Obesity and Overweight – How Does It Affect a Woman’s Life?


With the fast-paced life, everything around us has changed. The food we eat, the technologies we use, the standard of living is changed very drastically. We prefer comfort over health and it can be seen in our daily life. 

  • We use escalators over stairs.
  • Using controlling devices.
  • Prefer unhealthy fast food because they are tasty and addicted.
  • Instead of walking, we use vehicles.

Above are some examples that are pulling us over an unhealthy lifestyle. With this fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle, we are ignoring our health. It leads to obesity/overweight which is a major health issue in the world. 

Data shows that 1.9 billion young aged people are suffering from obesity/overweight issues. Even women are not untouched by this, 2 in 3 women around the globe are suffering from obesity and various other health issues. Most common health issue in women are:

  • Obesity/overweight
  • Bone related problems
  • Heart Diseases
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Thyroid, etc.

Data from the Indian Council for Medical Research shows that 44% of Indian women are overweight. 

The only solution to get rid of these problems is by eating healthy and changing the daily routine of unhealthy acts. It’s time for you ladies to pull up your socks and work on your health-related issues. 

Signs that Tells You Getting Overweight 

Your body shows some signs when it starts to get overweight. Nobody has several small signs that can be monitored closely, so it can be controlled before things get worse with the time. 

Increased Sweating – When you get overweight more calories are being burnt by your body. This produces heat by which an increase in sweating occurs due to the overweight. 

Breathlessness – When you get overweight, the excess fat around the neck and stomach makes it very difficult to breathe. Even when you do normal work short in-breath happens. 

Change in Cloth Size-  Clothes are the first notable thing to check if you are getting overweight. Slowly and gradually the size of the cloth will change from medium to large and then extra-large. 

Feeling Tired- Even if you do the normal daily work you feel tired very quickly. 

Checking Body Mass Index (BMI): You can check BMI by downloading a simple app on your smartphone. If your BMI lies between 25 to 29.9 then you’re overweight, if it is more than 30 then you are obese. Normal BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. 

Check your waist size, if it is over 34 inches then your body is a home for health issues, it is time for you to pull up the socks

You might be wondering that I am eating healthy food but still why am I putting on too much weight. Finding out why and what makes you obese will help you control it. Knowing the problem gives you a brief idea about the solution and ways to implement it. 

Factors that Causes Obesity in Women’s

Overeating or having more calories than required is one of the major reasons that make a woman overweight. Every human body has a different requirement of calories consumed and it is burned with the activities performed. 

Below are some reasons that make you obese:

Difference Between Calories Equation

Calories input and output in your body is one of the major factors in getting overweight. If you intake more than required calories and do not get a chance to burn it, then bingo now it’s time for you to get overweight. 

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Genetic Influence

Genes in your body define the characteristic to be developed in you. It can be your skin color, hair color, height, etc. If your family has a history of obesity you might likely carry the same genes.

Early Life Activities

Most people love chubby kids, people love pulling their cheez. For those who are doing this should stop doing this as it is harassment for the kids. The eating habits of the children can lead to obesity which can carry on into adulthood. 

Age Factor

When you get old, the capability of the body reduces. Muscle power reduces with the increasing age. The metabolism of the body also increases. If you do not follow the proper exercise routine, your body tends to store the fat in it. 

Living Place

A good and decent living place not only has influenced people, but it has decent parks, side walking, and a good gym in it. The living place also plays a vital role in your health, if you do have an unsafe place to walk or park filled with goons and naughty elements. It will become very hard for women to go out to do basic exercises. 

No Exercise Routine

Modern life is now designed in such a manner that you have no time for doing exercise. Life is so stressful that we have become vulnerable to many diseases. People who are working spend around 8 to 10 hours sitting in front of the computer. 

Both the Things are Hard – Being Overweight and Losing Weight (Choose Yours)

Physical Impact of Obesity in Women’s

Obesity or overweight not only has a physical impact but also has a mental impact on women. One cannot deny the fact that in India women faces discrimination at every stage of their life. If you are fat then it will be more difficult for them to live in this civilized good fair and lovely people. 

