Here are some steps and relevant information regarding the iFun Screen Recorder!!

iFun Screen Recorder

As well as guys Screen Recorder helps you record things like your online class or tutorial.  Though Screen recording software can be an easy way to record your PC screen. There are many expensive screen recording devices on the market. So, do you want to know how to record a screen using free screen recorder software known as iFun Screen Recorder?  If yes, then you guys are in the right site for right information.

What did we know so far?

Since iFun screen recorder is compatible with Windows operating system, we can easily download this software from iFun Screen Recorder official site.  The iFun Screen Recorder installation file is available for free on its official site. Run the downloaded iFun Screen Recorder software installation file to begin the iFun Screen Recorder installation process. Click on the positive answers as I agree, yes then go ahead and finish to complete the installation process. After the installation of the iFun Screen Recorder is completed, we can quickly launch the software by double-clicking the icon on the desktop or PC home screen.

Here we have mentioned three easy steps to record your screen with the free iFun Screen Recorder:

Step-1: The first step in online screen recorder is setting your priority.  You guys can record the entire screen of your PC, or you can select the area you want. You can choose the option you want in the selection field.  You can choose a full screen, a window, or a fixed aspect ratio.

iFun Screen Recorder icon

Step-2: From the upper right corner, you will see three vertical lines. From the Burn option, you can choose different settings according to your needs. You can opt for speaker recording and microphone recording.  Also, if you want to record the mouse click, you can check the record setting option.

Step 3: For webcam recording, you need to go to settings and click on webcam option.  With the webcam option, you can check the webcam recording option.

Step 4: To select the appropriate format, you can go to the configuration option of the software.  You can set your preference to record high quality videos. You can choose your video size and frame rate.  Also, you can choose the format of both your audio and video to record the best video.

Step 5: Therefore, the screen recording software also provides you with the hotkey function.  The function allows you to choose the screenshot settings according to your needs. You should find the hotkeys option in Settings.  After that Click on the format of your screenshot, whether you want JPG or PNG. You can set the key to start / stop or pause / resume and take screenshots as you like.

Step 6: With the iFun Screen Recorder, you can record your screen and save it to the desired folder on your PC.  You can generate your recorded video in any popular format you need. Also, if you want to make changes to your video, you can edit it according to your needs.

Other Things about the iFun Screen Recorder?

Here’s a look at some of the salient features of the free iFun Screen Recorder software:

Audio recording: iFun Screen Recorder offers the best screen recording experience with its audio function.  The recorder helps you record any audio. The software provides the best video recording experience at no cost.

Screen capture function: You can select any area of ​​your PC screen for video recording.  Whether you want to record in a small dialog box or in full screen, you can record anything in high quality.

HD recording function: With the best optimization, the iFun Screen Recorder provides an average CPU usage of 8%.  The facility offers you to record with lag smooth video recording.

The conclusion

It’s hard to find a screen recorder that provides great features at no cost to you.  iFun Screen Recorder gives you the best screen recording with great features at no cost. The use of a microphone to connect or record sounds that are added during a screen recording session. iFun Screen Recorder software is free from malware or viruses;  So it is safe and secure to install it on Windows operating system.