Top 5 Most Expensive Private Jet 2022

most expensive private jet

If you’re looking for the most expensive private jet in the world, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find the info about the expensive yet luxurious private jet, which blows your mind with its interior and additional facilities.

The billionaires are also chasing the facility in the air in terms of their private charters. So stay here & get the best details now. 

We’ll look inside the priciest private jets in the world and the lives of their owners. Besides that, you need to get the name of these expensive top jets.

Top 5 Most Expensive Private Jet 2022

Here is the list of Expensive Private Jet in the world

Boeing 767-33A ER

The Boeing 767-33A ER, owned by Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich comes in at number five. The price tag for this plane is a whopping $170 million. He could bring his whole Chelsea football team and coaching staff on board with the utmost comfort. 

Every 30 passengers will feel at home in the plush leather seats and luxurious gold inlays throughout the plane’s chestnut interior. 

The anti-missile outfit can travel the 6,890 miles from London to Singapore in a single nonstop flight, reaching top speeds of 530 miles per hour.

Boeing 747-430

This luxurious & one of the most expensive private jet belongs to the Sultan of Brunei. It should be tailored to the needs of one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, and that’s probably the case. 

The Sultan reportedly spent $100 million customizing the plane with extra luxurious features like his own solid gold basins. Lalique crystal and gold accents are embedded in the luxurious interior, making the cabin feel like a floating palace.

most expensive private jet

Featuring a cruise speed of 620 mph and a range of 8,700 miles, this plane is ideal for the Sultan’s frequent excursions across Europe and the Americas. He flies this plane and has six smaller jets and an Airbus A340 as part of his fleet.

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Boeing 747-8 VIP Jet

The price of the Boeing 777-300ER, the second-longest and largest airplane ever built and one of the company’s best-sellers, does not include the cost of the optional luxury upgrades. 

Greenpoint Technologies used only high-end materials to construct this most expensive private jet, the 747-8 VIP’s interior. The private jet features a dining area, a lounge, a large office, and a cutting-edge conference room. It also includes two lounges.

Joseph Lau, a billionaire in Hong Kong’s real estate industry, reportedly dropped an additional $200 million on upgrades like marble bathrooms, a media room, and the main suite with sweeping night sky views. In addition, there is a guest quarter with a high-end private bathroom. 

Also available are a private office, a large meeting room, two separate living spaces with sofa beds, and a dining area with seating for 14. This extremely long-range plane can travel at a blistering 645 miles per hour and has a staggering range of 9,200 miles.

The US Air Force declared in 2017 that the Boeing 747-200s serving as Air Force One and Air Force Two would be replaced with Boeing 747-8s because of the latter’s superiority. 

The Russian airline Transaero went bankrupt, and the Air Force purchased its planes at a steep discount. Once the aircraft has been upgraded with the necessary communications and security systems to withstand earthquakes, meteor strikes, nuclear war, and terrorist attacks, their value might reach $660 million.

Another possible addition is a mobile hospital equipped with expert doctors and an operating theatre for onboard medical emergencies. 

The planes can refuel in the air at altitudes of up to 35,000 feet, are prepared to deploy flares to ward off heat-seeking missiles, and can use ECM (electronic countermeasures) and radar-jamming equipment. 

There are a whopping 85 telephones, 238 miles of electronic wire, 19 televisions, multiple computer connections. One of the major facilities concluded in the most expensive private jet is the two-way radios on board the plane, which can carry 100 passengers and 26 crew members.

Airbus A340–300

Russian oligarch and billionaire Alisher Usmanov owns the second-costliest private airplane in the world, an Airbus A340-300. More than 300 passengers can be accommodated in a commercial version of the Airbus A340-300, which can reach speeds of up to 567 miles per hour and travel distances of up to 8,512 miles. 

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Usmanov’s jet, affectionately dubbed “Bourkhan” in honor of his late father, is equipped with four engines and an extremely long range, allowing it to traverse every air route on the planet. Even though the plane’s inside is a mystery, it has been widely reported that it has been extensively retrofitted with VIP upgrades that outdo those of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Ilyushin Il-96.

Airbus a380.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud likes to travel via the Airbus a380, the largest yet most expensive private jet in the world. The identical model, with a capacity for up to 800 passengers, is in service with Singapore Airlines and Emirates, albeit without the significant customizations of a Saudi prince.

Priced at $432.6 million, the double-decker is among the costliest aircraft in the world. Resellers report that A380s initially built for commercial airlines are increasingly being repurposed as high-end private planes. 

most expensive private jet

It was done by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud, who transformed his Airbus A380 into a veritable floating mansion complete with a garage for his Rolls-Royce. 

An elevator and a spiral staircase allow passengers to go between the plane’s three levels. A prayer area with electrical mats automatically rotates to face Mecca in the East, located in one of the four family and VIP rooms. There was a performance theatre complete with a stage, grand piano, and a Turkish bath for a relaxing soak.

Media outlets reported in 2013 that the then-29th-wealthiest man in the world, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud, had sold his Airbus A380 to an unnamed bidder and put the money toward growing his business interests in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Let’s Wrap Now… 

There are plenty of wealthy people in the world who aren’t expected to become half a billionaire any time soon. Even if you don’t have the money to buy Most Expensive Private Jet, you may still travel. At some of the places you can have the services to hire the private jet as the one you can pick.