Johnny Mathis Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Johnny Mathis Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Johnny Mathis has an estimated net worth of around $400 million as of 2024.

Johnny Mathis is an American singer who has recorded over 80 albums and sold millions of records worldwide. He is best known for his ballads and romantic style. From his early start as a child prodigy to global stardom, he has had an eventful life journey.

Johnny Mathis Net Worth

Johnny Mathis has amassed immense wealth over his successful career as America’s premier balladeer. He was one of the most successful artists of the 1950s and 1960s, selling millions of albums. According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Johnny Mathis has an estimated net worth of around $400 million.

Though his record sales eventually slowed, his compilation albums and holiday music continued selling well.

Mathis was also wise with his earnings and invested widely in real estate and other businesses. His lucrative music sales, smart investments, and property holdings have made him an extraordinarily wealthy singer.

Johnny Mathis Net Worth

However, according to a Forbes report, Mathis earned over $60 million from music sales alone by the late 1970s. His mansion in the Hollywood Hills was valued at over $50 million in recent years, demonstrating his lavish lifestyle.

Early Life and Childhood

Johnny Mathis was born in 1935 in Gilmer, Texas, as the fourth of seven children. His family moved to San Francisco, California, when he was still a toddler. As a young child, Mathis showed an early gift for music and started singing and playing the piano at a very young age.

His father worked as a handyman, and his mother was a domestic worker. The family had little money, but his parents encouraged his musical talents. Mathis received classical voice lessons and training from a young age, showing immense promise.

Education Background

Mathis attended George Washington High School in San Francisco, where he continued honing his vocal abilities. He was involved in several musical groups and productions during high school.

After graduating in 1954, Mathis was offered the chance to attend the prestigious San Francisco State College on an athletic scholarship for his abilities in high jumping. However, he chose to pursue a music career instead.

Career Beginnings

Mathis caught the attention of a jazz producer who helped him record some demos. That led to Mathis signing with Columbia Records in 1956 at 21. That same year, he released his first album, Johnny Mathis: A New Sound in Popular Song. The jazz-infused album showcased Mathis’ vocal range and charted three singles.

His second album, Wonderful Wonderful, sold over 1 million copies and cemented his status as a rising star. The 1957 release included his iconic hit single “Chances Are”, which became his first top 10 song on Billboard’s Pop chart. Mathis continued releasing popular albums showcasing his ballad style and beautiful voice.

Rise to Fame and Continued Success

Mathis’ 1958 album Johnny’s Greatest Hits spent an unheard of 490 continuous weeks on Billboard’s Top Albums chart. His early compilation albums were among the first of their kind and proved immensely popular. Mathis also saw massive success with singles like “Misty”, “It’s Not For Me To Say” and “Twilight Time” among numerous others.

He released dozens of albums throughout the 1960s, establishing his reputation as America’s top balladeer. Though his music incorporated some jazz and blues elements, he remained focused on romantic ballads sung in his trademark gentle style. Mathis also continued touring extensively during this period, establishing a devoted fan following captivated by his voice and heartfelt delivery.

Later Musical Achievements

While his popularity dipped in the late 1960s with the rise of rock, Mathis remained prolific and adaptable as an artist. He returned to the top of the Adult Contemporary chart several times. Mathis duetted with famous artists like Deniece Williams, Dionne Warwick, and Natalie Cole.

In 1978, his Greatest Hits album reached an astonishing 500 straight weeks on the Billboard chart. Mathis released his first Christmas album in 1958, and his holiday music has also proved enduringly popular over the years. In 2003, The Very Best of Johnny Mathis sold over 500,000 copies, going gold, proving his classic songs continued to find new audiences.

Sources of Income

Johnny Mathis accumulated his vast wealth through various sources over his long career. He sold millions of albums starting from his early days with Columbia Records in the 1950s. He was one of the most famous artists of that decade, with 14 songs in the Top 10 on the singles chart.

Mathis released dozens of successful albums, including several that went multi-platinum. In his early career, Mathis earned tens of millions from record and tape sales.

Johnny Mathis Net Worth

Also, he was a pioneer of compilation albums that grouped his biggest hits. His first Greatest Hits album, 1958, set records, spending nearly 10 years straight on the charts. Later compilation albums like his 1978 Greatest Hits also sold exceptionally well, earning Mathis millions in the 1970s and 80s.

Business Ventures and Financial Success

Mathis’ successful music career enabled him to invest widely and build his wealth substantially. He purchased a mansion in Hollywood Hills in 1963, previously owned by Howard Hughes.

Mathis also invested in commercial real estate, purchasing several shopping centres. In 1982, he partnered to build the Channel Gardens in San Francisco.

Mathis was an early investor in Avco Financial Services, which became the largest lender in the country. He also owned over 10 restaurants in the San Francisco area at different points. His shrewd investments and extensive luxury property holdings considerably increased his earnings from record sales.

Personal Life

Mathis has never been married, though he was occasionally romantically linked to personalities like Deniece Williams and Regina Belle. He kept his personal and love life private while focusing on his music.

Mathis’ longest relationship was with manager and therapist John Hamm, who was his partner for almost 40 years until Hamm died in 2013. Mathis still lives in the Hollywood Hills mansion he purchased in 1963.

However, he remains active with concerts and performances. Mathis has overcome some health issues and continues to be regarded as an American icon for his musical artistry and business success.


Johnny Mathis has an extensive philanthropy and charitable giving history spanning his entire career. In 1956, he organized a benefit concert supporting civil rights organizations like the NAACP. For over 20 years, Mathis has hosted annual golf tournaments, raising millions in scholarships for black business students.

Mathis is known for donating his time and celebrity by performing at countless charity concerts and supporting various causes. These include cancer research, HIV/AIDS research, homelessness relief, and disaster aid. He has also donated to organizations like the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Harrison Fund for children with serious illnesses.

FAQs on Johnny Mathis Net Worth

What was Johnny Mathis’ big break into the music industry?

Mathis’ big break came when he was signed to Columbia Records in 1956 at 21. His first album, Johnny Mathis: A New Sound in Popular Song, charted several singles and launched his career as a popular vocalist.

How many albums has Johnny Mathis released?

Johnny Mathis has recorded over 80 albums since his debut in 1956. Over his six-decade career, he has released mainstream pop albums, Christmas albums, compilation albums, and box sets.

What are some of Johnny Mathis’ biggest hit songs?

Some of Mathis’ biggest hits include “Chances Are” (1957), “It’s Not For Me To Say” (1957), “Misty” (1959), “What Will Mary Say” (1959), and “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” (1978).

Why did Johnny Mathis’ music popularity decline in the late 1960s?

Mathis’ popularity dipped in the late 60s with the rise of rock music and psychedelic genres. His romantic ballad style became less trendy among youth audiences.

Final Words

Johnny Mathis leveraged his musical talents to become one of America’s most popular and acclaimed artists. His net worth expanded enormously due to his savvy business investments and decades of album sales.

Mathis set the standard for popular balladeers and love songs. His career achievements and personal life reflect an enduring American success story. Mathis’ catalogue and legacy inspire new generations of singers and artists.