Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends to Be On the Lookout For

Summer Fashion Trends

As the days get longer and summer rolls back around, many of us have the same question on our minds. What will be this summer’s hottest new trend? With many of us having spent the last year in relative isolation, we’re all anxious to see what the top summer fashion trends will be as vaccines return our world to a tentative normalcy.

The answer this year is that the 80s are back! Read on to discover some of 2021’s hottest summer fashion trends and how you can rock them as you come out of quarantine this summer.

1. Boyfriend Jackets 

This summer, keep an eye out for oversized boyfriend jackets that bring a retro chic vibe. These jackets have wide shoulder pads and are great for making your legs look long and your waist look tiny. Pair them with straight-leg trousers or leather shorts and go for charcoal, pastel blue, and neutral tones.

2. Black Face Masks

Face masks have become a fashion accessory all their own in the last year, and, as always, black is the new black. Not only can a black face mask prevent the spread of COVID-19, it can also be a great way to bring some class to your outfit. Be sure to get a mask that fits your face well and that covers both your nose and mouth. 

3. Pastel Tones 

The perfect counter to your striking black face mask is a light pastel color. This summer, pastels are back, ranging from yellows and blues to purples and greens. Pull out your soft colors and rock a gorgeous retro look.

4. Luxury Athletic Wear

Athleisure has become its own fashion trend in recent years – yoga pants are too comfortable to leave in the gym. But this summer, sportswear is getting an upgrade with new luxury lines

5. Fringe Bags

This summer is going to see another blast from the past this summer with purse choices. Fringe bags are back, and in a big way, with trendsetters rocking bags that have everything from tiny fringes to fringes that almost touch the floor. Classic colors like black or brown can keep your look dressy, or you can go for a bold pop with blue or red.

Discover the Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

With the weather warming up, we’re all looking forward to seeing this summer’s hottest fads. Pastel tones, fringe bags, and oversized jackets will dominate the summer fashion trends this year. Pull on your luxury sportswear, slip on your black face mask, and take the fashion world by storm.

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