The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist to Be Considered Before Leaving Your Home


From cutting down on stress, to lowering your chances of developing a heart disease, traveling changes you physically and psychologically. We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives that sometimes, we may do ourselves more harm than good.  In such situations, it is best to take a step back, take a deep breath and go out for a trip. Traveling more is likely to have a beneficial impact on your mental well-being, especially if you’re no used to going out of your comfort zone.

When you plan out for a trip (domestic or international), chances are you’ll forget certain important items. Below packing checklist shows the exact things to bring on vacation or other types of travel.

Choose the right luggage

Every trip is different and the luggage that works for one trip may not work for the next. First decide everything you need to bring before choosing your luggage and other travel bags.

Clothes and Accessories

No matter where you go and for how many days you go for, choosing the right clothes is an important. For say, if you are packing only ten items with then, these ten items should be interchangeable so you can mix and match them to create different looks.

•          Casual shirts

•          Pants

•          T-shirts

•          Jackets

•          Jumpers

•          Comfortable everyday shoes

•          everyday shoes

•          Underwear

•          Underwear

•          Sleepwear

•          Jeans

•          Belt

•          Swimwear/cover up for beach

•          Sun hat

•          Sunglasses and case

Toiletry bags

You want yourself to be fresh and active all along the trip, so think carefully about what you need to pack in your toilet bag. Important items to be considered packing a toiletry bag are:

•          Shampoo and conditioner Deodorant

•          Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash

•          Shaving gear

•          Hair brush and hair ties

•          Body moisturiser

•          Travel tissues

•          Nail clippers, tweezers, scissors

•          Cotton wool

•          Glasses and prescription sunglasses

•          Sunscreen and face lotion

•          Lip balm

•          Feminine hygiene products

•          Facial tissues and/or toilet paper etc.

Travel Kit

Don’t forget about the travel essentials. Some of the important item to carry in your travel kit are:

•          Ear plugs

•          Small Padlock

•          Eye mask

•          Money belt

•          Swiss Army knife

•          Sleep sheest

•          Travel towel

•          Book(s)

•          Torch

Health Kit

Health Kit is completely optional. Not all travellers pack a full-size Health kit, However, it’s a good idea to take some of the items and create your own “mini first aid kit”.

•          Upset Stomach Medication

•          Mosquito repellent

•          Prescription Medication

•          Contact lens cases

•          Hand sanitiser

•          Pain killers

•          Sunburn gel

•          Multivitamins

•          Allergy medicines

•          Eye drops

Travel Documents

Many countries require that your passport and other documents for trip. Carrying photocopies of your travel documents lets you protect the real thing and acts as a backup if something is lost. It’s better to have a look at few simple travel documents before leaving home.

•          Passport

•          Travel visas

•          Travel insurance documents

•          Photos

•          Tickets / booking confirmations

•          Contact list

•          Driving licence

•          Cash and credit cards       

Electronics Items

•          Charger

•          Cell Phones

•          Camera Memory card

•          Laptop, iPad, or E-reader

Other things to do before you travel

•          Have an arrangement for the care of pets and plants

•          Empty your refrigerator

•          Switch off electronics appliances

•          Don’t forget to lock all windows and doors of your house.

•          Store valuables in a safe place

•          Handover house key to a trusted person

•          Turn off water taps.

•          Check weather at destination

•          Inform your office colleague and school authorities in case of children.

Wherever you go, make sure you think through your list of activities and are able to bring everything you need and pick the right luggage. Take the time to plan and pack accordingly before your trip.