5 North American Hidden Travel Gems You Have to See to Believe

hidden travel gems

Looking to go on a trip without needing to worry about renewing your passport, or finding it at all? Or maybe you’d rather avoid air travel and go somewhere you can drive that still provides incredible sights. You’re in luck. North America has an incredible amount of hidden travel gems. Here are some great options for your next trip.

Hit the Beach in Fort Bragg

If you’re looking for a beach vacation without all the hustle and bustle of a city, check out Fort Bragg in California. It’s three hours from San Francisco and provides both beautiful views and a quieter spot to enjoy the sun. Be sure to stop by the glass beach, where tons of broken glass has overtime been weathered by the ocean to be smooth and beautiful in the sun.

Take the Scenic Route with Katy Trail

Katy Trail State Park in Missouri may not be the first thing that pops up when searching for vacation locations, but it is stunning and has numerous trails for you to explore and enjoy. You can stay at a local inn or b&b and plan your next trail to take.

Camp By Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia is a beautiful spot to visit and explore all year round. If you’re trying to explore North America, this spot needs to be on the list. The falls are spectacular, and though it’s one of the most photographed areas in West Virginia, the pictures don’t do it justice.

For Hikers Head to Avalanche Lake

If you’re looking for beauty at the end of a trek, check out Avalanche Lake in Montana’s Glacier National Park. You’ll get the view of a beautiful place to take a break, have a swim, and take in your surroundings. You’ll also get the views from hiking there which we’ll be just as worth the destination.

And if you’re already in Montana looking for another trip, you could go into South Dakota in search of the North American Pole of Inaccessibility, the most inland spot on the continent away from water. You’ll have to hike some ways to get there but it’s worth the effort.

Visit the Valley of Fire

If you’re in the mood for exploring North America via its desert climates, you won’t want to miss Valley of Fire State Park, just an hour from Las Vegas. You can get all your partying out in the city and then head out to explore the beautiful landscapes of hundreds-of-year-old sandstone sculptures.

See Hidden Travel Gems All Over

North America is full of beautiful hidden travel gems to visit for a trip or vacation. And by picking one of the more undiscovered places for your next vacation you’ll be able to truly rest and relax the way you’ve always wanted.

See the region in a new way and see sights you never knew existed. Was this helpful in getting your plans started? Check us out for more great travel tips today.