What Are Vape Mods? A Beginner’s Guide

vape mods

Around one out of twenty Americans report using a vaping device, and one in three Americans admit to vaping on a daily basis. If you’re looking to take up vaping, there are a few concepts and words that might seem alien to you at first. Sure, you know what e-cigarettes and vape pens are, but what are vape mods?

This article will walk you through Suorin Mod the basics of vape mods, by outlining exactly what they are, the benefits they offer, their components, and the various types available to you.

Let’s get started by addressing the basics!

Vape Mods and the Purpose They Serve

Vape mods are much larger than e-cigarettes. They bear resemblance to vape pens, and function in similar ways, but are modified to have a higher vapor production than the pens.

Some of these modifications include having a larger battery, the ability to hold more e-liquid, and in many cases, other customizations specific to your needs.

People opt for vape mods because it offers more room for personalization, giving you more control over the experience of vaping. It allows you to find and embrace your own style while offering other practical benefits like the ability to monitor your battery and more.

Components of a Vape Mod

Vape mods do not function on electricity, but rather, a battery. However, there is more to what makes a mod work the way it does. Here are the various components that make up the standard vape mod.


Tanks are the reservoirs of your vape mod that hold additional vape juice. They vary based on the amount of liquid they are able to hold, their levels of power, and their style.

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You can choose the type of tank you want, based on your choice of vape mod. For example, if you opt for a new sub-ohm vape, you would want the best sub ohm tank, to pair it with.

Similarly, a squonk mod would pair well with a dripping tank, and a larger box mod would require a larger tank.


The role of the vape coil is to heat the juice and facilitate the process of vapor generation in your mod. You can either opt for a rebuildable coil or one that is more reliable and consistent.

Generally, if you opt for a high output mod, you would require a sub-ohm coil. However, if you use a slimline mod, a coil with higher resistance would be optimal for your needs.


While every component of a vape mod is essential to its functionality, the battery is perhaps the most crucial element. It’s what allows you to have a truly personalized vaping experience with your mod.

These batteries can be customized based on their individual capacities, amp limits, and discharge rates. However, do be sure to pay attention to the various battery safety protocols while operating your mod.


Finally, you, of course, have the e-liquid. A high-powered vape would pair well with e-liquid that has a lower dose of nicotine, and vice versa. This e-liquid would also have higher VG content.

Smaller mods, on the other hand, pair better with e-liquid that contain larger amounts of PG.

Types of Vape Mods

Based on their looks and the benefits they offer, mods can be classified into various types. Here’s a brief overview of the most common types of mods based on their functionality and features.

Box Mod

These vape mods have a box-like design. Since they are larger in size, they also contain larger batteries that are generally detachable.

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They are known for allowing a fair amount of customization, giving users the opportunity to make several adjustments to the settings and tweak the power settings according to their individual preferences.

Mech Mod

Mech mods function purely on mechanics. They are generally designed in the shape of a tube and are made solely from metal. They allow users to generate a high amount of vapor, with the help of a removable battery.

They are high-powered devices that make use of sub-ohm coils. However, they also call for higher safety measures than most other vape mods, which means users have to be extra vigilant when it comes to mech mods.

Squonk Mod

Squonk mods function as the hybrids of the mods. They pair features of all other types of mods, as a kind of crossover.

In many ways, it functions like the mech mod, but also like a normal e-cigarette as well. The body holds a bottle, but also a battery. However, the tank itself is the kind that drips, making it ideal for users with that preference.

Slimline Mod

Slimline mods are the smaller version of the box mod. They do not have removable batteries, as their bodies are far too small to allow for that kind of versatility.

The appeal of this kind of mod is its compact design that makes it easier to carry around with you.

Embracing the Vaping Experience

Vape mods come in many shapes and sizes, allowing users to further customize and enhance their vaping experience. Find out what your style is by experimenting with box mods, mech mods, slimline mods, and squonk mods.

Once you’ve got your fair share of experience, you’ll have better insight into the kind of features that give you an optimal vaping experience.

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