Canelo Alvarez Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

From an amateur age, Canelo Alvarez has been involved in boxing matches. This sport has become his passion. Out of 64 matches, he has a winning record in 60 matches. Seeing his growth and sports spirit, his fans are wondering, What is Canelo Alvarez net worth?

Well, this professional young boxer has a net worth of $250 million. Thanks to his passion for boxing, he won so many matches, which gave him so much wealth.

Who Is Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Akvarez, also known as Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, is a professional boxer. He is the champion in four weight classes. His titles are WBC, WBA, and Ring magazine, which he got in 2011. In 2015, he went to the middleweight class and won WBA, WBC, ring, and lineal. So far, he has had 64 fights and won 60 fights. With knockouts, his wins were 39 and his losses were 2.

What Is Canelo Alvarez Net Worth?

After spending several years in the boxing world, Canelo Alvarez’s net worth is now $250 million. According to reports, he has seen growth in his net worth. In 2022, his earnings were $34 million. Now, in 2023, it will be around $100 million.

Source Of Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

Canelo Alvarez has a high net worth because of his boxing career. From each fight, he used to earn $10 million to $20 million. In one year, he makes $110,000,000.00; in one month, he makes $9,166,666.67; and in one week, he makes $2,115,384.62.

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

In total, his salary is about $35 million, and from endorsements, he gets $2 million. His real estate investments added $20 million more to his net worth. Now in 2023, Alvarez gets $100 on-field and $10 million off-field.

Alvarez is also the co-owner of a taco restaurant. Again, he promotes boxing events and has a clothing line. Now he is planning to open around 100 gas stations.

Caleno’s house is worth $6 million. Then he owns the Del Mar Estate, which is worth $6488,000. Besides, he has a Ferrari 458, a Shelby Mustang, a Mustang 500 Eleanor, and a Lamborghini Gallardo. All his assets, investments, and earnings make up substantial portions of Alvarez’s net worth.

Early Life

Canelo Alvarez’s real name is Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán and was born on July 18, 1990. His birthplace is Guadalajara, Jalisco. His family belongs to Los Reyes, Michoacán. Since five years old, Caleno has been horseback riding. His seven brothers are also professional boxers like him.

Alvarez has red hair, which is not common in his city. That’s why his parents gave him the name Canelo. Canelo is a word for cinnamon, which is a nickname for folks with red hair. Canelo estimated that maybe he has an Irish grandfather. It is because most Irish people have red hair, and Canelo thought maybe he got this hair from his ancestry.

Alvarez’s neighbours used to compare his hair with chilli flakes. That’s why they gave him the nickname Jícama con Chile. This is a snack in Mexico.


From the age of 13, Canelo was interested in boxing. His older brother, Rigoberto, who was a professional boxer, was his inspiration. In 2004, Canelo participated in the Junior Mexican National Championships and won a silver medal. Again, at the age of 15, he won the 2005 Junior Mexican National Championships. This is the time when he turned into a professional boxer.

Within 19 months of starting his career, he played with 13 opponents and knocked out eleven of them. From 2005 to 2013, Canelo’s record was 67-2-2 with 49 knockouts.

Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

In 2006, Canelo had a match with Miguel Vázquez, and he defeated him in both the first match and rematch. On the same night, his six brothers had a match. Three brothers couldn’t win, but the other four brothers won.

In 2010, Canelo fought against Brian Camechis, where he got a third-round knockout. This match was held in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. Canelo also defeated José Cotto, and they were under the cards of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Shane Mosley.

Alvarez had his sixth-round TKO in Vicente Fernández Arena for WBC Silver. There, he defeated Luciano Leonel Cuello.

Then Canelo faced Carlos Baldomir, the WBC welterweight champion, on the undercard of Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora. Baldomir’s weight was 153.4 lbs, but the contract said the fighter could be 151 lbs. Since he was overweight, he was penalised 20% of his purse, which Alvarez would get. But he refused to receive the penalty fee. However, in the sixth round, Canelo knocked Baldomi out. After this, he became the first boxer in history to knock out Baldomir.

Canello defended Lovemore N’dou, who was a light middleweight. Their score was 119–109, 120–108, and 120–108. Then in 2011, Canelo defeated Matthew Hatton, who was a European welterweight champion.

Canelo’s Career Growth

Alvarez again had a match with Ryan Rhodes. He was the European light middleweight and Ring light middleweight champion. Canelo defeated Rhodes in the twelfth round by technical knockout.

In 2011, Canelo had another match at Staples Centre in Los Angeles against Alfonso Gómez, The Contender. Canelo’s other win was over Kermit Cintrón by technical knockout.

In 2013, Canelo’s competitor was Floyd Mayweather Jr., the WBA and WBC champion. At that time, Canelo was 165 lbs. and Mayweather was 160 lbs. According to the majority decision, Mayweather was the winner of that match.

In 2014, chief executive Richard Schaefer, from Golden Boy, announced a fight between Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo. The catch weight of the fight was 155 lbs. But Canelo couldn’t reach the limit of a light middleweight. Thus, he had to pay $100,000 to Angulo.

Alvarez’s other competitor was Erislandy Lara. Two judges scored him 115–113 in that fight. The final score was 117–111, which was in favour of Canelo.

Canelo again defeated James Kirkland in the third round. This match was held in 2015 at Minute Maid Park in Houston. In the same year, he won ring and lineal middleweight titles in Las Vegas. Then in 2016, Amir Khan, the British boxer, challenged Alvarez Ring for the lineal middleweight and WBC titles. The bout took place on HBO PPV.


In 2016, Alvarez had a match with WBO light-middleweight champion Liam Smith. For this match, he dropped weight and finally took the title from Liam after a win-win situation. Then Canelo won against Julio Cesar Chavez. Golovkin was his other component, with lots of negotiations. However, the producers had to reschedule the match for a split decision. In the rematch, Canelo won against Golovkin.

With the middleweight title, Alvarez challenged Daniel Jacobs. Then he wanted to fight with Sergey Kovalev, for which he moved to light heavyweight.

Personal Life

Canelo was engaged to Miss Mexico Universe 2003, Marisol González. She is also Televisa Deportes’ reporter. Then, in 2021, Caleno married Fernanda Gómez after a long-term relationship. Their marriage ceremony was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Caleno has one son and three daughters, but all of them are from different partners.

Caleno was interested in playing golf. He stated that he may retire from boxing and join golf when he turns 37. And yes, he will keep continuing his business.

In 2010, Alvarez established a company, Canelo Promotions. Chepo Reynoso and Eddy Reynoso are his business partners. In 2013, Alvarez’s company represented 40 professional boxers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Canelo Alvarez Net Worth

How old is Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez was born on July 18, 1990. So in 2023, his age will be 33 years.

What is the nationality of Caleno Alvarez?

Caleno Alvarez is a Mexican boxer.

Final Thoughts

So it is inevitable that not only the boxing career puts an amount in Calenk Alvarez net worth, but also his investments and endorsements. However, this professional boxer now has a net worth of $250 million. This huge amount includes his earnings, monthly salary, annual salary, house, cars, investments, and bank statements.

Seeing his recognition and passion for Caleno, his fans are expecting a higher net worth for him in the next year.