Things to Do When Your Employee Gets Injured On the Job

Employee Gets Injured On the Job

Workplace injuries are one of the most common reasons for unexpected death in the U.S. Nearly 5,250 workers die annually from a work-related injury, and 135.6 million employees file a workers’ compensation claim each year in the U.S., say statistics. Most deaths were due to the injury’s severity, as in the case of a blow to the head or delay in providing the required medical care. However, you can rest assured that little or no incident of death takes place in your workplace by improving its safety and taking these simple steps in the event when employee gets injured on the job.

Seek immediate medical care

If your employee gets injured on the job, seek first-aid or the required medical care without delay. No matter how severe the injury is, it’s your duty, as an employer, to provide immediate medical access to the injured worker. If you have workers’ compensation insurance, you may call either a healthcare provider authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board or an urgent care center that offers excellent and prompt medical care in cases of workplace injuries. It may save you medical costs under the workers’ compensation act.

Gather evidence

It’s common to see employees rushing to file a workers’ compensation claim when an employee gets injured on the job in an attempt to minimize medical costs. However, they fail to realize that to get compensation; they need evidence gathered while the incident is still fresh. When an employee gets injured on the job, write down all the relevant information and witness testimony regarding the incident after providing medical treatment. Gather evidence such as equipment that caused the injury, pictures of the scene, and a spoken or written statement of the injured, if possible. If you have all the documents and evidence strengthening your case, you will be more likely to get what you deserve at the end of the case. 

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File the claim

In most cases, the injured employee sues to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. However, you can also claim on behalf of the employee and save them from hassles. You can also share the relevant information about the incident to help them get the best compensation. If necessary, don’t hesitate to hire a Bradenton law firm for workers compensation claims to assist with the legal procedure.

Final note

If your worker has met with an injury on the job, make sure you provide them with the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible and help them get workers’ compensation benefits. Only under the guidance of a professional will you be able to make a strong case. 

If you are looking for an urgent care facility for medical care, you will find several attorneys available there to help you on call, even during non-office hours. They have you covered in situations when an unwanted injury to any of your employees is threatening to impact your work productivity. You can look for the best ones and get in touch with them immediately.