10 Benefits of a Chiropractor to Help You Live a Pain Free Life

Pain Management with Regenerative Medicine

In America alone, chiropractors treat more than 35 million patients each year.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see that you are in great company if you’ve been thinking about visiting a chiropractor yourself.

Unfortunately, most patients will only seek chiropractic treatment when they have symptoms such as back pain or neck pain. The tragedy to this is that chiropractors can actually help with a number of health concerns.

Curious as to what a chiropractor can do for your health? Follow along to discover 10 of the benefits of a chiropractor and why you should book an appointment today.

1. Neck and Back Pain

Firstly, the most obvious benefit of seeing a chiropractor is to receive treatment for neck or back pain.

If you’ve wondered ‘what does a chiropractor do?’ the simplest answer is this: A chiropractor manipulates the nervous system to realign the spine.

Because of this spinal adjustment, a chiropractor is often the first medical professional we think of when we feel a kink in our neck or as though something is ‘out’ in our backs.

Receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments is a great way to bring alignment back to the body and reduce or even eliminate pains long-term.

2. Headache Relief

If you suffer from headaches or even migraines, you know just how debilitating this pain can be.

While there are many potential causes of a headache or migraine, often times a misplaced ligament in the spine or upper back is to blame for the nagging pain.

In fact, many patients experience significant relief from chronic headaches by receiving regular adjustments.

3. Better Sleep

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? One of our favorite benefits of going to a chiropractor is the impact it can have on your sleep patterns.

When the body is out of sync, sleep is often the first area where we see an impact. Because chiropractic care realigns your nervous system by way of your spinal cord, you may experience a significant improvement in your sleepless nights.

Not to mention, decreased pain and pinching in your back and neck can contribute to uncomfortable nights and difficulty sleeping. Treating this pain is a fantastic way to recharge the body and get that well-deserved shut-eye.

4. Drug-Free Treatment

If you’re after a holistic health approach, chiropractic care is a great place to start. Because adjustments are performed with manual manipulation or the use of external instruments, no drugs or medication are required to see results.

This is fantastic news for those who are wary of taking prescription drugs or prefer to try a natural remedy first.

Not only can chiropractors relieve pain and other concerns in the body, but they are also often able to refer you to other holistic health professionals. This can be a great way to get in touch with a good herbalist, naturopath, or even acupuncturist to receive the best all-around holistic health care.

5. Pregnancy Care

As you or your loved one’s body changes during pregnancy, there can be a plethora of discomfort and even pain as the belly grows.

As the hips widen, the bone structure begins to shift and can often result in a misalignment of the spine. Beyond this, the hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy and can lead to low back pain, discomfort in the joints, and even a pinching sensation.

A chiropractor can safely adjust a patient through the entire pregnancy to ensure the most comfortable experience and allow the body to be in optimal condition for delivery.

6. Normalize Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is often caused by an increased amount of stress in the body. This can result in tense muscles, which in turn pull the ligaments of the spine out of their aligned position.

While the misalignment is not necessarily the cause of the high blood pressure, realigning the spine can often help to combat the issue. By relieving some of the stress that your body is feeling, your muscles will receive a well-deserved break and your blood pressure may regulate.

Along with relieving tension, the channels of your body are now opened and free for movement, allowing your bodily functions, such as moving blood, to return to normal.

7. Digestion

Do you suffer from indigestion or even IBS? Because the nervous system is responsible for so many functions in the body, irregularities can often be tied back to the spine.

In fact, chiropractors can often pinpoint the problem ligament based on the issue you are experiencing.

By adjusting these key areas, your body can regulate the hormones and functions that allow your body to properly digest and process food. This can even result in your bowel movements becoming healthy and regular.

8. Stress Relief

As we mentioned above, stress in the body can often lead to misaligned joints. When a patient experiences stress, the body and muscles become tense.

By ensuring the nervous system and spine are in alignment, muscle tension and irritability can be significantly eased. This can allow the patient to relax, rest, and process the stress in a healthy and pain-free way.

9. Peak Performance

Chiropractor benefits go far beyond helping those already in pain. In fact, many athletes choose to seek chiropractic care to ensure they are at their top physical condition for performance.

By using chiropractic as a preventative measure, athletes can reduce their chance of injury, nurture healthy joints, and promote impressive athletic performance.

Even if you aren’t an athlete, this top physical condition can be incredibly beneficial for daily activities, an active lifestyle, or even keeping up with the grandkids.

10. Overall Health

Why go to a chiropractor you ask? If nothing else, seeing a chiropractor is a great option to keep your entire system healthy and strong.

From ensuring your immune system is in top shape to helping your body regulate the release of essential hormones, chiropractic care is a fantastic all-around health care option.

The key to receiving both preventative and symptom treatment is sourcing a great chiropractor. From chiropractor cost to qualifications, these questions to ask your potential chiropractor can put your mind at ease and ensure the best choice for your needs.

The Benefits of a Chiropractor

From addressing pain to ensuring the best physical health, we hope these benefits of a chiropractor cleared up your questions about holistic health treatment. The next time you feel a niggle or a pinch, try turning to your chiropractor for relief and experience the benefits of going to a chiropractor for yourself.

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Curious as to what a chiropractor can do for your health? Follow along to discover 10 of the benefits of a chiropractor and why you should book an appointment today.