Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Virtual Private Network (VPN)


We might be using it on our mobile phones due to several websites being blocked either by the internet service provider or by the government. These virtual private networks or VPN come as a savior for those who rely on several sources for accessing data on it. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – An encrypted and secure connection between your internet and the shared or public network. 

When a VPN is placed, a secured tunnel is created between the client and the server.

VPNs are perfect for those who are concerned about their security, protect their online activities, and use the network anonymously. With a just click of the mouse, you can access the restricted content from anywhere on the world, in this, a VPN network will help. Whenever you use a virtual private network your public IP, location, etc are changed. 

If you are not feeling comfortable with your service provider or if you are a frequent user of the public internet, then we would suggest you choose the best virtual private network. As we these days are prone to hacking our sensitive data are mostly stored in our devices, it will be really good if we add an extra layer of security by using a VPN.

We are living in a world where data security and privacy is a major concern. But we need not forget that every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here in this article, we will try to focus on both by listing down the advantages and disadvantages of using a Virtual private network (VPN).

Advantages Of Virtual Private Network 

Significant benefits include security, remote access, low cost, encrypted connection, anonymous identity, security from hackers, etc.


Using a VPN will provide a layer of security, as online security is a major concern in the world. It will secure your personal data from hackers trying to gain access to your information and data you send and receive over a shared or public network. It will be better to connect with a virtual private network when you connect over public wi-fi. Virtual private networks will change your IP address, location, and data will be sent or received over encrypted VPN servers. 

We all know an ISP or government can view and stock online data of consumers. Privacy is a major concern with no data privacy law in India. So, it is always advisable when it comes to data security VPN should be placed so that your ISP or anyone cannot access your data logs. 

Remove Geographical Restriction

Virtual private networks have options to choose your preferred location, by this, you can access the restricted website. Restriction can be a forced policy or due to the geographical location. In India, several websites are restricted by ISP or government but they can be accessed by choosing the VPN location of the USA, UK, or any part of the world. 

This can be understood with a simple example: Netflix does not allow to stream certain content outside the USA due to licensing issues. It can be done by using a virtual private network, where you can select your IP location as the USA. 

Bandwidth Throttling

I believe you haven’t heard this term “Bandwidth Throttling”, it is just intentionally slowing the speed of the internet by your internet service provider (ISP) or anyone who is the administrator of your network. It also depends on which country you live and the rules related to net neutrality. There are several reasons for the ISP in doing this, usually, they do this to avoid network congestion and provide equal network usage for others as well.

But this is just a data package selling malpractice that most of the ISP use. But when you use VPN all your data access is locked means your ISP won’t be able to access your data usage. ISP will not be able to track if you are using too much data to watch videos online, game playing, or OTT streaming. 

Helpful for SEO Executives

For any SEO company, the client location can be different. An Indian based SEO company can handle the United states clients. The target location for these websites is different according to their need, clients may specifically target geolocation. When you work for these clients you need to have exact keyword ranking data. For checking the exact keyword ranking in SERP you will require a good VPN on which you can prefer your location.

HMA is a good virtual private software which has several IP locations in the free version, to get more locations you can opt-in their premium plans.

The Advantage in Price Discrimination 

Most of the online retailers and flight booking websites show prices according to the geographical location. They have different coupon codes available for different countries. Paying different amounts for the same service is not a fair deal. It simply means there is always price discrimination on these websites. Once you use a VPN you will be able to access the cheaper price of the flight tickets, travel booking packages, coupons code offered by them, etc. 

By this, you will avoid paying different money for the same services offered. 

Pro Tip: Some of the websites used your device cookies to access the logs, so it is advisable to clear your cookies before using a VPN. 

Advantages of VPN
It helps in enhancing security, data access is kept encrypted and secure.
• Data can be accessed remotely, either at the office or at home.
• With VPN you can access any website anonymously.
• You can access any blocked websites.
• Helpful for SEO executives looking to check keyword ranking in different countries.
• SEO executives can use a VPN to change the IP address.

Disadvantages Of Virtual Private Network 

You might be wondering if a virtual private network (VPN) is the solution of your online privacy as we have seen above that it encrypts your data, hides your IP address, gives you a new geographical location, etc. But every technology comes with both advantages and disadvantages. 

Below are some disadvantages that you need to be aware:

VPN May Decrease the Speed

The connection to your internet is encrypted and routed through the VPN server. 

Your Device ⇒ VPN Server ⇒ Internet

Due to this, there is a slowdown in the speed. Whenever you are purchasing any virtual private network it is advisable to check its speed. A speedy connection is a priority for most of us to surf the internet without any hassle.

Risk Of Being Blocked

There are several social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, who tend to block your profile permanently when you use a VPN. This is due to the fact that a sudden change in IP and geographical location work as suspicious login to these social media platforms, which is a very genuine condition. Most of the OTT platforms that have contracts with the distributors to block certain content in specific countries are always against these VPNs. 

Illegal in Some Countries

Virtual private network (VPN) usage is illegal in several countries. The reason for this is very simple, the government of these countries wanted to have control over the type of content their citizens see on the internet. A VPN bypasses these government restrictions that is why in some countries it is illegal to use. 

Some countries allow their citizens to use only government-approved VPNs.

Quality of Encryption 

The normal consumer does not have much knowledge about encryption. So it will be very hard to determine the quality of encryption and service you will get from your VPN company. It will raise a question regarding the security of your data, as we all know security is a major component of any virtual private network. 

Free VPN Sometimes Sucks

There is nothing wrong in using a free VPN, that is why most of us prefer a free VPN service. Most of the free VPN is not designed in such a manner to give you the level of security, encryption, privacy, anonymity, etc. Actually, they are just a useless program that is designed to sell their premium package. In that premium package, the main feature is available. You can consider them a trap, honeytrap, gateway, or whatever you like to say because in the end most of the companies wanted to have a business.

Disadvantages of VPN
• It may slow down your internet speed.
• The risk of being blocked is very high.
• Some countries do not allow you to use VPNs.
• It affects the revenue of several platforms.
• Government restriction for some content is for specific reasons, bypassing it is not good.
• Free VPN can be very frustrating to use.

5 Best VPN for Desktop

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5 Best VPN for iPhone

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  4. Turbo VPN Private Browser
  5. VPN Proxy Master – Super VPN

5 Best VPN for Android

  1. HMA VPN
  2. Hola Free VPN Proxy
  3. VPNhub
  4. UFO VPN Basic
  5. Betternet VPN

Final Thoughts

The number of advantages and disadvantages are pretty much equal. It can vary from person to person, depending on your requirement whether you can go for it or not. If you have decided to go for the VPN service then it is advisable to check the provider and the quality of its service.