Best Content Writing Apps for Content Writers


If you own a website or you are run a digital marketing company, then it becomes necessary to hire content writers, who can write high-quality content. Long gone are the days when readers were naïve enough to read low-quality content. Nowadays, everyone looks for exciting, creative, and inventive articles that they want to learn from, enjoy, and ultimately share.

Low-quality content will not only kill your business’s reputation but will also drive your audience away. When you hire content writers you will be able to get more fresh content you post on your website and the more traffic your site will generate. Content writers know how to optimize content for webpages using the right keywords in your articles. There are various Content writing services apps that provide great help in content writing.



Many of you used this tool before as it is probably the best spelling and grammar checker around. Grammarly will also help you optimize your text and make it more readable. You can easily the Grammarly extension on chrome and it’ll check almost everything you type into your browser.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator


If you are finding it difficult to come up with fresh new ideas, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator can help you to come up with new content. enables you to enter up to three keywords into the generator and get a week’s worth of topics in seconds, which will help point you in the right direction.

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Hemingway Editor


Hemingway is a minimalist but powerful tool to improve the style of your writing. This online editing tool remains very popular and aims to tighten up your words and make them more concise and impactful. The tool highlights sentences and phrases that are too complex suggesting to make it simpler to read and understand.



Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that keeps your content as original as possible. This tool checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web.



The Unicheck tool helps all those willing to generate plagiarism-free content to timely spot similarities and prevent accusations of cheating long before you may receive them.  It works fast and scans submitted files. This online similarity finder is for educators and students.

The more fresh content you post on your website, the more users will engage with it and the more traffic your site will generate. Hiring writers will help you build an excellent reputation for your business and take a load off your schedule.