How to choose an interior style for yourself

How to choose an interior style for yourself
How to choose an interior style for yourself

If it is very easy to find any logic in clothes, then in interior styles it will be more difficult. But several subgroups logically distinguish styles. All interior styles are unique, and you can choose the one in which you will feel as comfortable as possible. That is why we have written this article to help you understand this issue.

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In total, there are 5 categories of styles:

  1. Historical (Baroque, Gothic, Rococo, Classicism). In the modern world, it is better to use only some accents from this style so as not to turn the room into a museum or a temple.
  2. Geographic (Scandinavian, American, Asian, English).
  3. Industrial (loft, industrial, high-tech, cyberpunk).
  4. Cottage (Provence, farmhouse).
  5. Lifestyle (ethnic, minimalism, interior eco-style).

It is based on these points that styles can be divided, which can make it easier for you to choose a design.

Design styles

Almost every style has characteristic differences, which we wrote about below:

  • Scandinavian this style has given us many interesting innovations, such as chairs and armchairs, this is a strict functionality and a maximum of natural materials;
  • century mid-modern this style cannot be confused with anything, there are a lot of rare decors in this style, but even in the modern world it is very relevant and looks very beautiful;
  • minimalism for some of us, simplicity and lightness in design are very important, and this style is ideal for this position;
  • loft an industrial style that often uses metal, cement, wood, and leather, but at the same time, the loft is characterized by a lot of space and large windows;
  • Provence is a romantic style that can be called royal, it does not resemble a palace, but creates an atmosphere of comfort even with royal furniture;
  • boho a style in which there is a lot of handmade decoration;
  • farmhouse this style is somewhat reminiscent of Provence but without sophistication and tenderness, on the contrary, this style, though royal, but at the same time rude.

Of course, this is only a small part of the styles, but we hope that this has helped you in presenting your future style.

Whatever style you choose, it is important to plan every detail so that you do not make irreparable mistakes later. You can choose exactly the interior that suits your activity.

For example, for creative people, Provence or mid-century modern would be the best option. And if you work a lot, it is better to choose minimalism, which will help you relax. In general, it is important to take into account all the nuances and approach the issue of choosing a style responsibly, because your life and comfort will depend on it.