Importance of Coconut in Vegan Diet – World Coconut Day


Most of us have very unhealthy eating habits that can lead us to several health issues. It is no doubt to say that meat and egg whites are the best source to build your muscles but unfortunately veganism does not have animals or its related products. So, what should be its alternative? The very obvious answer is plant protein as it is easy to digest and several problems that occur after consuming animal meat such as Inflammation, diabetes, hormonal change, digestive problems, etc does not occur while consuming plan protein.

Coconut Oil

In our daily cooking, we use an oil such as frying soya paneer, vegetables, and other variety of vegan dishes. Coconut oil can be replaced with normal cooking oil as it has lots of health benefits because it has saturated fat. Most of the vegan eat a low-fat diet, so using coconut oil will be an advantage in the healthy diet. Not only in the eating coconut oil is very good for the hair and skin, so it can be applied to the hair as well as on the skin.

Other than low fat, coconut oil is Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial. You will have a good digestive system if coconut oil is included in your healthy diet. 

Coconut – A White Meat

With so many health benefits it is not wrong to say it as white meat as it is packed with protein, fiber, minerals, omega 3 fatty acid, saturated fat, etc. Coconut can be used in several vegan dishes as it is an important part of vegan food. Coconut can be added in the mixture of dry fruits to make a healthy breakfast. Coconut milk powder can be used to make a variety of milk-based dishes, tea from coconut milk is as much as delicious as animal milk made tea.

World Coconut Day

Setup on 2 September 2009 as World coconut day is often celebrated in the Asia-Pacific region, including India. Coconut has a significant role in Indian culture especially in Hinduism, they have been extensively used in the puja samagri. Even new things are being welcomed with the breaking of coconut. In south India, it has a very special place in their foods. They are included in the food to make it delicious.