Working as a truck driver in the USA: is it worth chasing the American dream?

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“I’m tired of a rude boss, broken cars, wages are already low, and they also delay me. Selling everything, leaving with your family for the USA and driving trucks there is not life, but a fairy tale.” If you have ever caught yourself thinking about these thoughts while making your next flight, this article is for you. Let’s figure out why some drivers tend to go overseas, and the cons of working as a truck driver in the USA.

Advantages of working as a truck driver in the USA

The sphere of land transportation in America is developed very powerfully. Trucks carry 72.5 percent of the nation’s total cargo, according to the American Truckers Association. In 2019, the gross profit of the cargo transportation industry was $791.7 billion. That same year, 7.95 million people in the United States were employed in ground transportation jobs.

High demand for drivers

The industry, like many others, has been hit hard by the pandemic. Disruptions in supply chains due to lockdowns, company closures and a decline in the purchasing power of the population have led to the fact that truckers in the United States have had to look for alternative ways to earn money. And even now, when the economy has begun to recover, they are in no hurry to return to cargo transportation. Since the industry mainly employs older people, some of the employees have retired or lost their ability to work due to the coronavirus.

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According to data collected, America is experiencing the worst shortage of truck drivers in recent history. By 2023, a shortage of at least 100 thousand drivers is predicted for the full functioning of the industry. Therefore, migrants are hired no less willingly than natives.

Cars, good roads, climate and service

Cars are different, but as a rule they are kept in excellent condition, most of them are equipped with sleeping places, some even have a shower and a kitchenette. There are many service stations with qualified workers along the way, and trucks have a separate line at gas stations. The quality of American roads is legendary, and the climate in most states is quite mild. Therefore, even in the event of breakdowns, the probability of freezing somewhere in the wilderness without communication is low.

High salary

Truck driver salaries in the US vary depending on many factors: the distances they are willing to drive, the types of cargo they can haul, dollar/cent per mile rates, and so on. The average salary of drivers in the US is 3.5-7 thousand dollars a month.


Cons of working as a truck driver in the USA

In order to work on a truck, you need to pass a full-fledged exam and get a special American license for commercial drivers – CDL, but truck driving schools Spokane will help you with this, it will not be a big problem with it. in addition, this company will help you in finding employment and conducting an internship. Once your license is in your pocket, you may have to work as an intern for a while. Only then will it be possible to go on an independent flight. And if you want to get a permit for the transport of dangerous goods (which pays much higher), you will have to pass a separate exam.

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This type of activity requires special qualities from a person, in addition to physical strength and health. Endurance, ability to make a decision in a critical situation, responsibility, etc. If you feel that you are ready to become a truck driver in America, then follow the recommendations presented in our article and get the job of your dreams!