Work From Home Ideas for Indian Women’s – Becoming Atma Nirbhar


We live in a society that is becoming progressive in which men and women are equal. Women are intelligent, career-oriented, hard-working, ready to take challenges at any point. However, women entrepreneurship in India is very less as compared to the other countries. 

These handful of Indian business women’s (आत्मनिर्भर) are becoming role models and encouraging small town girls to think about their career very seriously. For Indian women, the first hurdle is to cross the social barrier and the second hurdle is finding the right opportunity for themselves.  

Obstacles for Indian Women’s in Stretching their Wings

India indeed is changing its view towards females, with education gaining more and more popularity. Still, Indian women face several obstacles in their entire life that become the major obstacles in stretching their wings of hope. Below are some of them, they are very serious and need to be watched out as soon as possible. 

Patriarchal Society

Whenever someone says anything about a developing country, the first thing which comes in the mind about Indian socio-culture is a patriarchal society. Patriarchy means a male dominant society where males are considered as the guardian for the females. 

Gender Discrimination

In any part of Indian, gender discrimination is very common. Boys have more priority than the girl, right from the early phase of their lives. The minds of Indian parents are very crystal clear, if you are a girl then you will get less education, priority, love, affection, etc. 

Old Thinking 

Even after so many years of independence, we are still stuck in the same old ways. The most common we have pointed on the above points, males are the guardians of family females, gender discrimination, considering women’s only for a domestic work machine, etc. 

Lack of Education 

With so many obstacles education becomes a minute thing in front of these. Those people who have a specific mindset towards a particular gender education is not a necessary thing. For them a girl will become demanding, corrupted if she gets educated. 

Before you get demotivated, let me clear one thing that Indian market is full of opportunity in every domain. Creating an outstanding idea and product does not ask about your gender, religion, society. 

Below are some reasons due to which some Indian women can not do a full-time job:

  • Health Issues
  • Inappropriate Job Location
  • Family Concerns
  • Corporate Office Insecurities
  • Child Care

We as a girl need to break all these types of shitty stereotypes and need to stretch our wings. Below is a few works from home ideas or you can say small business ideas for Indian women. 

We have divided these home business ideas into three categories:

Top 10 work From Home Ideas


I have classified this category by keeping your ability in mind, as it does not require any machine setup or any technology dependencies.

Home Tutor

Most of the Indian women are educated, due to some reason you have left the job or cannot do it. As we all know home tuition is in demand, you can become a home tutor to help a student who is struggling with the study and needs some guidance. Choose the subject on which you have good command over it. 

Kids in your locality will be perfect, as a teacher you will guide in the studies as well as for the future. 

Tiffin Service

If cooking is your passion and take it to the next level, then providing tiffin service will build your financial backbone. You can provide tiffin services to the offices and students at an affordable price. People are looking for home-cooked food instead of going for unhealthy, uncooked small restaurant food. The success of this business depends on your food taste, affordability, and availability. 

Try to find the area where it is most required, for this small business and students’ living area will be the perfect place. Pre-define the menu for the week so that it will not be so hectic for you. Like any other business, it also requires personal feedback and a real-time solution. 


This is perfect for those women who are moms. If your child’s go to school and you require another kid who needs care and attention, then babysitting is a perfect home based job for you. Due to this fast-paced life working parents find it very difficult to manage both home and office simultaneously. It gets worse when they have a small kid, these parents look for trusted and reliable persons to daycare their baby while they go for the office. If you love kids and looking for part-time earnings then babysitting is the perfect work for you. 

Cooking Classes

Several people want to learn the art of cooking. Most of the Indian women are experts in the art of cooking. If you have space in the home and have a gorgeous looking kitchen, then you can give professional cooking classes. You can create a course module and duration of it so that you will have a clear cut path on the cooking classes. 

Knowledge of varieties of dishes, spices, and the cooking method is the core of running a successful cooking class. I would suggest before going for the cooking classes, grab opinions from the neutral persons about your cooking style and taste. 

Laundry and Dry Clean Business

As we all know laundries are accessed by high-end customers. This is a perfect home-based business for you, it requires your day to day use washing machine. Laundry and dry cleaning are ideal for those costumes who have busy schedules. You can charge them according to per kg of clothes. Charge more for the items that require special attention and care during the wash. To be more competitive in this business you need to gain access by providing top quality services to your clients.   


