Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Designs for Everyone


Home interior trends tend to be sticky than other fashion and lifestyle choices. If you have any doubts about it, look at the dominance of white and gray color themes in the houses. It has been in effect for so many years. It is just that people have started using this scheme in a little creative way recently. Also, there is a gradual shift in the thought process of many experienced homeowners. They want to age in their home. And this intent reflects on how they design their kitchen and bathroom today. Here are some insights regarding bathroom and kitchen designs to help you visualize these two critical corners of your home if you also wish to grow old in the same place.

Common kitchen and bathroom design approach

Homebuyers believe their home should be an extension of their personality. They carry this idea for kitchen and bathroom also. Due to this, you can notice a lot of similarities between different home interiors. For example, most kitchens feature floods of light, airiness, and spaciousness. After all, if you plan to live in the same house for your whole life, you would need these elements to be there. And if a kitchen is smaller, they merge the living room to create one larger area. However, the convergence of the two unique spaces comes into focus through the kitchen island. 

Earlier, kitchen islands functioned as an extra counter and storage space. But the pandemic compelled them to become multi-purpose. From serving as a base for food preparation to eating dinners to work desk, islands have genuinely evolved in their role. It also helps families use this corner as a communal room where friends and family can get together. Since it is now turning into a gathering place with high functionality, homeowners look at it to be more convenient for them. When you talk about convenience, another choice that reflects this is the position of the cabinets.

Most kitchen remodels focus on the inclusion of waist-high, deep drawers where bulky and heavy items can easily fit in; they don’t have to reach higher to get them down for use. Such planning seems favorable for the future as it eliminates the need to exert when they age. In addition, they can access cookware and other essentials easily.

Similar ideas work behind the way designers conceive new bathroom designs. For example, almost every bathroom includes handheld showerheads or showers with rainfall and handheld features. The reason behind its popularity is convenience and easy maintenance. When an old bathroom upgrade happens, it is common to opt for a lower-threshold shower. It is friendlier for seniors and physically challenged people. Still, there is a noticeable difference in the styles to ensure higher safety and functionality without coming across as unimaginative. For instance, seats and grab bars can be there in the shower area but to give it a more spa-like feel rather than making it look simply need-based. 

If you wonder about colors and textures, it is again more about personal taste. But, of course, easy cleaning and maintenance do have a say in the decision. For example, you can think of designing a bathroom with gold fixtures. Like others, you can find the golden tinge luxurious and soothing. Still, you may not go after it just because of its aesthetics. You would want it to resist stains and water spots too. So, you will have a natural interest in something that meets your demand at both levels.   

Emphasis on form and function

So, it is now convenient to imagine that people who plan to stay in the same house for a longer time want to embrace everything highly functional and less intricate. It again hints at typical choices in this sense. For example, you can expect cabinets with clean lines to be more prevalent in the kitchen. Simple hardware and a Shaker look can be the main characteristic. Another thing is the backsplash. While these have to be impressive, people still wish to avoid ornate choices. Then, they are ready to splurge on upscale appliances, but primarily stainless steel, though. In this material also, black color seems to be on everybody’s mind.

Besides, other growing kitchen trends are farmhouse sinks, quartz and granite countertops, etc. In the matter of lighting, black and gold themes are again the highlight. But people want to incorporate open fixtures, such as pendant designs. Although smaller pendant ceiling lights were already there, the attention has shifted to oversized pendants now for their ability to illuminate the room more and fill it up too. Next, if you talk about flooring, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has eclipsed hardwoods and ceramic and porcelain tile floors. The practical reason for picking LVT is its waterproof nature.

However, LVT has not secured its position in the bathroom. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are still ahead of it. Besides, some people choose bathtubs, and some prefer showers in their restrooms. So, the interests look divided in this case as well. But everyone has one thing in common – they want to improve the existing square footage they use even more. And for this, they don’t mind remodeling the space. Interior designers feel it is legitimate also as most people are in the mood of staying in their nest for the rest of their lives.

If you analyze the bathroom and kitchen design choices, you will realize your vision about the home plays a decisive role. Your emphasis on certain elements suddenly changes when you plan to stay there in your old age. You tend to care more about convenience, maintenance, and accessibility. However, it doesn’t mean aesthetics take a backseat. However, if you don’t look at your nest as the permanent address, you would likely indulge in whims and impulsive choices. Your attention will be on the hottest features. Of course, the budget will be a consideration. Still, you may prioritize looks over convenience.    

So, when you take up a remodel project, make sure to have clarity about your life goals. For example, do you want to spend your entire time in the same place or move to some other better and bigger space? It will help you make quick design decisions.