common situations:

  • customer service says there has been a breach of the rules, without pointing to a specific point;
  • managers stop answering;
  • the account is blocked without being able to be restored.

The problem is that the player is virtually unprotected. Most casinos are licensed offshore by Curacao, which means that the user has to travel to the other side of the world to resolve problems.

Incorrect interpretation of the rules

Refusal of payment is often due to the misinterpretation of the rules by the players. For example, the user wants to withdraw the bonus without having wagered it first. Other reasons for payment refusal are:

  • the user has not been verified;
  • the withdrawal amount does not correspond to the limits set in the casino;
  • payment is requested for a tool that has not previously been used to fund the account;
  • the player uses unfair strategies or bugs in the system;
  • there are unplayed bonuses on the account.

Players are often unhappy with withdrawal fees. Some casino rules say that the user must pay up to 25% of the requested amount if the deposits made earlier were not fully scrolled.

How to get justice

The obvious way is to file a complaint with the regulator that issued the license. The problem is that casinos operate under documents from offshore zones. Representatives of Curacao certifying organizations are reluctant to start inspections.

The first step in solving a conflict situation is to contact the casino’s customer service and ask their representatives to explain the reason for the delay. If that does not help, you can leave feedback on specialized sites. Negative feedback affects the reputation of the casino, so the company’s representatives will try their best to persuade the customer to remove the negative comment.