Top Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020


Over time we have seen marketing strategy has changed drastically, with the introduction of new platforms and techniques. This has evolved at an exceptional rate and does not seem to slow down. The same is true for mobile app marketing. Mobile phones become the most integral part of the day to day life, data shows more than 5 billion people are mobile users. People use mobile apps for doing day to day life tasks. Both the Android and iOS app store is filled with more than 4.8 billion apps. These apps can be divided into several categories such as essentials, fashions, gaming, calculation, tasks, health, social communication, entertainment, and so on. People use more than 90 percent of the time on these apps for searching for information or buying anything.

Mobile app marketing aims to drive app download, and engage the people who have already downloaded the app.

Before jumping straight into the mobile app promotion trends, we need to analyze some points and know how important is digital marketing these days.

  • Almost 45 percent of off-line businesses are moved online
  • Due to the online shift of businesses, 50 percent of their revenue increases.
  • Those small businesses or local businesses have 60 percent of increases in their business discovery.
  • People tend to spend more money online than shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores.

Below are the mobile app marketing trends that will be a big hit in the year 2020. These marketing trends will be beneficial in promoting a mobile app in the market. 

App Store Review and Rating Matters a Lot

We live in a society where opinion matters a lot, it also stands true for digital platforms. For mobile app reviews and ratings still is more important than any other thing. Apps are one of the primary aspects to represent the brand, the Android play store, or iOS play store is the gateway to the consumers. We review hotels, restaurants, public places, mobile phones, etc, 59 percent of users check for the user review on the play store before downloading the app. With the cutthroat competition of a similar app in the store, their review and rating will matter a lot. This affects their downloading and ranking in the store, those apps who have a good rating and download likely to stand up in the ranking.

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Most of the big brands are working hard to maintain the app store reviews and ratings to stand out from the competition. However, several companies are ignoring and don’t pay attention to the app review and ratings.

Focus on Creating User Experience and Easy to Use App

Previously companies had no option other than creating a mobile-friendly website. For some industries, it still stands true but these days people are preferring apps over mobile-friendly websites. 

Apps offer better interfaces and they have faster responses. With the revolution in technology more and more apps can be designed for high-end complex mobile phones. 

  • The best user experience should be kept in mind.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Better integration with the payment gateway to lessen the friction during the checkout.

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 5G will Get Big in 2020

As we all know, the year 2020 has seen new 5G mobile phones. Mobile companies are now into making reasonable cost 5G mobile phones so that they can be accessible to most of the people. These 5G phones help users to access the fast internet very easily. We have also seen that mobile apps now have augmented reality and virtual reality features in it. Like several optical lenses, fashion apps, etc have virtual reality features that require high data speed and with the introduction of 5G mobile phones, these AR and VR will become an integral part of an app.

Social Sharing and Referral Will Work

Installation of apps through social media share or word to word mouth marketing also plays a huge role in marking the app. Social media is one of the most valuable and easiest platforms to promote anything, with billions of people engaging on social media on a daily basis.

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When a potential user downloads the app make sure to offer him some referral benefits, this will encourage him to share the app on his circle. App marketing requires huge some and the result you get is not always the expected, instead of spending huge in other marketing methods one should focus on giving some benefits in referral believe me the result will be unexpectable.

We have seen several big platforms via their app offer big referral bonuses to their customers and their app popularity increases in no time. 

Content Marketing is Still the King

Accepted, you have created an awesome looking app and launched with a bunch of features loaded in it. But what will be its value when people do not know about it. There are several marketing strategies to promote anything on the internet out of which content marketing is most valuable of all the techniques. 

People still read the long and informational content on the internal. The ranking algorithm of any search engine is mostly based on analyzing the quality of information crafted in the content and ranking that information on top of search results when a user query is executed on the search engines. You can approach the guest post website to write informative content for them and add some glimpse of your app as a contextual link so that it will be promoted. 

Remember: Here “Mentions” of the app in the content will work the same as the keyword in the search engine optimization process. 

Final Thoughts

As more and more internet users use mobile phones, the importance of apps is increasing exponentially. For any marketing agency or expert, they need to realize how they can utilize the app to promote their brand. If you know the right mobile app marketing trend in 2020 then your brand will deliver better value to their customers. Implementing the right monitoring tool to monitor the analytics data after launching is recommended by this It will allow us to track the behavior of the users and become easy to fulfill the gaps created in the promotional activities.