How to make a flawless interior design

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Have you ever thought about changing the design of your living room or, perhaps, an entire house? But how can you achieve it without the help of a professional interior designer? Imagine that you will have to pay a person, spending your time describing what exactly you want to do and still get an unsatisfying result? Instead of wasting so much time and money, you can actually do it by yourself. 

You don’t have to learn how to draw or the basics of interior design for years to do it. Here you can download the app that will allow you to make your dream interior come true. As an interior designer, with you can visualize in a variety of styles – black and white, architectural, 3D floor plans, and render them in 4K using this tool. In this article, we will talk about what this app can offer you and how to use it. 

What the Room Planner can offer you 

It is a mobile app where you can do almost anything related to interior design. Then download the preset, arrange the furniture, and change the color of the walls, ceiling, and floor. You can start from an empty room or a hand-made project and adjust it to your needs.

After finishing your project you can save it and share it via social media. 

It is useful for those who work with interior designers. This is the most efficient way to convey exactly what you want without vague explanations and misunderstandings. You can publish the completed work in your portfolio even if it has no real-life application. 

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But still you need to remember some things before making any actions. And of course you better wait some time after creating your design before taking any action. Best ideas usually come after the deeds. You better wait rather than repeating this mistake. 

Some advice on how to start a project 

It doesn’t really matter how you begin the project. But if you haven’t even heard of interior design and just started the journey of interior renovation, some guidance is required:

  1. Download the app and learn the tutorials on how to use it. It’s a good idea to make your first project for fun, and only then try to make something serious. This will help you avoid being disappointed with the result or getting confused about the interface or design tools. First, you learn, then you do. It usually doesn’t take too long since a lot of interior apps, like Room Planner, are created with an intuitive interface, so it should be much easier to learn than you think.
  2. Before making any plans, you will have to pay attention to your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Whether it be a bedroom renovation or the design of an entire house you will have to divide the budget for each room. Either way, a lot of interior elements will require to be changed to cheaper (and most of the time not really good-looking) alternatives. You may end up with some painted walls and a sofa. Minimalism is great, but not like that. 
  3. You should plan where there are going to be electrical and plumbing points even before thinking about the color of your floor or walls.
  4. Many people are stuck with their flooring materials. It can be hardwood, vinyl, laminates, and so on. Instead of thinking about what you personally like, we recommend reading a couple of articles on interior design in the Planner Room Blog. This will help you to understand what style you are going for. Based on that, you will quickly find the flooring that you need.
  5. You should apply the same principle to the color of your walls or the material of your furniture. Let’s say you are making a minimalistic, futuristic design like the room is a setting for a TRON movie, but you like a fireplace. It is better to rethink the entire concept rather than just mash interior elements that you like together (spoiler: it is not going to look right). 
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Making a plan without switching from one interior element to another is more efficient. Start with the walls, then the floor, and then add the furniture and artificial lighting. 

The color in this situation can change a lot. For example, if you want your room to look larger, choose bright monotonous walls and a white ceiling. You can read more about successful color combinations and create the room of your dreams. 

Start selling your works or design the perfect room with a Room Planner. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner in design and want to sell your works in a Room Planner. Or, you may be someone who is thinking about doing something about these old wallpapers. You can quickly learn and create a visual or get inspired by the examples in the app. Try it for yourself and see whether it is worth it.