Physical Impact: Physical problems include overall health. If you have obesity then you are prone to several serious diseases. 

Cardiovascular Diseases

If it sounds very technical to you then let me clear it. Our heart and various other organs are made from cardiovascular muscles. These muscles are very different from the other muscles. These muscles play a very important role in our life, take an example of heart. We all know the body is nothing without the heart. An increase in weight directly impacts the heart and pulls it towards the disease.

High Cholesterol

Unlimited eating habits increase the cholesterol level in the body. Cholesterol is also classified as Good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol. So before consuming you need to watch out for them. Bad cholesterol makes a plaque on cardiovascular muscles by which it becomes difficult for them to work. For overweight people, the risk of heart attack is very high due to an increase in cholesterol levels. 


If a woman is overweight then she is highly prone to diabetes. Obesity not only attracts stress but diabetes also. People are not aware of the risk of getting type 2 diabetes due to obesity. 

Diabetes is a fatal and chronic medical condition that requires regular monitoring of sugar in the blood. In type 2 diabetes the body does not produce “Insulin” a hormone that moves sugar into cells. Insulin is produced by the pancreas but in type 2 diabetes production of this hormone is stopped, that is why we need to take it from outside through several methods. Obesity causes the fat cells to be less resistant to the insulin produced by the pancreas, increasing the blood sugar. 

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Increase in the blood sugar invites below problems:

  • Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
  • Nerve Damage
  • Vision Problem
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure


It is seen that obese women have an abnormal menstrual cycle. HMB (High Menstrual bleeding) and pain-causing frequent trips to the washroom, leaks that lead to embarrassment, missing of several activities including your job. Obesity causes several ovary syndromes like PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Dysmenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, and Amenorrhoea. 

These can be avoided by just doing regular exercise and maintaining body weight.


Getting pregnant and carrying it for the normal weight and overweight, the level of difficulty varies. Obesity causes diabetes, gestational hypertension, high blood pressure, an increase in blood sugar, increase in stress makes it more complicated during pregnancy. The evidence shows that obese women face difficulty in breastfeeding and sustaining it. 

Risk of Various serious pregnancy complications:

  • High Chance of Miscarriage
  • High Blood pressure can damage other organs
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Will require C-section and risk of C-section are high and complex. 


Menopause is when the body stops producing estrogen which means stop in having periods and no longer getting pregnant naturally. Menopause occurs in overweight women. Low in estrogen causes low bone density that leads to arthritis and other serious bone diseases.

Social and Mental Impact of Obesity in Women’s 

We are living in a society where all the rules are only applicable to women. She needs to be very gorgeous looking, fair in complexion and must be in a good shape. A good looking showpiece that they can flaunt their beauty in front of their community. It is a social crime for those women who are fat looking or overweight. For unmarried overweight girls life just gets end, the dowry demand increases. 

It all starts with childhood, where teasing is pretty much common either you are dark, short, or fat. The people with these features are aliens and they get a chance to show their hate towards these people. 

Let me clear one thing: those people who are dark, short, fat, etc eat the same food that you all eat. They breathe the same oxygen you breathe, they have the same emotions that you all have. This discrimination leads to below problems in women who are overweight:

Low Confidence

We are living in society discrimination due to obesity from the early to young age is common practice. You will have low confidence due to how you look physically. Sometimes you feel guilty for yourself because you have not mastered the eating habits that lead you to your current body type. 


Obesity is always associated with emotional issues such as stress, sadness, anxiety, and depression, etc. Untreated depression has dangerous results in someone’s life. It can ruin your relationship with the people around you, in some cases, it leads to drug and alcohol addiction. Clinical depression due to obesity has mood swings and sleep disorders as well.


Ladies! It is not necessary to have Size zero figure or getting in shape like the actresses. Doing a normal yoga, mild exercise will get you back in shape. You do not have to do this because you are anxious from the perspective of society towards you. Please do it for yourself, as it will let you help in living a healthy life. The risk of getting health issues will be reduced by just controlling your unhealthy eating habits, no exercise routine.