Modem vs Router: Which One Is the Better Choice?

Modem vs Router

Have you ever wondered what the device that you are using for your internet connection is called?Is it a Modem or Router?

Well, most of us get confused at this point and are unable to differentiate the modem from a router. However, since almost everyone in the world is using the internet and using it for all the reasons to get their work done, we should also shed light on the elements attached to it.

And knowing about these devices makes us aware of what we are using. If you are baffled about it then don’t worry, we are here to clear the air and tell you the right distinction between the router and modem.

Modem vs. Router

To begin with, technological devices are not as complicated as they sound sometimes. If you understand its purpose, you are halfway through to know how it works. Moreover, when it comes to the modem and router, there is a major factor that your need to understand.

Technically, when you are using the internet, you are automatically using both the router and the modem. You need to understand that what is the difference between these two things and how are they both contributing to providing you the internet?

What Is A Modem?

A modem, which is also known as modulator-demodulator, connects to the internet or what some of you know as WAN (wide area network) and works as a gateway to your internet connection.

This is a device that receives a signal from the designated internet service provider that is in analog and converts it into a digital signal that is then easily understood by your devices.

Managing the Modem

In today’s time, most of the modem contains three primary ports.

  1. Connecting to the router.
  2. Connecting to the internet.
  3. Connecting to the power source.

When you are getting internet service from a provider they usually render you a modem but they charge a certain fee for it. You can also buy your own modem which can help you in saving some extra bucks.

Here are some examples of a modem that might interest you if you are planning to buy one for yourself.

  • Motorola MB7220

It is one of the most affordable modems that are available for just $46.99. it is easy to set up, manage and has the capabilities of providing a faster and more reliable connection to the customers.

  • NETGEAR CM1000

This modem is a bit expensive and is available at $169.99 but you can surely see its benefits through its amazing features. Plus, the best thing about this modem is that it is compatible with most of the ISP and can optimize the efficiency of your internet connection in no time.

  • NETGEAR C3700

This is available for only $79.00 and allows you to enjoy a fast and smooth download speed that is up to 340 Mbps faster and provides a much better result than any modem offered by an ISP.

What Is A Router?

A router is a device that helps to distribute the internet connection to your other devices such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs. The router is connected with the modem through which it is taking the signal and forwarding it to your home.

It performs its distribution process by providing an IP address to your devices that is different every time you connect to the internet. Its primary focus is to send the traffic to the correct device and provides you more features your manage the internet properly.

Managing the Router

There are a variety of routers that come with different features and price points. These routers have antennas attached to them which enhance the Wi-Fi coverage and improves the quality of internet connection on each device. Routers come in both wired and wireless formats, it is up to your which one you want to choose.

Here are some examples of routers that might interest you.

  • NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700

It is a wireless router that can distribute high-speed internet to more than 25 dives at a single time. It is designed with dynamic technology and has 3 amplified antennas to improve your internet coverage. You can get it for only $79.97.

  • TP-Link Archer AX50

This router is available at $149.99 and amplifies the speed of the internet at a higher rate. It minimizes latency and power consumption. Plus it contains 4 antennas that also improve the internet coverage with overall high-end performance.


This router will seem like an expensive one because it is available at $299.99 but it is surely the one worth investing in if you are looking for an intense internet user. It has multiple connectivity options including Wireless, Wired, Wi-Fi, and USB. It has 8 ports and 4 antennas that render you more convenience and a wider coverage range.

The Bottom Line

Both router and modem play a vital role in providing you high-quality internet connection. But if you are still confused about managing or buying one for your own you can always ask your ISP to lend one to you. For instance, if you are a customer of WOW! internet can you can contact WOW Customer Service and discuss your needs, they will surely help you out in picking the best option for you.