5 Tips to Optimize Internet Speed for Gaming

Optimize Internet Speed Gaming

Let’s say that you are an avid gamer who owns a top-notch gaming PC with state-of-the-art equipment. If your internet connection isn’t optimized to play the latest online high-end games, you will not be able to beat others at your favorite games. If you want to improve your online gaming experience, the obvious choice would be to improve the internet connection. There are two ways to go about that. You can either get an entirely new internet connection with higher speed and better bandwidth like I did with Charter Spectrum, or you can use a few tricks to optimize your already existing network connection. If you choose the latter, here are a few ways you can enhance your internet speed for gaming. Here you will get 5 Tips to Optimize Internet Speed for Gaming.

1. Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Being an avid gamer who often likes to play games that require a high-speed internet connection doesn’t mean that you have to get yourself a business-speed package. However, having at least a 20Mbps or above internet connection is a must. That said, the most significant role is played by the bandwidth. If you have a network connection with a wider bandwidth, you have higher chances of experiencing smooth gameplay. On the other hand, if the bandwidth is not wide enough, households with more people online at the same time will cause lags in gameplay.

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2. Low Latency Equals Better Gaming

Latency means the time it takes for a certain amount of data to travel between the destination and its source. Having a lower latency is better for gaming or video streaming. Higher latency means more lags in-game time. For instance, you’re pushing the right buttons at the right time, but your avatar isn’t moving at the speed it should. Or, if you see a slower response, that means your internet speed isn’t optimized for gaming. that can be rectified by achieving a latency rate between 150ms to 20ms (milliseconds).

3. Use a Gaming Router

Older routers do not have the strength to support higher-speed internet connection. Therefore, they aren’t thought to be the best choice for passionate gamers. Using a router that has specific features to support gaming is another way to optimize your experience. These types of routers have the capacity to enhance latency rates and internet speeds automatically. Gaming routers use a feature called QoS (Quality of Service) that allows gamers to prioritize internet traffic on their consoles. This allows an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience.

4. Play Closer to the Router

Another way to optimize gaming internet speed is by playing games as close to the router as possible. Furniture, walls, and cupboards, etc. often interrupt Wi-Fi signals. You may not be able you use the full potential of your internet connection simply because you have too many hurdles between your system and the router. So, make sure to play closer to your router for a better gaming experience.

5. Upgrade Your Internet Connection

If all of the above didn’t help you achieve your optimum gaming speed, it is time to consider a new internet connection. Do a little research on your local internet service providers (ISPs) to see which ones provide the best internet package. Find the one that caters to your gaming needs as well as the internet requirements of other people’s activities in the household. Being a user of Spectrum TV and internet services, I chose their bundle offer with no data caps. That is why my kids play their games without interruptions and I enjoy my shows without worrying about huge bills.

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In Conclusion

If you already have a high-speed connection, these tips should help you achieve the optimum internet speeds for a better and smoother gaming experience. in case you need a new network connection or a new gaming router, do some research. Browsing through various options always pays off in the long run and help you make a better-informed decision.