Interesting audiobooks for Kindergartners


We have found the best audiobooks which are interesting as well as informative for Kindergarteners. list of Top-rated children’s audiobooks.

Audiobooks for Kindergarteners are available in various types: while some give new information to the kids, others create interest. As we already know how reading audiobooks for kindergarteners is beneficial; there are many types of audiobooks for kindergarteners which are proven to be best for their mental development. Here are the most informative books which are developed in an interesting way.

What is Audiobooks

As the name suggests, ‘Audio’ and ‘Books’. The books which can be listened to by you. Basically a person narrates the content written in the book and you listen to it without turning pages and physically holding the books. That’s why children love it. They can move freely and do any other work while listening to audiobooks. In their growth stage, they get to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with the help of audiobooks.

audiobooks for Kindergartners

How does Audiobooks help children?

Listening to Bedtime audio stories before sleeping helps children in a sound sleep. They get to listen to stories and remember them for a long time. If parents are busy with some work, audiobooks can substitute them and narrate the bedtime audiobooks. Kindergarteners are in their initial growth stage when they need to explore the world; audiobooks can help them explore and get familiar with the stories of inspiring people. Audio Books improve the listening skills of children. They become more attentive and alert while listening to the stories and guessing about what will happen next. A kind of interest develops among children when they hear the narrator, who uses intonation and an interactive tone. Children enjoy listening to stories a lot, and audiobooks help them. It is the best form of Entertainment.

Speaking skills develop from listening and trying to repeat the words of the narrator. Rather than using the big screen of a Smartphone or Computer, it is better for your child to switch it with audiobooks. As you do not have to hold your operating device while listening to the audiobooks, your child can focus on developing his communication skills. While listening to audiobooks, your child can do other activities like exercising, dancing, playing, eating or studying. Even for reading a book, you need to hold and turn the pages. Audiobooks save a lot of effort and time for your child. Your child can listen to stories with his friends too. A Best Group Get-together.

Best Audiobooks for Kindergartners

Children love to hear stories and these following audiobooks will match their interests.

1. Frog and Toad Audio collection

This is an audio collection of conversations, play, and adventures of a Frog and a Toad. They are friends and your kids will learn life lessons from them.

2. Matilda

Matilda is an intelligent girl who is neglected by her family and later she discovers about her Telekinesis abilities. She loves to read and also has the power of reading minds.

3. 10,000 Dresses

This audiobook begins with a sweet voice that narrates the story of a Trans girl who dreams of herself wearing beautiful and shiny dresses as she couldn’t do that before. This story will be a door to new aspects of life for your children.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is a story of a poor boy who gets the chance to visit a chocolate factory and become the owner. The narration is perfect with intonation and pleasant tone.

5. Magic Tree House Series

This audiobook is a collection of a Magic Tree House and its stories. The kids who play around this magic tree explore a new thing everyday and the tree helps them get out of trouble.

6. You Think It’s Easy Being The Tooth Fairy?

These kids in town are losing their teeth and finding a coin for it. A Toothfairy who is full of pride is doing this for fun. This story is full of adventure and plotwist with a fun element.

audiobooks for Kindergartners

9. The Book with No Pictures

This audiobook is based on the book of the same name. The Book with no Pictures has been narrated in a clever tone which compels the kids to think and guess what will happen next in the story. They get curious and improve listening and speaking skills.

10. How The Sea Became Salty

Written by Sudha Murthy and narrated by Neha Faraz, this is a story of the time when Sea used to be sweet and calm but something happens and it becomes salty.

11. Jataka Tales

Jataka Tales is an audiobook collection of stories in Buddhist folk tales of previous births of Gautama Buddha, nature, animals, humans, demons, saints and gods. It is narrated by Noor Inayat Khan.

12. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This audiobook tells the everyday story of a boy who wants to become popular among his schoolmates. He writes everyday in his diary about what happens there. It has a fun element, adventure and lessons.

Access to Audiobooks

To get access to free as well as paid audiobooks, you can search the following sources :

PBS Kids, Spotify, Storynory, Harper Kids, LibriVox, Story Seeds, Overdrive, Loyal Books, Storyline Online, K12 Read Aloud Classic App, Lit2Go, Sora, Audiobooks available on E-shopping App like Amazon, Your child’s school Library and Access the audiobooks website given in your child’s school books.