How to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair in 5 Best Ways

how to wear a scarf in your hair
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Are you going to meet someone and want to look beautiful? But you are already late and don’t have much time to manage everything. That is especially because of your messy hair, which will take so long to be tangle-free. How to escape in such situations? Would you use a scarf? How? If you do not know how to wear a scarf in your hair, then look at the section mentioned below. You will get an idea of different styles which can give you a great look on different occasions. 

How to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair

When it comes to hair, we can’t imagine how many style options are available to get a beautiful and eye-catching look. However, a special style option is available to turn your messy hair into a good-looking one. We call them a scarf, which just takes a few seconds to minutes and never bothers your appearance, even in the crowd. So, if you want to look unique and adorable, check out the style option to complete your day. 

Braid Tie

Braid Tie is one of the most unique and easy-to-make hairstyle options with a scarf, especially if you follow the right steps. You must first select a particular type of scarf, such as a silk scarf. After selecting the scarf, start binding it on the lower section of the ponytail and carry it forward and add it to one of the three main partitions of your braid. Do it until you complete all three partitions, and then end it at the bottom with special gird.

braid tie
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Bun Swirl

If you want to learn how to wear a scarf in your hair, especially when you are in a hurry, then use all the time favorite Bun Swirl style. It gives you a perfect look in any circumstance, even when you want to have a look of a messy top-knot girl. You can get this kind of look without much effort.

how to wear a scarf in your hair
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The best part about Bun Swirl is it can maintain the balance for ponytail and bun hairstyles. Maintaining the balance requires multiple wraps up around the bun or a single wrap-up for the ponytail. It depends on you what kind of look you want and for what occasion. However, if you want to have a good option, then you can use a long-length scarf or classic cotton bandana. Both of them are quite demanding among females, and they like to use them on almost all occasions.

The Grace Kelly Scarf

Grace Kelly is perfect for those females who like Babushka very much. It is because this scarf style will give you the same vibe as Babushka but never make the same appearance. All thanks to the uniqueness and comfortableness which make The Grace Kelly different from Babushka. 

According to the report, this scarf style was quite popular among old Hollywood stars, especially when they traveled around the world. They liked to carry the Grace Kelly scarf style for a while. It is because the scarf helps to maintain the particular hairstyle and also tries not to get ruined by natural calamity.

grace kelly scarf style
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To make this look, don’t use a small scarf as you use in Babushka. Try to find a big one. After finding the scarf, cover the back part of your head to the neck and tie the end of the scarf around the neck. That way, you look more beautiful than ever before.

Rose Scarf Half Knot

If you want to express your girly side more than you always do, then Rose Scarf Half Knot is the best present for you. This scarf style is usually based on the color or design pattern of the scarf and the hair color of the female. For example, rose-colored hair and a rose-colored scarf are best to make this style. It helps to bring out the attention of the crowd. All you need is a scarf and some hairpins. You can do it without hairpins, but it will not last long and get ruined easily, especially on windy days. Using hairpins gives you a stable look.

how to wear a scarf in your hair
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Are you curious to learn how to wear a scarf in your hair by using the Rose scarf half knot style? You need to make three sections of your hair. You can make a braid from that section and then hold it for a moment. Now, take your scarf and put it into the second section or middle section and cover it like a knot. After that, start making a regular French braid, and don’t forget to include hairs from the remaining two sections. Do this process until you complete the braid. And if you find that there are still some of the hairs not caught up in the braid, then add them to the end section of the braid through an elastic band. After that, wrap the braid like a rose and make a bun of that to get the exact look. And finish the scarf style with hair pins. 

The Minnie Mouse Style

Do you know how to wear a scarf in your hair like Minnie Mouse? Minnie Mouse is a famous character from the Mickey Mouse series, and her scarf style became popular among females. There is no doubt how amazing the Minnie Mouse scarf style is. It can give you a fresh look with a square scarf.

Minnie mouse scarf style
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To make the Minnie Mouse scarf style, you need a square scarf, brush, and blow dryer. All of these items are mandatory to get the exact look. Now, after gathering all the items, start washing your hair and letting them dry by using a blow dryer. And try to make them look softer than they usually do. Then take your scarf and make a band and place it at the back of your neck. Now, bind the ends of the scarf like a knot. The knot must look like Minnie Mouse’s scarf knot. And if possible, then try to leave its sides like hers to get the same look. That way, you get a funny and fresh look even on summer days.


Hair and scarf are two different kinds of things that give a perfect look when they style together. You can even get the look that you never expected. However, it can be possible only if you select a particular kind of scarf style that goes well with any type of hair. The scarf style can get the best look even with your messy hair. It can also adjust on any kind of occasion. But it is difficult if you don’t know how to wear a scarf in your hair, especially when it gets easily tangled up, messy, or has limited time. Follow an of the five ways to change your hair into adorable hair through a scarf.