These home-based businesses require some sort of machinery setup, but you do not need to worry as these machines are not expensive. The cost of machinery will be covered within 1-2 months and afterward, these businesses prove to be profitable. 

Scented Candle Making

Scented candles are required for special occasions, their aroma changes the essence of the environment. People, especially ladies, are crazier for the scented candles than the men. These scented candles create a romantic ambiance in the house, or you can say a refreshing mood. 

Starting a candle making business requires wax melting and a settling machine and thermometer is a must. For different aromas, you can buy essential oils at wholesale prices. 

Cake Baker

Who does not love freshly baked chocolate cake? If you have a passion for cake baking then you can turn this idea to home business. You can supply cake on several occasions like birthday parties, celebrations, appraisal parties, retirement parties, and so on. Always push yourself to learn new skills and implement them on your cakes, the best person to taste your cake is your family and friends. 

Defining a cake niche will give you an advantage and it will improve your skills. It will also help in building your brand. As the current market is all about the brand and its image, once you build it make sure to sustain it. 

Soap Making

The craze for organic products is increasing day by day. As we all know, the market is filled with harsh chemical soaps. People are concerned about their skin, what type of soap they are using. Organic soap comes as a savior for them, you can grab this opportunity to run your small organic products that include soap as well. Soap making requires less machinery and the profit margin associated with it is quite decent. 

Making organic soap requires a few ingredients. When you know the technique behind creating it then you will experiment with creating loads of different aromatic varieties. 

Handmade Crafts Selling

It is time for you to flaunt your handcraft products. Handmade products are in demand, it will be always profitable to sell your handcrafted items like juti, kurta, home decor items, daily use items, etc. Most of the people love carrying handcrafted items in their house as it compliments their living space. 

Sewing and Tailoring

The world is filled with branded clothes, but people in the local areas who cannot afford to wear Zara Kurti or jeans still wear tailored clothes. We have seen that in local areas people still prefer perfectly tailored clothes to flaunt their style. 

Sewing and tailoring require expert skill, but if you have passion in it then you can be a star tailor in your local area. If you have mastered sewing and tailoring and delivered a single awesome piece of design. Believe me, it will spread like a wildfire. You will not require to spend a penny on marketing yourself as mouth to mouth marking will work for you. 


Online Boutique Store

As we all know the world is getting digitized. People are now spending more time on the internet. They use it for performing several activities like social communication, online shopping, etc. Today the internet is filled with lots of online stores that are making shopping a hassle-free task, purchasing a product is just a few taps away. 

Fashion is the second most visited category after electronics. Selling fashion accessories online requires technical knowledge to set up an online store. For this, you will require a store domain name and hosting. After getting it you need to know which will be the best and easiest cms available. I would suggest going for the Shopify or WordPress as these are easy to use software for your online boutique store. You can easily manage things like:

  • Product image
  • Product variant
  • Price and Discount
  • Shipping Methods
  • The easy payment process and so on…

Graphic Designer

If you have expertise in graphic design, you can find freelance websites like,,, etc. Your font style, your graphics will be the way to communicate with your clients. There are several industries like website designing, magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, etc in a search for highly experienced graphic designers. 

It requires so much expertise in various graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Awesome looking output requires years of experience to achieve. 

Freelance Content Writer

If writing is your passion then you can become a freelance content writer. For some companies hiring a full-time content writer is sometimes expensive, to solve this they look for a part-time full solution. For this problem, freelance content writers come as a savior for them. The amount of payment varies according to the companies but you can charge them according to the per words written. It will entirely depend on you to choose the type of writing you go for, it can be academic, technical, or non-technical writing. 

The timing flexibility depends according to you, all you need to do is complete the work in the given time frame.

Makeup Artist

There is a huge demand for makeup artists, India is filled up with occasions. With the population over 1 billion, marriages are a common occasion. On these days the demand of a makeup artist rises. You can jump into the beautification business to kickstart your career. You can first choose a small beauty parlor course, which is not so expensive any housewife can pursue from her savings.  

Drawing and Sketching Classes

Drawing and sketching is an art, it requires skill and practice to do the mastery. Childhood dreams can become your passion by which you can earn some money. From kids to young adult people look for professional drawing and sketching classes. You may have also noticed that there will be few institutes or people that provide drawing and sketching classes. 


It is never late to turn your passion into your work. We have tried to list some very easy to do work from home ideas for Indian women. 

Time to become the financial backbone of your family

Time to Break all the Stereotypes

Time to Stretch your Wings

Time to Live your Passion