Is He Cheating? Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You


Love is a bond between two people that with time goes deeper and more valuable than affection, lust, and attraction. When you are in a relationship with someone due to love, the relationship goal progresses with the bond between two soulmates. The definition of love is very complicated because the real thought and perception of people about real love vary. 

We have various ways to maintain a healthy relationship with our partner that will make him/her feel loved and cared for. But as we all know coins always have two sides, if there’s love then the word “Cheating” also exists. Like love, the word cheating has different meanings and it depends on whom you are asking. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, that is why it is so much difficult to bounce back after getting cheated. The sense of betrayal, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc are very common once you have been cheated by the person whom you loved the most on this planet. 

Whenever a man starts cheating his wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiance then there might be some reason behind it. He may be involved with others due to:

  • Physical need
  • Emotional need
  • Mentally
  • Just A Lust

There are several obvious signs that your man is cheating on you, all you need is to see it very closely. You might have several questions in your mind like:

Is My Husband cheating on me?

Is My Boyfriend cheating on me?

Is My Fiance cheating on me?

Is my husband, boyfriend or fiance is in love with other women?

Is he sexually involved with another girl?

If you are someone who is confused due to sudden change in the relationship from his end, then below are a few points to check out.

Mobile Phone Use Pattern – More on Calls, Conversation in Private 

You might have noticed that he is glued on the phone. Getting more calls than usual, always looking for the phone even at the special moment with you. Being in a relationship does not finish your privacy, even though you both know each other’s nature, but attending phone calls in a closed private room is more than the privacy. These are the red flags for you, if your husband, boyfriend or fiance is adopting this behavior for long. 

Deleting WhatsApp Messages or Call Records

This is very hard to detect but if you are smart then you can check it by sensing some patterns. Our mobile phones are now becoming smarter in terms of security if your man has added some sort of security checkpoint to access these basic apps. As our mobile phones have enough storage to store gigabytes of data, storing only some kb of data is not a big deal. If you find your man’s mobile phone has very clean data like, no WhatsApp messages or no call records then he might have left a trace of his crime. 

If your partner is deleting the recent conversation either via message or through call, then this is a clear sign that he is hiding something from you. 

Care About his Appearance and Looks

When you are in an established relationship, a sudden renewal of his appearance will sound weird. It is clear that with his new look, he is not going or even trying to impress you. He is now very conscious of what he wears and joined an expensive gym to lose weight. It is all a sign of attracting someone else. 

A more updated hairstyle, choice in branded clothes, extensive use of perfume, different beard style. It is a common thing for a man to do when they try to impress a girl.  

Avoiding Intimacy with You

A healthy relationship has some intimate moments, I am not talking about just lying down with legs open. It is more than that,

The stare he gives at you when he feels naughty

The cuddle during morning

The kiss on a different part of the body during foreplay

You have noticed all of them suddenly vanish from your life. This is because the physical need of your man is now fulfilled by another woman. He usually avoids sex with you because he is already having enough of it from someone else. It does not mean you now have to sexually attract him, or you want to give him more than what he is getting outside. All you need is to understand the root cause of it. 

Showing Different Behavior

With togetherness of months or years, you know your man from inside and outside. You know his habits, behavior, love, affection, emotion, anger, mood swings. In short, you deeply know him. But all of a sudden you have noticed his behavior. It can be easily understood with a simple example: he likes to host and enjoy a party at home with your friends but all of sudden he is no more interested in doing all these. 

We know things change with the time, but when a man seriously loves his girl and keeping a healthy relationship is a priority then he can do all these small moments once in a while. If your man avoids family gathering, come very late to the party giving you an irrelevant excuse. It’s time to take a charge and investigate the reason behind these behaviors. 

Hiding His Finances

What a man will do when he spends his hard-earned money on presenting expensive gifts to other women, obviously he will hide his finances with his wife or girlfriend. If you are married or indulged in a live-in, this money will be important for your financial needs. 

New purchase bills, credit card statements, and even other bills once were in the open, but you have seen sudden behavior of hiding his finances is an alarming sign. The man who is cheating with you tends to spend more on his appearance, expensive gifts for the women he is cheating with, and trips with her. All this will increase his expenditure more than the normal, always watch out for his financial spending and if there is a hesitation or big no then it’s time to get alert. 


You can fetch out some of the behavior very easily but in some cases, you need to closely look at what is going around you. The above signs are just a few drops in the sea if you feel suspicious of the cheating that means there is something wrong going behind you. You feel very secure and comfortable in your relationship but all of sudden there is some behavior change in it. Trust in your instinct, if you feel about it that means it is happening right at your back.